The Best Washer Anti-Vibration Pads and Mats

A vibrating washing machine is a nuisance that you want dealt with immediately. The noises are quite unsettling, and the vibrations may lead to the equipment wearing fast.

To beat this problem, you can rely on washer anti-vibration pads and mats. They are materials that you place under the washer which cushion them and absorb vibrations. Stick on as we have an in-depth look at these utilities.

Do You Really Need Anti-Vibration Pads and Mats?

If you have experienced a noisy and shaky washing machine, you know how bad it can get. With a solution like the anti-vibration pads and mats, you bid goodbye to this problem. Besides dampening the sounds, they also slow down the machine’s wear rate.

What Causes the Vibration of Your Washing Machine?


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Before looking at the solutions, you should know why your washing machine is acting up. There are several pointers behind this problem as we can see below.

Type of Machine

You will realize those front-loading washers are more prone to vibrations than top-loaders. This is due to the movement of the motor mechanism. There are models that have poor quality parts, such as the suspension spring and shock absorbers. Some entirely lack these components.

As such, such washing machines have a poor vibration control capability.

Leveling Problem

When setting up the washing implement, you have to place it on a level surface. If unbalanced, the load may lean on one side and stress the motor. The vibration will occur once the motor starts turning.

Unbalanced Loads

Similar to a leveling problem, unbalanced loads will stress the agitator. Shaking occurs as the motors try to balance the load when the agitator spins. If this happens, reduce the load and balance the remaining.

Weak Floor Bracing

At times, the main culprit behind a shaky washer is the state of the floor. If it has a faulty design, like having a weak bracing, the vibrations will be more pronounced. The problem gets amplified if you have robust equipment, as the engine produces more power.

Stacking Kit Issues

A stacking kit comes in handy when you want to save on space. You use them to stack a drier on top of a front-loading washing machine. If the stacking kit has issues, it may lead to shaking. If this ad-on is faulty, it is advisable to replace it. The vibrations may cause accidents in the laundry area if they are pronounced.

How Do Anti-Vibration Pads Work?

Anti-vibration pads work in various ways to prevent shakiness. First of all, they act as a cushion, preventing the machine from hitting surrounding structures like walls. Also, they work like shock absorbers, taking in the vibrations.

In the long run, they slow the washer’s degradation rate. Other anti-vibration pads have sound-absorbing properties whereby they do an excellent job in dampening noises.

The anti-vibration materials come in many shapes and sizes. Some look like cups, which you place on each of the legs. There are the broader ones, resembling mats that you fix under the washer.



Most Effective Vibration Isolation Materials

The vibration dampers are made using different materials, mostly rubber. The following are some of the most effective materials for isolating the shakes.

Hard Rubber

Hard rubber is efficient due to its robustness. It can support heavy equipment and does not deteriorate fast. Hard rubber is mostly in the form of feet pads or cups.

Sorbothane Rubber

This material can be considered the finest when you look at its properties. They include low transmissibility; hence, minimal damage to most parts of the washer. Sorbothane rubber can withstand high temperatures. As such it is ideal for commercial purposes.

Other properties of this rubber are a low creep rate and high damping factor.

Closed Cell Foam Rubber

For heavy washing machines, closed-cell rubber will serve you well. They have a flexible structure with sound damping properties.

Things to Consider When Choosing an Anti-Vibration Pad or Mat

As you shop for an anti-vibration pad or mat, there are essential factors to consider. They include:

1. Type of Product

Start by looking at the type of product. You can go for pads or mats, depending on the application and your preferences. Each of them works well, though in different situations. For instance, pads are ideal for smaller machines. On the other hand, mats are perfect for larger and heavier washers.

2. Material and Thickness

As earlier hinted, there are various types of materials used to make anti-vibration pads and mats. The ideal material should be strong and offer adequate vibration isolation qualities. Sorbothane rubber is an excellent material with high efficiency.

Also, look at material thickness. The thicker the material, the more effective it is in absorbing sound and shock.

3. Performance

On performance, you look at how great the product is in doing away with vibrations. You can look at the pad or mat’s rating and reviews to get an idea of its performance.

4. Price

Finally, check on the cost of the item. It should match your budget, without getting you into a financial mess. Second-hand pads may be affordable, but they may be past their service life.

Best Effective Anti-Vibration Pads for Washing Machines

The following is a review touching on the finest anti-vibration pads for your washer.

Anti Vibration Pads with Tank Tread Grip

The first product under our radar comes from Empire of Electronics. The pads come in a pack of four, for each foot. An impressive thing about them is their tank tread bottom. The pattern offers a firm grip, preventing the washing machine from moving.

Besides the grip, the pads curb vibration from the machine. When you fix them on the washer’s feet, they ensure it is level. As such, there are no chances of load imbalance, a cause of vibrations.

Installation is effortless and does not require special tools to pull off. The anti-vibration pads with tank tread grip protect your floor. The surface won’t have blemishes like scratches or chipping.


  • Straightforward installation.
  • The pads offer ample grip, courtesy of their treaded bottom.
  • Protects the floor.
  • A durable construction.
  • It balances the washing machine.
  • Universally sized to fit most equipment.


  • The washing machine may ‘walk’ when in use.

8PCS Anti Vibration Pads for Washing Machines

Rumia’s 8PC anti-vibration pads are very versatile. While they are for washing machines, you may use them on other household appliances. You can easily fit the pads onto your drier, refrigerator, and even furniture.

It performs excellently in dampening vibrations, giving you a noiseless environment. The pads are non-slip; thus, the washer won’t ‘walk’ when in use.

The other amazing feature of the Rumia anti-vibration pads is their durability. The rubbers are tire grade and do not degrade fast. Not to forget, installation is hassle-free and does not require sophisticated tools.


  • Effortless installation.
  • You may use the pads on furniture or your refrigerator.
  • A hardy construction.
  • Excellent vibration dampening capability.
  • Gives your appliances anti-slip properties.


  • Not suitable for heavy equipment.

4pc Washer Dryer Pedestals Rubber Feet Pad

Versatility is the foremost feature that you will notice on these rubber pads. You can adjust their heights to different levels, as per the vibration dampening capability. The pads are anti-slip, protecting the washer from moving as you use it.

Additionally, they protect your floor from damage caused by the equipment’s weight. The material of these laundry room accessories is very durable. They sport a polypropylene ABS polymer plastic construction. This material is resistant to various agents, such as heat and moisture.

You can use the pads on other utilities besides the washing machine. You may put them on your dryer, or refrigerator to do away with vibrations.


  • Adjustable height.
  • A robust construction.
  • The pads can go on many household appliances.
  • They have anti-slip properties.
  • Quick and hassle-free installation.


  • At times, they may not feel secure enough, especially at maximum height.

Washing Machine Footpads for Anti-vibration

Our next pick prevents vibrations courtesy of their shock-absorbing properties. The Knivel washing machine footpads are durable and target shock waves that cause the washing machine to vibrate.

With them on your washer, you are sure of noiseless operation. When installed, they do away with shaking, noise, and walking. A machine that moves can be quite a mess in the laundry room. A gripped design does away with such movements.

The package contains four pads, targeting each foot of the washing appliance. They see that the utility is at balance, thus preventing the agitator from straining.


  • A high-quality construction.
  • They provide equilibrium to your equipment.
  • The pads have a high degree of shock absorbency.
  • An assurance of noiseless operation.
  • They protect your appliances from wear and tear, such as that caused by rust.


  • The rubber may fail to deal with the twisting force between the floor and machine.

STEADY-PAD Anti-Vibration and Anti-Walk Washer

If you have a loud washer or dryer, there is a solution for you. The STEADY-PAD anti-vibration washer performs exceptionally well to prevent noise emission. It absorbs the noises, giving you a quiet ambiance.

The pads have an improved gripping technology that prevents skidding and movement. The materials are superior and will serve you for long with no signs of wear and tear.

You can use the pads on various equipment that vibrates, like your dryer.


  • A high degree of sound and vibration absorption.
  • Suitable for use on different appliances.
  • A high-quality build.
  • A gripped design that prevents slipping.
  • Easy installation.


  • They have a strong rubbery smell when new.

Anti-vibration Pads for Washing Machine w/HexaGrip

Walking and skidding are major issues that you may experience in the laundry room. If not attended to, they can lead to a big mess. A solution to these problems comes in the form of the anti-vibration pads w/HexaGrip.

The grip offers adequate traction to prevent the machine from moving when running. The top part also has a firm grip with the feet; hence, the pads do not slip off.

The material is heavy-duty and will absorb vibrations and dampen noise. If you have a wooden floor, the sound will not radiate, giving you peace in your space.

Installing these accessories is a quick affair and requires no tools.


  • They have a firm grip to prevent walking and skidding.
  • A heavy-duty material.
  • Fast installation, without the need for sophisticated tools.
  • Absorbs vibrations, sounds, and shock.
  • A universal size that fits most appliances, including dryers and fridges.
  • Odorless material.


  • The washing machine may move if not properly installed.

Best Effective Anti-Vibration Mats for Washing Machines

Shop Fox W1322 Anti-vibration Mat

This product from the Shop Fox store does not disappoint in calming down vibrations. Made of neoprene rubber, it is very sturdy and will offer you lengthy service.

The mat is 1/8-inches thick, meaning it will easily fit under your washer. Besides your washing machine, it has multiple applications. For instance, in sanding tools, and drawers.

When set under your washer, it gives an edge of protection against rust and other corrosive agents.


  • Effortless installation.
  • It has multiple applications.
  • The mat protects your washing machine from agents like rust.
  • A high degree of vibration and noise dampening.
  • It is a long-lasting item.
  • Offers a no-slip grip.
  • Easy to clean.


  • It has a strong odor that will disappear over time.

RevTime Anti-Vibration Mat

This anti-vibration mat is soft; as such, it protects your washer and the floor. Its heavy-duty construction will support heavy equipment. The RevTime mat offers excellent sound dampening and vibration absorption qualities.

Installation is fast, requiring you to slip it under your machine. Its soft design gives it a touch of flexibility, as such,  you may also use it as a workout or yoga mat.


  • A durable mat.
  • Easy to install.
  • It has a non-slip grip.
  • Suitable for heavy equipment.
  • You may use it as a yoga or workout mat.
  • Protects your floor and washing machine or dryer.


  • You may notice pitting on some areas after prolonged use.

Rubber-Cal Anti-Vibration Washing Machine Mat

The final entry in this review comes from the Rubber-Cal store. It is a 3/8-inch thick mat, derived from recycled rubber. The mat is a tough utility, which absorbs sound and vibrations, giving you a peaceful environment.

Moreover, it absorbs impact, ensuring your floor is in excellent shape. You can use it for your washing machine, dryer, or refrigerator.


  • A hardy construction.
  • You can use it on your fridge, dryer, or washing machine.
  • Offers protection to your floor.
  • Perfect for heavy equipment.
  • It performs exceptionally in dampening sounds.


  • You may notice some little vibrations when using it.

IncStores Anti-Vibration Rubber Mat

If you want to deal with walking washing machines and dryers, this is the product to get. The IncStores anti-vibration rubber mat has a gripped surface that prevents moving.

In addition, it protects the floor and the equipment’s underside. On its side, there is a handle, for effortless handling and installation. The mat is 1/2-inches thick, providing great sound and vibration isolation properties.


  • Ideal for moving or walking washing machines.
  • You can also use it for your dryer.
  • Offers protection to both the floor and washer’s underside.
  • A handle on the side makes installation a hassle-free experience.
  • The mats are durable and easy to wash.


  • The mat has a strong scent.

How to Install Anti-Vibration Pads and Mats

A crucial part of having the sound and vibration-isolating implements is installation. You have to be keen on this step, as any slip can produce undesired results.

Let us look at how to fix each of these accessories.

Anti-Vibration Pads

Fixing anti-vibration pads is pretty straightforward, requiring you to lift each foot and place the pad. You may, however,  need help in lifting the washer.

After fixing the pads, you can try running the washer to check on their performance. Always ensure that they are properly balanced for a great service.

Anti-Vibration Mats

Mats can be quite technical to install due to their huge size. You have to be careful with them, as a slight hitch can get them torn. You can lift one side of the washing machine and unroll the mat to the mid area. Lift the other side and unroll the remaining portion.

Inspect it to see if it accommodates the entire frame. If everything looks good, turn on the machine to see its performance.

Final Words

It is time to bid goodbye to a noisy and shaky washing machine. In this article, we present you with items that will help do away with the noises. In the review, you can see that the target factors are durability and performance degree.

Go through this piece and select a befitting accessory for your washing and drying machine.

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