Best Sound Deadening Sprays in 2023

When on the road, most of the time, you need a quiet and peaceful time. If you have your music playing, you do not want interruptions from outside noises. In traffic, you may have no control over disruptive sounds. Noises like hooting, tires screeching, and running engines are a nuisance to drivers. This can be quite frustrating.

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Good news! You can beat this problem with sound deadening sprays. Hang on as we look at how they ensure you have an excellent ambiance when driving.

Sound Deadening Spray for Cars: The Basics

To understand how this product works, you look at the physics of sound. Transmission of sound occurs via vibrations. Sound deadening sprays deal with the vibrations, doing away with the noises.

The spray increases the mass of the vehicle’s frame; thus, acting as a barrier to the vibrations. Furthermore, the spray has elements that absorb sound. When you combine these two properties, you are sure to curb stubborn noises.

This product’s elements are sound dampening materials suspended in a binding solution. When sprayed, the materials coat the surface.

The Usage of Sound Deadening Sprays

How do They Work?

Many people prefer using sound deadening sprays to soundproof their cars. The spray is easy to use and very effective in blocking the disturbance. Another soundproofing option is soundproof mats. You will find some car owners using both products.

Combining the two promotes the noise-resistant quality of the car. An amazing thing about this item is that you can apply it on different surfaces of the car. The spray is heat resistant and won’t affect the performance of the coated areas.

Besides use on automobiles, you can use the sprays in your room or any other space in the house.

Types of Products

This soundproofing utility comes in various forms. There is the type that comes in a bucket, like paint. You have to pre-mix it before application. The most popular form of the sound deadening solution comes in the form of a spray.

It is easy to use and does not require pre-mixing. However, some versions require prior mixing and come as a full package, including a mixing kit.

In this piece, we bring you a review of the finest sound deadening products in the market.

Best Sound Deadening Spray for Cars

Design Engineering Spray-On Sound Deadening

Our first selection makes it to the review courtesy of its user-friendliness. It has plenty of other features too, as we will see.


Convenience is the spray’s selling appeal. It is easy to use, requiring you to spray the foam on the targeted areas. At 1.4 pounds, the canister is very light and won’t lead to wrist strain as you soundproof your car.


Another feature to love about this product is its versatility. You can use soundproofing material for both interior and exterior applications. Besides soundproofing, it makes your vehicle’s structure sturdier.

Zero Cracking

A problem you may experience with sound deadening sprays is cracking upon application. Products that crack are less effective and will need a replacement sooner or later.

Design Engineering’s product assures you of zero cracking. It is robust when set on the surface, and takes roughly 20 minutes to dry. The surface is paintable in 6 hours.

Rust Protection Qualities

When you back on this soundproofing material, you bid goodbye to rust. It has rust protection qualities that ensure the frame is less prone to corrosion.


The Design Engineering sound deadening spray does away with most noises when on the road. They include driving sounds, vibrations, and traffic noises. You may also use it in hard-to-reach areas of the car. One can cover approximately 20 square feet.

The spray has a high-temperature threshold of up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

Key Features

  • Item weight- 1.4 pounds.
  • Item dimensions: 9.38*2.69*2.69-inches.
  • Coverage area: 20 square feet.
  • Fit type: universal.


  • Effortless to use.
  • It has rust-protection qualities.
  • A high-temperature threshold of 300 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The material does not crack or chip.
  • Ideal for use on both exterior and interior surfaces.
  • A can cover 20 square feet; hence, economical to use.


  • The product has a strong odor.

3M 03584 Professional Grade Rubberized Undercoating

The next entry comes from the 3M store, and versatility is its selling factor. Let us look at what it is capable of.


There are several areas where you can use the 3M rubberized undercoating spray, they include soundproofing cars, trucks, and also recreation vehicles. No matter which vehicle you have, the 3M sound deadener will have your back.


A thing to know about this implementation is that it contains asphalt. This comes in handy to protect soundproof areas that are proximal to the road surface. You apply it on the fenders, wheel wells, quarter panels, and areas under the hood.

Rust Protection

Apart from dealing with sound, the 3M undercoatings protect the car frame from rust. Spray it on the vehicle’s undercarriage to prevent chemical and physical corrosion.


The spray can weigh 8 ounces, which is easy to handle. When using it, you have minimal chances of wrist strain. Additionally, it has an aerosol dispenser, needing a quick shake before you apply it on your vehicle’s surfaces.

Its Sound Deadening Properties

Some of the sounds dealt with are road noises, vibrations, and low-impact bumps. It is also promising in dealing with sounds from other vehicles.

Key Features

  • Item weight: 8 ounces.
  • Size: 16 ounces.
  • Product form: aerosol spray.


  • Suitable for different types of vehicles.
  • A lightweight can; hence, handling is stress-free.
  • It prevents road noises, vibrations, and low impact.
  • The product has rust-protection qualities.
  • You may use it on wheel wells, fenders, and car undercarriage parts.
  • It is an aerosol product; thus dispensing is fast.


  • This sound deadening spray is only suitable for exterior use.

Rust-Oleum Professional Grade Rubberized Undercoating

When readying your car for a new paint job, you can soundproof it. It helps deal with sounds and makes the vehicle’s body more robust. Rust-Oleum’s rubberized undercoating is an excellent choice of soundproofing material. A look at its elements will show you how good it is.


You can use this undercoat on the undercarriage of different car types. They include trucks, recreation vehicles, trailers, and many more. Some of the sounds it deals with are road and traffic noises.

A Protective Coat

The rubberized undercoating provides a protective coating to the vehicle. It shields the metallic frame from corrosion, like rust or that caused by salt. In addition, it makes it sturdier, and less prone to wear and tear.


Applying the rubber undercoating is effortless. You shake it and spray it on the surfaces you want. The surface will be dry in less than an hour, meaning it takes a short time to paint it. A single spray can cover 10 to 15 square feet.


This utility has a comfortable spray tip, coupled with any-angle spray technology. It ensures you have a fulfilling time doing away with noises coming into your car.

Key Features

  • Product weight: 1 pound.
  • Size: 14 ounces.
  • Color: black.
  • Product type: spray.


  • Excellent sound protection.
  • Dries up very fast.
  • It offers protection against abrasion and corrosion.
  • A single can covers a decent area of around 15 square feet.
  • Comfortable to use.
  • Suitable for various vehicle types.


  • The nozzle may have some problems that affect product ejection.

Second Skin Liquid Sound Deadening Spray

The level of adherence is an attribute to be keen on when getting sound deadening spray. The Second Skin liquid sounds deadening spray will offer ample adherence. Below is a glance at this character and many more.


This sound deadening utility is a visco-elastic polymer, which gives it a high degree of adherence. It will hold firmly onto the surface you apply it on, with zero chances of falling off. Furthermore, it boosts the vehicle frame’s resiliency.

Odorless and Heat Resistance

Before using the Second Skin sound deadening spray, you have to premix it. This helps cure it, in turn doing away with odors. As such, you do not have to deal with a harsh scent.

Moreover, it has a high heat resistance quality, rated at 400 degrees Fahrenheit. You may, therefore, use it in high-heat generating areas.

Areas of Application

The other impressive feature of this spray is the many areas you can apply it. For vehicles, it will work for sedans, trucks, trailers, and many more.

On the car parts, it goes to plenty of areas, like the undercarriage, wheel wells, and fenders. It is an all-around utility that has your back in different settings.


After you mix this item, there are many ways of applying it to the vehicle surface. One way is by brushing it onto the area, similar to painting. Spraying can also work, where you pour it into a spray can or a bottle with an atomizer.

Key Features

  • Product capacity: 1 gallon.
  • Item weight: 14.1 pounds.
  • Dimensions: 9.5*9.5*9.4-inches.
  • Mode of application: brushing and spraying.


  • A high degree of adherence, which curbs vibrations.
  • An odorless product.
  • It has a high heat resistance value.
  • Works with many car types and parts.
  • You can spray or brush it.
  • It offers soundproofing and insulation.


  • You need to premix the product before application. This may take a lot of time.

Dupli-Color Professional Rubberized Sound Eliminator

You should never compromise on convenience as you look for a sound dampening spray. Dupli-color’s sound eliminator gives you a good deal on this element. The following are other features it gives you.


As earlier mentioned, the Dupli-color rubberized sound eliminator is convenient. You get a taste of this attribute when focusing on its usability. It is a spray, meaning the application is effortless. Start by shaking the can and directing the spray to the targeted area.

The sound eliminator dries quickly. This allows you to do other things like painting or priming the spot. At 1.39 pounds, the can is pretty lightweight. As you wield it, there are minimal chances of it leading to wrist strain.

A Rubberized Solution

The material is rubber, which offers excellent sound dampening qualities. It sticks firmly on the frame, with minimal chances of breaking off or chipping. Also, rubber has insulation properties. The end result is protection against noise and heat loss.

Corrosion Proof

Rust and other corrosive agents can do a number on your vehicle. They eat up the body, making it weak. The Dupli-color professional sound eliminator is corrosion-proof. It protects the car from such agents, upholding its stability.

Textured Finish

Once the rubber undercoat dries up, it leaves a black textured finish. You can paint this spot, as it offers good adherence.

Key Features

  • Product weight: 1.39 pounds.
  • Item dimensions: 2.63*2.63*9.5-inches.
  • Capacity: 17 fluid ounces.


  • The rubber solution dries up quickly.
  • It is a good insulator.
  • The spray does away with noise and vibrations.
  • Once dried up, it leaves a textured finish.
  • The product protects your car from corrosive agents.
  • It is paintable.


  • The material may turn gray on exposed parts due to the effect of UV rays.

LizardSkin Sound Control Ceramic Insulation

There are sound deadening solutions that have plenty of uses. For instance, our final pick also offers insulation to the vehicle. Hang on to see more characteristics of the LizardSkin sound control ceramic insulation.

Multiple Applications

As earlier hinted, the LizardSkin sound controller also has insulation properties. Coating your vehicle parts with it does away with noises and prevents heat loss. Furthermore, it prevents corrosion and abrasion, slowing down wear and tear.

Compatible Areas

You will appreciate the edge of versatility that this sound controlling solution provides. It is compatible with both the exterior and interior parts of the car. It also works well in undercarriage, dampening vibrations due to movement.

Apart from cars, it is also applicable to your house.

Paint Over

Once dry, you can paint over it. It takes a short time to dry, and you can prepare your paint or primer. Always give it ample time to dry for desired results.


The use of this soundproofing material is straightforward, requiring you to start with premixing it. After that, you can brush it or spray it onto the targeted area.

The scent is bearable, though it would be great if you wore a mask when applying it.

Key Features

  • Packaging weight: 25.1 pounds.
  • Dimensions: 34.5*27.2*36.6-centimeters.
  • Mode of application: spray or brushing.


  • Convenient to use.
  • A bearable scent.
  • You can paint over its dried-up coat.
  • It dries fast.
  • The material also acts as an insulator.
  • Suitable for both interior and exterior uses.


  • The premixing part is quite time-intensive.

Proper Application of Sound Deadening Spray

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Getting the sound deadening product is the first step to soundproofing your car. Then follows the main step, which is the application of the material. While it may not be that challenging, it requires utter keenness for the desired outcome.

We will guide you on how to apply this product. First, let us look at the tools you need.

Tools and Equipment

One of the numerous instruments required to complete the operation properly is the spray can. Gloves are also required. Pick up some heavy-duty gloves to keep your hands safe from harm.

Some of the sprays could contain ingredients that are rough on your hands. The gloves will be useful in this situation. For comfort, make sure they provide enough hand movement.

Another tool to have while making a sound buffer in your car is a mask. Some of the goods could have an unpleasant fragrance, which is intense. You could also become sick from the substances, including the propellant. You can become woozy or show other symptoms of intoxication if you inhale it.

A mixer is essential if you have a spray that needs premixing before use. This tool is mostly electric and spins fast to stir the material. Such types of sprays have a mixer in their packages for your convenience.

Finally, you need masking tape. It helps in covering the parts of the car that you do not want to coat. You can use it together with old newspapers to cover such parts.

Once you tick most of the products in this list, then you are good to proceed.

Step by Step Application

Follow the below steps to correctly apply the sound deadening spray.

Step 1: Prepare the Surface

The first step is preparing the surface. The area should be clean, with no dirt or rust to get a nice adherence. Strip the spot of any fabric or plastic and use a cleaner to remove any dirt. Rubbing alcohol does an excellent cleaning job.

For rust, you can use sandpaper or similar material to remove the ferrous layer. Follow up by cleaning it. Use your masking tape and newspapers to cover areas that you do not want to soundproof.

Before cleaning, ensure to put on your protective gear.

Step 2: Product Preparation

The intensity of the second step depends on the type of product. If it is a spray, you have to continuously shake it for a minute. The operating temperature should be around 70-100 degrees Fahrenheit. It prevents a fire hazard, as the propellant may be flammable.

If you have the product in a huge container, you premix it. Use a mixer to stir it and get it in the perfect consistency, for application. For products in a container, you can apply them as paint using a brush or put them in a spray bottle.

Step 3: Apply the First Coat

After prepping the material, you now get to the real deal, application. If you are using an aerosol can point the nozzle toward the surface you want to coat. Press the nozzle to release the material, spreading it evenly.

Give it a thick first coat, by using short and even strokes. Do not be too close to the surface. Have a 12 to 18-inch allowance for the perfect first coat.

If you have a gallon bucket and decided to spray it, use a similar approach. Furthermore, you can use a brush to apply the first coat. Use gentle and precise strokes for the first layer to avoid a patchy finish.

Step 4: Apply Additional Coats

Let the first coat dry and apply additional coats for efficiency. The drying time varies from brand to brand. For some, it takes 15 minutes, while for others it may go up to 24 hours. Check on the instructions to be sure of the drying time.

Apply the succeeding coats the same way you did for the first. Allow for ample drying time between the coatings, for an excellent outlook.

Step 5: Re-assembly

Once the sound deadening material is dry and firmly set to the frame, you can now reassemble the parts. Put them back in the correct order, and you may use heavy-duty automotive glue for a firm grip.

You may paint the surface or prime it as per your desires. Check on the instructions to understand how to go about this.

Step 6: Tidy Up

With everything all set, you tidy up your space. Do away with the masking tape and covering, then clean the surface. Be gentle when tidying up to prevent cracking and chipping. Once done, dry the area and enjoy a soundproof vehicle.

Are Sound Deadening Sprays Better Than Mats?

The other way of soundproofing your car is by using mats. It brings us to the sound deadening sprays vs. sound dampening mats debate. So, which of the two options is better?

Each of them has its benefits and downsides. For instance, the spray is easy to apply, though it is prone to chipping off. Moreover, it is more of a short-term solution. On the other hand, mats are pretty hard to set but are very durable. They are ideal for long-term use.

Mats are also quite more expensive than sprays. Removal is a challenging affair and may leave remnants.

Sprays may have a strong odor, especially before they dry.

Looking at their respective advantages and disadvantages, we can say the result is a close tie.

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Final Words

Do you want a silent car interior? The answer is in the form of sound deadening sprays. Above is a review of some of the finest products. Use this piece as an asset to lead you to the correct shelf when shopping for a sound deadening spray.


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