Silent Wall Clock: The Best Non-Ticking Clocks in 2023

Are you looking for a peaceful wall clock? Would you like the best price, excellent brand, or the most luxurious design? Well, you’ve landed on the right post!

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You just wouldn’t buy any wall clock, especially one that would drive you insane with its ticking! You can now enjoy a calm traditional clock courtesy of quartz movement and uninterrupted sweep innovation.

We’ve sifted through all of the options for silent watches and compiled a list of what we consider to be the top Quiet Wall Clocks currently available. We’ve also responded to some common inquiries, ensuring that you’re purchasing the best offer possible.

What is a Non-Ticking Quiet Wall Clock?

Most people often complain that ticking sounds are irritating. Consequently, manufacturers have created quiet wall clocks with a second hand that moves at a steady sweeping pace.

How Can you Distinguish Between an Analog and a Digital Clock?

Digital clocks employ an illuminated display to show the time, often an LCD( liquid crystal display). Instead of cogs, pendulums, or weights, the modern clock operates a “counter” and uses either rechargeable batteries or is driven by power energy.

People referred to the analog clock as one that keeps time. It shows time using a flat display with reference markers and spinning pointers. Therefore, the clocks were renamed “analog” to distinguish them from other timepieces.

Why Do You Need a Noiseless Analog Wall Clock?

Digital clocks have readable and versatile numbers. Some also have a tool that allows you to connect with your phone and listen to songs while selecting your favorite radio channels.

However, what such clocks lack in comparison to analog ones is precision. You might assume that you can receive this from a digital clock, but that isn’t always the reality. Digital clocks tell time depending on the pattern of oscillation, which serves as a time scale for the timer. This isn’t always 100% accurate.

Analog clocks are less complicated than digital clocks. A malfunctioning analog watch will be more convenient to operate and repair. Additionally, it has transparent glass and a dark number readout. Hence, it’s easy to determine the time. In most instances, time is virtually correct.

For these reasons, most people argue that an analog clock is more reliable than an electronic clock.

Aspects to Look for When Buying a Silent Wall Clock

Our purchase suggestions are based on an empirical approach that includes the following;

1. Brand

Each manufacturer of Silent Wall Clocks includes a unique set of features. Although most of them have excellent benefits to offer, this does not always imply that they will be efficient. We advise you to take into account this as a vital factor.

2. Design

Do you want to go for a more contemporary look? Perhaps your residence is jam-packed with cutting-edge innovation and metal equipment.

If your living area decor is functional and straightforward, a conventional clock would appear out of touch here for a fact.

On the other hand, an analog clock might go in nicely with a classic and rustic style. Even if your sitting room is decorated in the 1950s or 1970s style, a silent conventional clock will blend in.

Evaluate your property’s aesthetic or the design you want to achieve and make your selection appropriately.

3. Non-Ticking Quiet Sweep

Contemplate whether the steady “ticktock” or the odd “cuckoo” sound that the timepiece produces is soothing to you before purchasing.

It’s a pleasant little device for you to have in the background during the day. However, for some, it might be very irritating, especially at night.

Our selection covers both quiet and ticking or chirping wall clocks; ensure to take the time to read these product descriptions before purchasing.

4. Price

Purchasing a low-cost clock ensures that you will save some cash. However, low-cost choices are of poor quality and inefficient. But that’s not always the case. It’s only a word of advice.

The amount you pay for anything should be worth the expense, and clocks are no exception. To avoid regretting your purchase, you must first decide whether it is worth buying regardless of how cheap the cost is.

You should use a high-quality transparent clock for around a year before replacing the cells. The Dreamsky non-ticking timepiece or the HITO non-ticking digital clock are two examples of watches that can serve you for this long.

These devices’ dependability and pricing sure indicate a good deal.

5. Customer Satisfaction

Before buying a wall clock, it is best to do thorough research first! To avoid disappointment,  go for the highly-rated brands that meet your needs.

Rewards of Analog Quiet Wall Clock

In the case of a power loss, traditional clocks will keep functioning. An analog clock could be all you need to determine how much time has gone in a crisis, such as a storm or other natural catastrophe. Also, most people who don’t have an electricity supply in their homes use analog watches. These clocks allow you to keep track of your time and are pretty accurate.

Not to forget, the traditional clock can help alarm you in case you have something you have to attend to and are likely to forget.

Top Quiet Wall Clocks

Epy Huts 10-Inch Modern Silent Wall Clock

The Epy Huts’ digital clock will bring a sophisticated look to your living room. This wall clock features a graphic display with lance arms and a sleek and straight-cut frame in various colorful and trendy finishes. All of this will complement any of your décors.

It boasts a precise quartz clock mechanism that ensures a restful night’s sleep or a pleasant workplace environment.

And though the mounting tools are not included, the rear nail hole makes installation simple. It’s also light, making it simple to hang and carry. The sturdy packaging ensures safe delivery.

It is an excellent choice for wall decor in the kitchen, dining area, hallway, restaurant, bar, coffee shop, store clock, lavatory clock, workplace, dormitory decor, and more.


  • It runs without a hitch
  • Cleaning is a breeze.
  • It can be a wonderful gift to a loved one.
  • Hands are kept in sync by an elevated quartz movement.
  • Outstanding client service


  • Delicately crafted

Bernhard Products Non-Ticking Black Wall Clock

The Bernhard timepiece has a white display with bold black figures for better visibility. Its quartz mechanisms guarantee accurate timekeeping.

This quiet, non-ticking gadget sweeps across the surface very smoothly to avoid altering your peace.

Thanks to the robust plastic cover and glass lens, the display is simple to wash and dust-free.

It is compact and straightforward to mount. Any screw, nail, or tiny wall hanger will suffice. It uses a 1 “AA” cell that’s not included in the package.

The product bears a guaranteed warranty of 12 months.

This wall gadget is ideal for the workplace, bathroom, classroom, bedroom, or any other space you deem fit in your house.


  • Quiet, non-ticking system
  • Classic design
  • Hanging is simple.
  • Lightweight
  • Simple to read


  • The battery is not long-lasting.
  • The company provides no guidelines for installation.

OLDTOWN Noiseless Rustic Country Wall Clock

This handcrafted wooden art piece is an elevated 100% noiseless digital geared clock. It’s a fantastic décor option for anybody who enjoys a primitive aesthetic.

Hand-painted timber is used to create the rough design of enormous, motionless gear. It has an antique metallic appearance that is also hand-painted.

Its diameter is 23″, and its thickness is 0.5 “. The weight of this art timepiece is roughly 3 lbs.

One AA cell is needed for the clock.

The clock motion is meant to last a lifetime. When you can’t install it on your own, the parts and guidelines will be sent to you by the manufacturer.

It’s impossible to go inexact with a straightforward model! Simplicity clears away all the jargon and leaves everything stark and tidy. The clock will blend with high-quality material and artistry in your room.


  • Excellent build
  • Non-ticking, zero-noise
  • Quartz motion with exceptional quality
  • Well-engineered timber fiberboard
  • Metallic hands.
  • Extremely easy to mount since it is lightweight
  • It remains accurate for long
  • Simply stunning.


  • Weight is not spread relatively.
  • Mildly overpriced

DreamSky Silent Non-Ticking Quartz Wall Clock

This DreamSky clock includes quartz motion, no ticking sounds, and a white appearance to increase readability.

It’s thinner (10 inches) than typical clocks, which may explain why the edges are 3D. This makes it easy to see from any viewpoint. DreamSky clock is ideal for anyone with a visual condition, particularly the elderly.

The timepiece is also built of light, moisture-resistant ABS plastic manufactured in the United States. You can anticipate the cover, lens, and arms to remain dry for the duration of its operation.


  • Moisture resistant ABS plastic chassis
  • Quartz motor digital clock with a 10-inch display
  • One AA battery is required.
  • There’s a 3D numerical display on it.
  • Easy to read clock face


  • The cell chamber is cramped and inaccessible.

Adalene 13-Inch Silent Decorative Wall Clock

This clock features a plain white display with dark indicators, a 13-inch circular plastic case, and an attractive bronze frame with antique vibes.

It is an entirely silent half-price apparatus that produces a buzzing sound. The conventional dial with black Arabic numerals is straightforward to read.

The device has a crystal transparent glass case and a quartz motion that runs on one AA cell.

Its modern vintage style can complement a wide range of furniture, varied colored walls, and decorative artwork.

It is ideal for use in restaurants, living rooms, family spaces, bedrooms, study rooms, kitchens, offices, and conference rooms, both indoors and out.


  • Eerily silent timepiece.
  • Hypnotic sweeping hand
  • It’s a little bigger than the ‘inexpensive’ watches it replaced.
  • Lovely color
  • It is decorative enough to blend in with the surroundings.


  • The plastic glass has a slight wave, and it’s barely apparent.

HITO Modern Silent Non-Ticking Wall Clock

This device is a beautiful hybrid timepiece! The fundamental structural element features an analog clock with enormous numbers for better readability. Also, there’re large digital readouts right below the numbers for clarity, when you are afar.

The date, week, ambient temperature, and day of the week are displayed on the display unit. You can also switch the thermometer from Celsius to Fahrenheit or conversely. In a brief look, you’ll have all the knowledge you’ll need!

The wall clock needs one AA cell to operate both the conventional clock hands and the modern display since this is another quartz mechanism clock. The secondhand sweeps in a constant movement to prevent ticking disturbances.

Although this clock uses more power than the others on our list, the cells will last for approximately a year.

This timer is light and straightforward to install with the added whistles and bells.

Thanks to its aluminum plate and a primary clock display, it has a clean appearance, which would look great next to kitchen equipment. It would also complement any polished nickel, stainless metal, or chrome-accented room design.


  • Has a good sense of time
  • Precise thermometer and the hygrometer
  • No more ticking sound
  • Quite effective.


  • The clock is of low quality.

LOHAS 12-Inch Silent Vintage Wall Clock

Digital wall clocks are more than simply a timepiece; they’re also decorative elements in your room. LOHAS Household clocks provide a classy tone to any environment due to the rustic antique designs.

The device is ideal for any area in the house, as they have a non-ticking motor. The clock front is a sheet sketch that has been firmly adhered to the MDF panel using high pressure and temperature.

The screen will last if there isn’t any intentional tearing.

The watch uses a tranquil clock technology, in which the arms move clockwise across the plate instead of in steps.

You’ll only have to get one AA battery. Instead of alkaline packs, it’s advisable to use carbon-zinc cells. Furthermore, it’s easy to mount the clock.

The device’s effectiveness is increased by its gentle operation. You can place it in your bedroom, for instance.


  • No sound comes from the clock.
  • Moves in a sweeping motion rather than a ticking manner.
  • Keeps an accurate time


  • Low-quality design that would break easily

Kesin 14-Inch Retro Wooden Silent Wall Clock

Exceptional pine was used to construct this attractive, tasteful but delicate retro timepiece. The clock features a giant wall clock with huge black Arabic numerals and a tranquil and easily readable secondhand.

It also sports an exquisite display, a high-definition crystal, and a distinctive, beautiful wood grain hue.

Batteries power the quartz movement. Rather than high-capacity alkaline cells, standard carbon batteries are recommended for a long life span!

The clock has a hook on the back and ample space for hanging.

A 30-day cash-back guarantee and a 365-day warranty are included in the purchase package. Also, you can call customer care if you have any difficulties, and they will offer you polite after-sale support.

This solid wooden frame made from guaranteed genuine pinewood is ideal for the living room, bedroom, kitchen, dining room, workplace, library, cafe, guest room, etc.


  • Medium size
  • High-quality design
  • An attractive layout that will meet all of your decor needs
  • The front glass cover ensures superb vision while shielding the wooden arms and face from external harm.
  • Perfectly crafted wood frame.
  • A visible hour and minute hands


  • Highly-priced
  • Could shatter if it falls

Lumuasky 12-Inch Non-Ticking Modern Wall Clock

This quartz motion, the quiet, non-ticking device guarantees a comfortable resting or job atmosphere. The watch hands are constructed of beech, while the face is built of medium-weight fiberglass, which is non-toxic, moisture-resistant, and color-friendly.

There are no secondhand items, frames, or pane covers; everything is essential and lovely. With one hook incorporated, the rear slot design makes assembling simple.

If, by chance, you are dissatisfied with this timepiece, don’t hesitate to get in touch with customer service within the first three months for an exchange or refund. A 365-day quality warranty against faulty parts is also included.

The clock is ideal for use in the living area, bedroom, kitchen, dining room, house, workplace, or classroom.


  • High-quality
  • Simple to install
  • Modern minimalist timepiece


  • Exterior peels off

Eruner 14-inch Vintage Wood Wall Clock

Let’s examine a timepiece that sits somewhere between extravagant and essential now that we’ve conquered the most premium versions of clocks available.

The Eruner watch is a classic French traditional Tuscan style timepiece. As the name implies, the wooden-style construction can be used as an ornamental component in modern spaces.

Other significant components include the Taiwan Sangtai 12888 Screening quartz motion. Bid farewell to any clicking noise with this gadget’s silent functioning.

It is available in 12 to 14-inch versions and is simple to read from any position thanks to its enormous hour and minute indicators and the Roman digits.

The style is retro, and the iconic retro appearance with black numerals looks great. This clock doesn’t have a frame; hence it’s easy to clean.


  • The design is clean and straightforward.
  • It’s easy to read the painted black digits and clock arms.
  • The red hand is used to discern the seconds.


  • Outside influences can affect the hands of the clock.
  • Water exposure might cause readability difficulties.

Fzy.bstim Silent Wall Clock

For many people, this is their go-to quiet wall clock. Its installation is straightforward, and a non-ticking mechanism makes this clock an excellent addition to any room.

There are three vital features that every silent wall clock should have. Its quartz motion analog innovation and black frame are ideal for showing the minutes concisely. It’s a standard AA battery-operated clock that’s simple to set up. You can place it in any room or on a tabletop.

Ultimately, this clock is quiet and inexpensive.


  • Pretty quiet
  • Reading is straightforward.
  • Installation is simple.


  • Material design is unsatisfactory
  • You have to buy the AA battery separately.

Pendulum Silent Decorative Wood Clock

Prepare to be smitten by the superior Verona Timber Pendulum Timer! It will elevate the level of refinement and attractiveness in your house.

This elegant traditional clock measures 26.75×11.5 inches and is crafted from robust and durable oak that has been meticulously carved.

The white display with legible Roman digits, attractive glass frame, and stunning gloss polish will bring character and elegance to any room.

If you’re looking for a meaningful and kind present to gift that stylish colleague or close relative, this wonderfully constructed Verona Clock is a great choice! You may order this premium clock with total faith that you’re obtaining the most satisfactory item.


  • The wood has a warm crimson color to it.
  • The glass pieces on the sides are lovely.
  • A lovely replacement for the original 4-chimer.
  • It is eerily quiet.
  • Very appealing.
  • The casing is constructed of wood and appears to be well-crafted.
  • It’s simple to assemble and hang.


  • Inefficient wrapping
  • Hands may be too thin to read

Final Thoughts

When shopping, you will come across various wall clocks to pick from. Most include a lot of decorations, brilliant colors, and distinctive designs to satisfy your taste!

A property usually looks more stylish with large wall clocks. The traditional ones are great for use in any room of your home because they are both functional and stylish.

These gadgets are often preferred to remain quiet. Our favorite choice for this is the Bernhard Products Non-Ticking Black Wall Clock.

It’s a straightforward clock with good clarity and appearance. It’s excellent for a minimalist vibe with the beveled edge, hands, and white background.

In second place is the Epy Huts 10-Inch Modern Silent Wall Clock. The silver artwork is impressive, and its black version will have you falling in love. The modern design truly stands out, and we admire it for its distinctiveness.

If you want a clock wall big enough to fit in an expansive room, the OLDTOWN Noiseless Rustic Country Wall Clock is a close second on this listing, and it’s also elegant to serve as a decent home decor alternative.

Knowledge is power!