The Best Silent Microwaves in 2023

You want to warm your food or snack quietly, whether at night or during the day. Yet, you cannot do this if your microwave is loud.

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A standard microwave is a vital tool in any home or even office space. It operates at a somewhat low decibel rating, between 55 and 59 dB, which is akin to a normal conversation. Still, this rating is loud enough to disturb those around you. As such, an excellent move would be to invest in a quieter option.

You need to be keen when selecting your preferred microwave. With the following insights, this decision will be much more effortless for you.

Top Six Quietest Microwaves

Choosing a suitable microwave can be a daunting process, yet it is not impossible. To save you from the agony, you could contemplate the following selected microwaves.

Black Decker EM720 CB7 Digital Microwave Oven

The Black Decker EM720CB7 reflects affordability and versatility. Its quiet operation makes it a favorite choice for various households and workplaces. It comes with sound-dampening technology, ensuring that there is minimal noise produced. Its door closes relatively softly, eliminating such noises too.

You’ll have an easy time controlling this microwave, thanks to its accessible buttons. These buttons provide you with pre-programmed settings, mainly for cooking pizza, potatoes, popcorns, and frozen vegetables. The settings ensure that you cook your food well and without worrying about overheating or burning.

It has a push button that helps open the door softly. In addition, there is a child lock functionality that helps improve the safety of your child. Its interior light ensures that you monitor your food effortlessly.

This product has a relatively large LED digital screen, allowing you to monitor and control the settings easily. This screen displays time and preset intervals.


  • It is relatively energy efficient
  • It offers a reliable child lock safety functionality
  • An easy-to-read and use control panel
  • It operates relatively quietly
  • Comes with a compact yet spacious design


  • It might be too small for some people

Breville BMO850BSS1BUC1 Smooth Wave

The Breville Smooth Wave is one of the quietest microwaves on the market, operating at 50% of the standard microwave decibel ratings. Its robust construction still assures you of a soft close door, cutting on noise even further.

This product features the Sensor iQ technology, which eliminates the guesswork in your cooking experience. This technology boasts sensors that help adjust power, meaning you can cook or reheat your food effortlessly. Some of its built-in sensors include Smart Cook, Smart Reheat, and Smart Defrost.

Breville BMO850 has a power smoothing inverter, which helps deliver smoother and more consistent results. This feature ensures that you do not overheat your snacks, including pizzas. It also protects your snacks from drying out.

Controlling this microwave is easy. It has accessible shortcuts, knobs, and one-touch auto settings. Its control panel allows you to choose the correct settings for everyday tasks. It has a button that will enable you to increase the heating time without necessarily starting the entire process. What’s more, there is a child lock functionality that helps improve safety.


  • Quiet operation
  • It has a child lock functionality for enhanced safety
  • Precise and more consistent heating
  • Easy to control and use
  • Robust construction for durability


  • Somewhat pricey

Comfee EM720CPL PMB Countertop Microwave Oven

The Comfee EM720CPL is an excellent choice for durability and quiet operation. This item has a stainless steel finish, which is stylish and robust. This finish helps protect it from adverse corrosion and elements. It also improves longevity.

This microwave comes with a mute button, which allows you to turn the microwave beeps either on or off. This mute function implies that you can operate the device quietly. Besides, its button is readily accessible, giving you an easier time.

You’ll appreciate how energy efficient this microwave is. It has an energy-saving Eco mode, which helps minimize standby power by up to 50%. Notably, it turns to this mode automatically.

Its ease of use is astounding. It features a one-touch express cooking function that offers 1-6 minutes and plus30 seconds functions. You’ll also get two defrost settings, meaning you’ll have to choose between weight and time.

Its digital display improves your experience altogether. This display is easy to read and use. It also boasts incredible interior light, which makes it easy to monitor your food.


  • User-friendly control panel
  • Bright digital display
  • It can significantly save energy
  • It comes with a mute functionality
  • Stylish design
  • Relatively affordable


  • It takes time to warm your food

Toshiba EM925A5A5A SS Microwave Oven

If you are looking for affordability and a stylish design, this item will not disappoint. It comes with an appealing yet robust stainless steel construction, guaranteeing durability. Also, it delivers up to 900 watts of power. It operates in ten different power levels, making it a suitable option for large households. Multiple power levels improve your flexibility when cooking.

Its compact design makes it a perfect countertop option, as it can fit anywhere. Despite this compact design, you are sure of a considerably large capacity. This microwave is also equipped with an adequate LED cavity light, meaning you can monitor your foods much more effortlessly.

This Toshiba microwave operates quite silently. Besides its low decibel rating, it has a mute function that turns off the end-cooking beep and other microwave beeps. You can control this mute function with a readily accessible button.

Everyone looks forward to saving on energy costs, and this microwave allows you to do so. It can save up to 50% of standby power once it turns to the Eco mode, energy-saving. It also consumes relatively low power.


  • Quiet operation
  • It comes in compact size yet with a large capacity
  • It has a mute function
  • It has multiple features that are easy to operate
  • Suitable for families with children


  • It could be a little too small for some people

Nostalgia RMO4IVY Retro

Sometimes, all you need could be a powerful yet quiet microwave. The Nostalgia RMO4IVY will be the ultimate choice!
This item comes with a cooking power of approximately 800 watts. Its enhanced power helps hasten the heating and cooking process.

Its customizable cooking settings help improve your cooking experience. This microwave offers you five power levels and 12 preset cooking settings. These settings ensure that you cook various everyday foods, including potatoes, pizza, and veggies, without burning them.

Its stylish design will amaze you. This item boasts retro accents, including a sleek chrome handle and stylish curves for flair. Its large and rotating carousel helps cook the food evenly.

You can navigate its settings effortlessly, thanks to its simple program dial. Its dial requires you to push and turn it whenever you want to change the settings. In addition, it has a digital clock that makes it for you to monitor the progress of your cooking.


  • It is easy to navigate and even customize its cooking settings
  • It comes with a relatively appealing design
  • You get up to 12 pre-programmed cooking settings
  • It has a digital clock for easier monitoring


  • It might not last for a long time

Panasonic NN SN966S Microwave Oven

The Panasonic NN microwave is a large-capacity option that offers quiet operation. It is a 1250-watt device, making it one of the most powerful choices. Besides, it features an inverter technology with turbo defrost, guaranteeing you power consistency. This feature also ensures that the food is evenly prepared and does not overcook. Its defrost functionality hastens the defrosting process.

You’ll love its smart cooking settings. It has built-in sensors that help adjust the power and time settings. These settings vary with the food you want to cook, ensuring that you do not burn or overcook them. There are also 14 preset menu items, and you can choose any of them based on what you want to prepare.

The Panasonic NN can keep food and soups warm, thanks to the Keep Warm feature. This element ensures that your food remains fresh until you are ready to serve.

Further, it has a child lock functionality, making it a really great choice for families with children. This aspect enhances safety among the children. There is also a delayed start and a quick minute timer to improve your experience.


  • Suitable for large families
  • It has a relatively large capacity
  • Ensures that your soup and gravy remain warm for a long time
  • Significantly powerful
  • Quiet operation


  • It can be considerably costly for most people

Things to Consider When Choosing a Quiet Microwave

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Are you ready to choose a microwave that offers you durability and value for money? It could be a long process. Yet, with the following elements, it could be easier on you.

Noise Levels

Undoubtedly, not all microwaves come with a decibel rating. Yet, you must ensure that the chosen device produces the least sound. You can also check whether it comes with the mute function, eliminating microwave beeps when cooking. At the same time, review its alert feature. An excellent choice should not beep throughout the cooking process. Instead, you can consider one that beeps at the end of every cycle.


The materials used on a microwave will determine its durability, reliability, and even noise levels. Ensure that the chosen material can last long and even absorb vibrations. For instance, stainless steel is not only appealing and easy to clean but also quite long-lasting.

You could also consider microwaves with rubber feet, thanks to their enhanced ability to absorb vibrations.

Wattage and Size

Unless you consider the size of your chosen microwave, you’ll choose a capacity that does not befit your family. You could also end up with a device that does not fit on your countertop. For this reason, ensure that you measure the available space.

You’ll also need a relatively powerful machine. An ideal microwave should come with a wattage of between 600 and 1200 watts. While devices with a higher wattage could be costlier, you are sure of faster heating and cooking times.


Where you’ll place your microwave determines the type you’ll buy. Usually, you’ll choose between over-the-range and countertop devices. While over-the-range ovens get installed under your cabinetry, countertop microwaves require you to have some space on your countertop. If you intend to save on space, countertop microwaves should not be your priority.

Common and Additional Features

Additional features aim to improve your cooking and heating experience. Thanks to this additional benefit, it would be best to prioritize features like pre-programmed menus and automatic defrost.

Additionally, take into account built-in sensors, which protect your food from burning and overcooking. Finally, look to see whether there is a kid lock because it increases security.

A gadget with the ability to rapidly cook will also be a great choice. Keep in mind that for the best results, the fast cook capability combines convection and microwave cooking. This feature makes sure that you obtain results quickly.

You’ll also benefit from a common tasks button. This button gives you ready access to various preset cooking settings, meaning you get the right temperature and time based on the food you want to prepare.


There is no standard price for a household microwave, ranging between $50 and over $200. That is because the price varies with the brand, quality, size, and type of microwave you choose. As such, you must compare multiple options and choose one that offers you affordability, value for money, and durability. Most experts would suggest that you prioritize quality over price.

How to Reduce Noise From a Microwave

You can reduce the noise from your microwave in different ways, including the following.

Use Anti-Vibration Pads

These anti-vibration pads help absorb the noise and vibration from your microwave. You’ll place them between the surface and the microwave. Alternatively, you could put a thick blanket under this microwave.

Soundproofing Is King

You can opt to soundproof the kitchen door. Whether you use a door sweep or weatherstripping, your soundproofing choice must be practical.

Final Thoughts

No one wants to wake up or disturb their loved ones with noise from the kitchen. However, you can barely avoid all these with a noisy microwave. Investing in a relatively quiet microwave offers you peace and value for money. With the options above, it becomes easier to select whichever suits you best.

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