The Best White Noise Machine for Dogs in 2023

White noise machines have proven to help up to 30 percent of adults suffering from sleep issues. They block out unwanted noise and interference, creating the perfect environment for a good night’s sleep.

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These helpful gadgets are not only useful for humans but they can also benefit your dog as well.

For many, dogs are among the best companion animals to offer emotional support and stress reduction. However, there is one part in which owning a dog can be a nuisance; that’s when the dog wants to nap.

If you have been struggling to sleep through rough nights of your anxious dog growling and barking at every noise, then we have a remedy for you. This post covers every aspect you need to know about finding the best white noise machine for your pet. We will also review the six best models available in the market.

Big Red Rooster Sound Machine

This machine is well-known for its capability to generate six various types of sounds for a good sleeping environment. They include thunder, rain, natural ocean, white noise, brook, and summer night sounds.

It’s ideal for barking dogs since the machine will block intrusive noises that can affect the quality of your sleep. You can also utilize a battery if you can’t find an AC connection.

Additionally, you won’t have to worry about waking up to turn the device off after running it the whole night. The auto power allows the machine to switch itself off and on automatically.

This sound device is extremely loud when you turn it to the maximum as it comes with an adjustable volume knob. It also comes with 3AA batteries with an AC adapter. Its timer lets you set time intervals of 15, 30, and 60.


  • It can be powered by a battery or AC connection
  • It’s portable to allow users to carry it wherever they go
  • Produces clear sound


  • It might produce low-quality sounds when it loops, which you may not be comfortable with.

Sleep Easy White Sound Machine

Sleep easy sound machine is ideal for lower sound relaxation surroundings. It comes with a sound conditioner designed to soothe restless sleepers. It produces a relaxing sound of moving air that offers a comforting environment for your dog.

The tone and volume buttons are adjustable. This allows you to control the sounds.

The machine features a compact design that lets it sit comfortably on the countertop, nightstand, or floor.

Since the machine is lightweight, you can easily carry it in a bag or suitcase.


  • It produces natural sounds that create a serene environment to allow the dog to relax and sleep well
  • Its portable and lightweight, making it perfect for frequent travelers
  • Has more than 2 volumes


  • Not loud like other models

Marpac Dohm Classic White Noise Sound Machine

This machine will keep your furry buddy relaxed the entire night, giving you peace of mind. It will offer you control as it comes with two speeds to adjust the volume to fit your environment.

The machine also acts the part of a real fan and offers cool air with fewer irritations.

It’s available in tan, white and black colors. The device comes in a compact design that makes it suitable to use anywhere you wish as it is portable. It also comes with a classic design that is quite attractive.

The device features an AC power connection and user-friendly settings that even new users can easily operate.

It captures a broad range of sounds and masks them to create a suitable environment. So, your dog will sleep peacefully.


  • Variety of sounds to choose from
  • Various settings can be attained to get the ideal environment for different users.
  • It is portable


  • Generates pink noise that white noise lovers may not like

Lectrofan by Adaptive Sound Technologies

It is among our favorite picks as it generates three types of sounds; brown, white, and pink. It also features ten ambient noise and ten fan sound variations.

If you reside in a noisy environment, the Lectrofan helps obscure the disrupting sounds and create a peaceful environment.

The machine comes with a safe and robust design with no moving parts. It lets you set the required volume levels for a specific environment using volume control.

It’s ideal for both night and day use making your life and that of your pet tranquil.

The device can produce various sounds that work well for anxious pets and promote a peaceful night of sleep.

It is designed to be utilized by different people where you can adjust the sound to suit personal needs and environmental conditions. Since it is compact, you can easily carry it wherever you go.

Both USB and AC can be used to power this machine. Hence, the device can generate continuous sounds without shifting its parts.

The machine comes with a warranty whereby you can return it if it doesn’t meet your requirements.


  • The machine is portable
  • It can be powered using either a USB or AC
  • It blocks disturbing noises allowing you and your dog to have a peaceful night
  • Provides you with a variety of sounds to choose from


  • It might have low-quality sound

White Noise Machine by Dremegg

The machine comes with 24 unique sounds that help create a peaceful environment. The numerous sound options that the machine produces allow you to select a specific sound that can work well with your pet.

Besides the sound, the machine emits light to help your dog sleep better and faster.
The brilliance of the light is adequate and won’t stop your dog from sleeping.

The product comes with numerous features, such as HiFi sounds from actual recordings and nightlight. It also allows you to control it via numerous settings.


  • The device is of high quality
  • It comes with impressive warranty terms
  • The device can switch on and off automatically


  • You may experience trouble getting sleep because of the light produced

SNOOZ White Noise Sound Machine

Are you looking for a sound device for restless and barking dogs? Then the SNOOZ White Noise Sound Machine is the best solution.

The product works impressively well thanks to its ability to generate sounds that mask disturbing noises that can affect sleep quality. The machine has a remote control that lets you tweak it’s settings without getting up to reach it.

It produces sound with great precision and clarity, allowing your pet to sleep well even amidst disruptive noises. The machine also features a nursery calibration that protects your dog from ear damage.


  • It has a timer allowing it to switch itself on and off
  • You can control it with a remote control
  • Travel-friendly and portable


  • The nursery calibration works only on android and iPhone gadgets.

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Buyers Guide for Choosing the Best White Noise Machine

Dogs are susceptible to noises. While they can’t discern what you are watching on TV, they can hear things that you can’t. For that reason, living in the modern age causes your dog anxiety and stress.

Luckily, you can take proactive action in dealing with disturbing noises in your home by using a white noise machine.

Benefits of Getting a White Noise Machine for Your Dog

Dogs have fascinating hearing abilities, and they can differentiate between good noise and bad noise.

Obviously, white noise machines for pets come with numerous advantages and will immediately positively impact your furry friend.

Here are the benefits of white noise machines.

1. Lessens anxiety and helps the dog relax for improved sleep

Even though dogs are not the same whereby they respond differently to hearing white sounds, many dogs find this noise relaxing and soothing.

A 2017 research indicates that white sounds and particular music are effective sedatives for pets. Whenever your pet hears white noises, he won’t hear any other distressing noises.

White sounds can shut down and block many distressing sounds like exploding fireworks and thunder, assisting your dog in relaxing and avoiding nervousness.

2. White noise can assist your dog sleep well

Because the white noise is relaxing, your dog will sleep better. Anxiety in dogs is not the only reason to purchase and use the machine. Some dogs tend to be restive sleepers and might wake up even to the slightest noise or sound.

A white noise machine can generate all kinds of those noises and sounds, so your dog will not react or wake up to them because they are blocked.

The sound produced by the machine can also lure your pup to sleep if they are having problems with sleeping.

3. Enhances the dog’s health

An anxious dog gets frightened easily, causing various health issues. So, by helping your pet deal with anxiety and assisting them in falling asleep easily, these sleep remedies for pets will positively affect their general health.

4. White noise is also good for you

If white noise will solve your pet’s anxiety issues, this means you won’t be dealing with continuous barking. You’ll not worry or stress about your dog’s sleep or its health.

Even when the white noise fails to offer such a positive effect on your dog, it will help you handle the barking by masking it away. This will be helpful when the dog doesn’t sleep simultaneously as you do.

How Does the White Noise Help?

The idea of using white noise to lessen anxiety and stress in dogs is extremely simple. If the other noises are blocked by covering them with static-like buzzing and hissing sounds, it will be easy for the dog to catch some sleep.

From a psychological viewpoint, white noise devices greatly impact pets since they remove all the disturbing sounds, such as other dogs barking.

Usually, dogs are intensely aware of their surroundings which might make them feel anxious. The machine helps reduce these fears by offering an excellent soothing sound while triggering relaxation.

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What to Consider When Shopping for the Perfect Device

1. Machine Size

Size is essential when looking for a suitable white noise machine. You’ll find that most white noise devices are portable and small. This is convenient for most people since they don’t want to buy huge machines for their pet to handle.

Besides, your dog might not be huge. A compact machine is ideal for assisting small dogs or puppies in relaxing and lessening anxiety.

2. The Purpose of the Machine

You need to consider various ways you will use the white noise machine. This sound gadget for dogs can also be utilized to soothe other pets, such as cats.

You should determine what bothers your pet the most: climate, noise, music, wind, or noise.

This will assist you in selecting the right white noise machine that fits your exact purpose.

3. Environment

Some white noise devices are ideal for loud sounds, while others aren’t. Paying attention to the amount of sound that the machine is expected to block will assist you in choosing a gadget powerful enough to block the amount of sound in your particular area.

Getting a device that won’t mask all the noise from the outside is a waste of resources and money.

5. Weight

A perfect white noise device must be lightweight to ensure it’s portable. This lets you pack the machine for your pet when traveling since it can easily be put in a carrier.

You can, therefore, help your dog feel relaxed everywhere and at any time.

6. Durability

What’s the use of investing in a white noise machine if it won’t work in a few weeks or months? You should give serious thought to the machine’s durability. Examine the material to see if it can survive use and deterioration and last you a long time.

Final Words

Dogs are sensitive to an uncomfortable environment. So, using white noise devices to offer a perfect environment for them is an essential solution. This is the best way to lessen barking and anxiety.

Nevertheless, getting the perfect white noise machine depends on its weight, purpose, size, durability, and environment. These factors will help you choose the best machine for your dog. Bear in mind that pets also have preferences, and what might work for one dog may not work for the other.

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