Quietest Air Rifle: Top 5 Most Quiet Air Rifles

Everyone looks forward to having a seamless hunting experience. Yet, you cannot hunt vermin, rodents, or squirrels with a noisy air rifle.

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Unless you get a quiet gun, it will be hard to hit your target prey. The following are some of the quietest air rifles you could consider.

Best Overall

Raptor Whisper Air Rifle


Raptor Whisper air rifle boasts a relatively low decibel rating, thanks to its Noise Reduction Technology called Whisper. This technology aims to dampen the noise and muzzle blasts produced by the gun. In addition, it features a pellet that moves through various chambers, suppressing noise.

This air rifle relies on Inert Gas Technology, which helps deliver more terminal velocity. In addition, it assures you of less vibration, smooth cocking, and power consistency. Finally, you’ll have an easy time controlling this air gun, thanks to the Smooth Action Trigger technology. This technology provides you with better accuracy levels and a firmer grip.

It has a .177 caliber pellet single cocking break barrel that delivers a maximum velocity of 1300 FPS.
You’ll love its lightweight design, weighing about 5.64 pounds. Its shockproof scope allows you to use it at any time. In addition, it boasts an all-weather stock, making it an excellent choice for extreme weather conditions.


  • Impressive decibel ratings
  • Excellent ergonomics
  • Premium-quality materials and robust construction
  • Lightweight design and unrivaled finish
  • Enhanced accuracy levels


  • Poor image quality under 50 yards
  • Unreliable pellet

The Runner-up

Gamo Whisper Fusion Mach


The Gamo Whisper Fusion Mach is a .177-caliber air rifle that works under all weather conditions. This air rifle comes with Whisper Technology, which significantly reduces the noise produced. It also uses pellets, which go through various chambers to help eliminate the noise.

It comes with the Custom Action Trigger, allowing you to adjust the trigger to personal preferences. This feature makes your rifle predictable, as you can change between the first and second stages.

Its scope boasts the Recoil Reducing Rail, which helps absorb the recoil. This element enhances the scope’s longevity. In addition, it has an all-weather synthetic and ambidextrous stock that makes it possible for both right- and left-handed individuals to use it.

Gamo Whisper Fusion Mach uses a gas piston that assures you of unmatched muzzle velocity. It also delivers lesser vibration and excellent cocking. Also, you can use this product in any weather condition, as it is fog-proof, weatherproof, and waterproof.


  • Sturdy and ergonomic construction
  • Lower decibel ratings
  • Enhanced accuracy
  • Delivers better muzzle velocity


  • Its magnification could be way too high

Other Incredible Options

Bear River Pellet Gun Air Rifle

Suppose you want a gun for small hunting or even target shooting. In this case, it would be best to choose the Bear River Pellet air rifle. This product assures you of enhanced power and quietness, thanks to an attached suppressor. This suppressor enhances quietness by letting hot gas flow in and out of the barrel with ease.

Its high-powered beak barrel makes it an excellent choice for long-range hunting. It also boasts a 4*32 scope that features an adjustable fiber optic sight, guaranteeing you better accuracy levels. You could also use a top-mounted six-inch Picatinny rail to improve consistency and accuracy.

This product features Spring Piston Technology, which assures you of better consistency and even power. In addition, it gives you a smooth trigger pull.

You’ll love its maximum velocity of approximately 1350 FPS. In addition, it assures you of maximum accuracy levels at long ranges.


  • Relatively quiet
  • Ergonomic design
  • Lightweight and easy to carry around
  • Suitable for long-range shots


  • Poor scope quality
  • Poor barrel action

Hatsan Bullboss 22 Caliber Airgun

If you are looking for a .22 air rifle, the Hatsan Bullboss will be an excellent choice. It boasts QuietEnergy technology, which shrouds the barrel for enhanced quietness. With this technology, the Hatsan Bullboss delivers a 95-decibel rating.

This .22 caliber airgun provides you with a 1070 FPS velocity level. You’ll have a maximum number of 40 shots per fill. Its scope offers quality images, allowing you to take clean shots from as little as 50 yards.

You can choose between an automated and a manual safety option. Whichever option, the device uses the anti-double pellet feed system to minimize jamming.

Its lightweight and ergonomic design make it possible for you to use it without too much struggle. In addition, this design offers an exceptional grip and feel, facilitating accurate shooting.


  • It is relatively quiet
  • Comes with an ergonomic design
  • Enhanced accuracy
  • Better safety levels


  • It comes with a less reliable sling

Benjamin Marauder Wood Stock Air Rifle


The Benjamin Marauder is a noiseless air rifle, thanks to its wholly shrouded barrel. Its internal shroud helps change the sharp noise of the gun into a dull thud. This low decibel rating implies that you can kill your target prey without disturbing nearby animals.

Its ten-shot clip is relatively effortless to load. Since you can know how many pellets remain in your clip, it becomes easier to improve your hunting experience.

The Benjamin Marauder offers an excellent two-stage trigger, assuring you of better grip and safety. This trigger provides a pull weight of about three pounds, which is heavy enough to avoid accidental shots. In addition, two-stage triggers guarantee better accuracy levels.

This product assures you of incredible velocity, power, and even accuracy. Its preset settings are ideal for beginners and experts alike. However, with the proper technical knowledge, you can adjust to your preferences. Its muzzle’s velocity ranges between 843 and 1042 FPS.

Besides, it is rifled to boost accuracy.


  • Its ambidextrous stock has a reversible bolt
  • Variable muzzle energy and velocity
  • Robust construction that offers durability
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Relatively quiet


  • It provides no double feed protection
  • It could be too bulky and heavy for some people

Things to Consider When Selecting a Quiet Rifle

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Various aspects go into selecting a reliable and quiet rifle. You’ll often need to observe the following elements during this process.

What Shall You Use the Rifle For?

Understanding the purpose of your air rifle often makes the selection process seamless. For instance, you’ll need a basic rifle if you intend to use it for recreational activities. In contrast, it would be best to buy a long-range air rifle for hunting purposes. Experts suggest that you make up your mind about the main purpose before walking into a gun shop.

Noise Level

Everyone looks forward to a decibel rating that allows them to hunt without too much trouble. But, first, understand that air rifles deliver varying sound levels, often depending on the model and type of rifle.

In addition, the noise level depends on the source of power. Therefore, if you do not know the decibel rating, ensure that you compare the power source, as discussed next.

Source of Power

You can choose various types of air rifles: pre-charged pneumatic, compressed gas, and spring piston.

Pre-charged pneumatic air rifles are relatively common. They boast a cylinder of compressed air, releasing high pressure whenever you pull the trigger. Besides being very powerful, PCP rifles are the quietest option.

You could also consider spring-piston air rifles, which use a spring compressed at a lever. However, this option is relatively loud, making it a less suitable choice for most people.

Compressed gas air rifles work relatively quietly. They rely on gas cartridges to propel their pellets. Yet, they might not be as powerful as spring-piston air and PCP rifles.

Caliber Options

Air rifles come in three main calibers: .177, .20, and .22. Each caliber offers an exceptional shooting experience.

The .177 caliber is the smallest yet the most popular choice. This caliber assures you of the highest velocities, guaranteeing you the flattest trajectory. With a flat trajectory, you get unrivaled accuracy levels. This choice is suitable for anyone looking forward to target shooting and small game hunting.

You could also consider the .20 caliber air rifles. Notably, most experts suggest that this option is the best for general use, as it provides more knock-down power. In addition, its trajectory is fairly flat, meaning that your accuracy levels will be fairly reliable.

If you are looking for enhanced knock-down power, the .22 caliber will be the best option. It is much bigger and heavier, taking down your prey without too much struggle. But, unfortunately, it offers the shortest range among the three.

Trigger and Safety

It is best to put your safety first at all times. Make sure your trigger doesn’t fire unexpectedly. You often have a choice between automatic and manual safety. A manual safety must always be engaged or disengaged as necessary. In contrast, once the pistol is damaged, automatic safety automatically switches back to safe mode. Your selections will determine what you choose.
The trigger must be easy to operate at the same time. Therefore, it should have a solid grip and superb form.


Most likely, you want a gun that matches your preferences and budget. The price of air rifles varies with the brand, quality, and technology. Therefore, it would be right to compare what each of them brings to the table. Then, focus on choosing an air rifle that offers you value for money and comfortably meets your needs.

What makes an Air Rifle Quiet?

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The noise level produced by an air rifle depends on the high-pressure air from its muzzle. This pressure helps project the pellet from your rifle. Yet, you could reduce the gun’s noise by these steps.

  • Consider the pellet

Heavy pellets are a suitable choice for minimal noise. This is because they take a relatively long time to travel to the muzzle. Besides, they have high knock-down power, meaning they can hit the prey much harder.

  • Suppressors

Suppressors are attached to the gun’s muzzle to help dampen the noise levels. You can rely on these suppressors to reduce the noise levels by between 30 and 40 decibels. But, unfortunately, they can affect the rifle’s accuracy and safety levels.

  • Subsonic

You can use subsonic ammunition to lower noise levels. This ammunition travels at a relatively low speed, minimizing noise.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, a quiet rifle is likely to improve your hunting experience. However, make sure that you choose one that offers you impressive decibel ratings and can meet your preferences. This move ensures that you shoot your target prey without disturbing any nearby animals.

Thankfully, with the insights above, you’ll get the best and quietest rifle.

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