Effective Solutions to Squeaky Windshield Wipers

The squeaky noise of a windshield is enough to infuriate you. If the wipers on your car are used to making the shrill noises, then you definitely dread the next time it will be raining.

Luckily, you don’t have to put up with the noises that come out from your windshield blades. Applying a few measures to the wipers is enough to eliminate the sound.

In this article, I will go through a couple of actions that you can take to end the squeaky sounds from your windshield wipers.

Let’s get started.

Clean Your Wiper Blades and Windshield

The primary cause of the squeaky sound that comes off your windshield is dirt on both your windshield and the wiper blades. If you take your time to do a thorough cleaning, there is a high probability that you can get rid of that frustrating sound.

How to Clean Wiper Blades

Cleaning your car’s wiper blades is a simple process that should take only a few minutes. Cleaning them will eliminate the squeaky noise that they produce and improve your safety on the road. To clean the blades effectively, you will need:

  • Sponge or paper towels.
  • Alcohol-based cleaner or surgical spirit.
  • Warm soapy water or washer fluid.

You will need to use warm soapy water to start the cleaning process.

Lift the windshield wipers away from the windshield by pulling back the arms and locking them in position. The wipers should stay up on their own to give you a chance to clean them properly.

Gently glide up and down the wiper blade using a soapy sponge. The rubber on the blades can be a bit fragile, so ensure you use less force.

After wiping all the dirt from the wipers, you can get rid of the soapy water using surgical spirit. It is essential to remove the soapy residues but ensure that you do not wipe the wipers with white spirit. White spirit can destroy the wiper’s rubber components, causing it to scrape against the windshield.

How to Clean a Windshield

Having a clean windshield is essential for visibility and makes your car look fantastic. The dirt, streaks, and smears can make windshield wipers squeak when working. The best way to clean your windshield is by starting from outside then finishing off by cleaning inside.

To start cleaning, lift the wipers off the windshield and wash the windshield using water and a soft brush. Remove all the stubborn fixed dirt, such as insects, bugs, and other dirt.

Use a microfiber cloth when wiping the windshield, applying circular motions to polish it. Use the same procedure when cleaning the interior.

You can use an ammonia-free glass cleaner for your windshield to get that glossy clean shine.

Check the Windshield Wiper Fluid.

Low windshield wiper fluid can cause unpleasant squeaky sounds on your windshield. When the fluid is too low, the windshield is not sufficiently wet and can produce squeaky noise when you start using the wipers.

Checking and adjusting the fluid levels of the windshield wipers is enough to fix the problem.

It is ideal to check the fluid levels regularly, once or twice a month. Periodically checking on the fluid levels will ensure that you never run out of wiper fluid.

Ensure to consistently use the proper fluid to get the best result. Using different wiper fluids can create an unwanted chemical reaction that might damage your wipers.

Soften Rubbers on the Wipers

The rubbers on the windshield wiper are prone to get hard with frequent use. This usually happens due to exposure to sunlight or other reasons. You will need a bit of rubbing alcohol to fix the issue.

To soften them, apply rubbing alcohol on a paper towel and wipe it up and down along the rubber parts of the wiper blades. As a result, the squeaking sounds will be gone.

Adjust the Position of the Wiper Blades

Sometimes, the blades’ stiffness might cause squeaking noises when trying to find the correct motion for it to work properly. You will need to adjust the blades’ positioning to make the process easier. Twist the arm to get the best result.

The blades may occasionally be scratching the windshield. To solve this issue, appropriate changes must be made. Wiping the windshield shouldn’t be done with the blades vertically. To stop the squeaking, make sure they are placed appropriately and lie diagonally on the windshield.

Tighten the Fasteners

Loose wind blade fasteners will create a squeaky noise when the wiper blades are wiping the windshield. Having tightened fasteners goes a long way in eliminating the noise.

The squeaky noise can also occur when the fasteners are too tight. In this case, you will need to loosen them slightly. This way, the wiper blades can work freely.

If you are in a situation where you cannot figure out how tight is too tight, set aside some time to experiment. You can tighten the fasteners to see what level of tightness on the fasteners works or not.

You can also apply some wiper fluid and turn the blades. You should then listen for any squeaking noise; the noise should reduce or stop if the fasteners are the culprits.

Consider Removing Surface Protectants

Surface protectants are popular with some car owners to protect their windshields from the elements. The problem with using such products is that they may increase the friction between the windshield and wiper blades.

Removing the protectants from your windshield might be necessary to eliminate the squeaky wiper blade menace.

Replace the Wiper Blades

If you have attempted to eliminate the squeaking noise using all the above-suggested methods and none of them works, it might be time to replace your wiper blades.

Typically they need to change at least twice a year.

Ensure to purchase quiet and good-quality wiper blades for lengthy service. The cost of wiper blades is relatively low, making it a smart move to get new ones.

How to Replace Wiper Blades

To install new wiper blades on your car, you will need to remove the previous faulty ones.

The first step is to raise the arms from the windshield. The arm of the wiper blade should be perpendicular and be able to hold a perpendicular position to the windshield.

The next step is to free the existing wiper blade from its hook. The blade and metal arm are then held in place by a little plastic stopper. To detach the present wiper blade from the metal arm, press the stopper.

You will slide the new wiper to the same end as the one you just removed to complete the replacement process. As soon as the hook clicks into position, keep pushing the new wiper. This shows that it has firmly attached itself to the arm.

You should then lay back the wiper against the windshield.

If you cannot perform the replacement of the wiper blades by yourself, it is best to leave it to a mechanic to do it as you risk permanently destroying it.

Change the Wiper Blade Assembly

Replacing the assembly is not common as it takes longer to wear down. The assembly can lose its shape from regular and consistent use over a long period of time. This causes it to expand and lose its shape, rendering it almost useless.

Fortunately, fixing the problem does not need a lot of effort from you.

You need to unscrew the nut that is holding the assembly in place. You can now take the arm out and install the new assembly.

You can retry the process a few times if you still hear the squeaking noise, but it would be better to call in an expert to inspect it.

You May Have a Windshield Problem

Another reason you might have a persistent squeaky noise could be that you might have a windshield problem. This is not common for most car owners but is worth mentioning.

The windshield might be rough due to constant exposure to harsh weather conditions and dirt.

If cleaning it does not solve the squeaking problem, you might want to replace the windshield.

A faulty windshield is not a common reason to cause squeaking. However, if none of the possible reasons causes the noise, you might need to consider it.

Make sure you exhaust all other options before settling on this one, as it might be costly.

Poor Components Installation

In most areas, it is common to buy car auto parts from stores, and the employees from these stores will offer a free installation at the customer’s convenience. However, there might be a slight problem with this.

Not all store employees are qualified or trained technicians and, therefore, might not be the best people to install your wipers. Some wiper assembly procedures are more technical compared to others.

Poor component installation can result in squeaking noises after a while. It is better to find a qualified professional to handle such problems to eliminate potential problems.

Final Words

The process of fixing squeaky wiper problems is not too hard. The most common solution to fixing the noise is cleaning your car regularly. If the problem persists even after cleaning all the components and applying all other fixes, it might be time to replace old, worn-out parts.

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