Quiet Shop Vac: Top 7 Quietest Shop Vacs for Garage and Workshop

A shop vac can make the difference between productivity and nuisance. It is used in woodworking and construction sites, sucking up debris, dirt, chunks, and clunky objects.

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Choosing a quiet device helps to improve and make your cleaning experience more pleasant. The following five options will suffice.

Best Overall

Festool 583492 CT 26 E HEPA Dust Extractor

The Festool CT26 is a popular choice today, thanks to its reliability, whisper-silent operation, and efficiency. This product boasts a decibel rating of between 62 and 72, depending on the chosen suction level. In addition, its compact yet high-performance turbine helps deliver relatively high suction power.

This item has a compact and relatively lightweight design. This rectangular design means that the device has a low gravity center, providing considerable stability. In addition, it comes with large wheels that enhance effortless movement and portability. These wheels are large enough to move over debris on the floor.

The CT26 features a motor and HEPA filter on its top, while the wastage storage container sits at the bottom. The HEPA filters are on the extractors, and they can comfortably remove up to 0.3-micron particulate matter. These filters are excellent for removing allergens. Further, the CT26 has a self-cleaning dustbag that helps trap dust up to 5 microns.

You’ll have an easier time connecting Systainers to the dust extractor. This is because it has a smooth suction hose that is SYS-Dock optimized.


  • Has an anti-static function
  • The design is compact and lightweight
  • High-performance turbine for excellent suction
  • Impressive decibel ratings


  • It could be a little too pricey

The Runner-up

Fein Turbo II Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner

The Fein Turbo II is a wet and dry vacuum cleaner that operates at whisper silence noise levels. It is rated approximately 66 decibels. In addition, this device assures you of versatility, as you can rely on it for wet vacuuming, dust extraction, and dry vacuuming.

The Fein Turbo II boasts robust construction, assuring you of reliability and durability. It has an 8.4-gallon base with four 2.5-inch casters. Notably, these castors aim to provide the shop vac with excellent maneuverability. Its wheels can rotate up to 360 degrees, allowing you to reach even tight places.

Its powerful 1100-watt motor makes it an excellent choice for various job sites and DIY uses. This element offers you an impressive airflow rate of 151 CFM. Besides, this motor’s by-pass nature implies that dirty water will never be in contact with it. Thus, it aims to eliminate dust spewing in the long run.

The Fein Turbo II is a plug-and-play model, meaning that you can start using it once you connect its plug to a power source. Thanks to this feature, dust extraction will be a seamless process. In addition, its automated operation provides you with convenience.


  • Outstanding performance
  • Optimal maneuverability
  • It comes with multiple accessories
  • Effective yet quiet suction


  • Unreliable hose

Ideal for Large Cleanups

DeWalt DXV10P Quiet Poly Wet Dry Vacuum

DeWalt DXV10P is an excellent choice for large cleanups and job sites, thanks to its powerful 5.5 HP motor. You’ll rely on it to deliver up to 5.5 CFM, which helps lift loose and wet debris. This shop vacuum is relatively quiet, assuring you of a 65-decibel rating. In addition, it emits no reverberating noises.

With the rubberized caster wheels that come with this gadget, you can move around more easily and with greater mobility.
Additionally, you may connect other cleaning attachments, such as crevice, utility, and floor nozzles. The thin utility nozzle is ideal for capturing concentrated dust clumps. The crevice nozzle, on the other hand, can pick up material in confined locations. These add-ons increase convenience.

You’ll also love its built-in blower port. This port helps blast a steady stream of hot air. However, you might need to replace it after a relatively short time. It also boasts dual-stage filtration, which helps separate debris based on size.


  • Dual-stage filtration
  • Rubberized caster wheels
  • Quiet operation
  • Suitable for tight spaces
  • Reusable filter


  • It comes with poor packaging

Best Wall-Mountable

Vacmaster VWM510 Wall Mount Wet/Dry Shop Vacuum

If you are looking for a wall-mountable yet quiet shop vacuum, the VWM510 will be an excellent choice. It is an ideal choice for basements, garages, and areas where powerful suction is necessary. Its 5 HP is strong enough for industrial-grade construction. Yet, it delivers no more than 74 decibels.

This product offers a two-stage motor. That means you get better suction power and efficiency. It helps separate debris per size.
Its sturdy structure guarantees durability and excellent performance levels. It boasts premium-quality materials, including polypropylene. These materials are not only durable and reliable but also high-performance. Its design lets you mount it on the wall, and it features onboard storage. This storage helps make portability, detachment, and organization much more effortless.

You’ll have an easy time controlling this device. It has a remote control handle, which features a remote control power switch. Since you can control it while working, you can save time and effort.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Relatively long hose
  • Quite easy to store and use
  • It’s easy to detach it from the wall
  • It comes with a blower function


  • Somewhat pricey

Best Large Capacity

Craftsman Wet/Dry Heavy-Duty Shop Vacuum

The Craftsman CMXEVBE175 is a fantastic shop vac if you are looking for one with a large capacity. It is a heavy-duty option with a powerful 6.5Hp motor. This motor is high-performance, making it an ideal choice for various outdoor projects.

The Craftsman comes with an innovative cleaning power technology, offering you unrivaled efficiency. This technology helps handle tough cleaning jobs, making it suitable for garages and construction job sites. It also has a kink-resistant hose that allows you to work under any condition. Its large dust collection bag requires no frequent emptying.

This device comes with 2.5-diameter tools. This size is big enough to suck up large debris at once.

You’ll also love the ergonomics offered by this heavy-duty shop vacuum. Its handle boasts an exceptional size and shape, which let you move around with it effortlessly. You could also use this handle when the device is not operating, which helps keep the cord organized.


  • Innovative cleaning technology
  • Suitable for demanding job sites
  • A relatively large dust collection bag
  • Convenient power cord organizer
  • Kink-resistant vacuum hose


  • It has a weak handle
  • It might be too small for some job sites

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Things to Consider When Selecting a Quiet Shop Vacuum


Choosing a quiet shop vacuum is a daunting process. Yet, if you observe the following elements, you’ll have an easier time.

Decibel Ratings

The general rule is that a large motor produces more noise. Yet, technological advancement has significantly changed this perception. While most powerful motors can be loud, comparing the decibel rating will help you make a more logical decision.

For example, standard shop vacuums produce about 70 to 85 dB. However, you can still get a high-performance option that boasts a decibel rating of below 70.

Capacity (Tank Size)

Choosing a tank capacity will often depend on your preferences. These quiet shop vacuums can have a tank capacity of between two and 18 gallons. This capacity determines how much mess the device can hold until it’s time to empty it.

With a larger capacity, you’ll comfortably clean a relatively more extensive area. However, a large capacity means that the device is likely to be bulkier. It would be best to pick one that comfortably addresses your issues.


Everyone looks forward to a high-performance device. The power produced by a shop vac will often depend on the size of its motor. A larger and more powerful motor assures you of enhanced suction power. Most often, it would help to choose a shop vac whose motor delivers more than 3HP. Also, ensure that you pick a larger motor if you intend to use it to clean lots of water or wood chips.

Available Accessories

Accessories aim to improve your vacuuming experience, ensuring that the task is much easier. Some of the most common accessories include brushes, hoses, nozzles, and extenders. A device compatible with most of these accessories ensures that you clean your space without too much hassle.

It would be helpful to focus on a shop vac compatible with the accessories you need the most.

How to Make Your Shop-Vac Quieter


While shop vacs are a vital tool in your garage or property, their noise can be disappointing. Understanding how to make them less noisy will often help you achieve comfort and peace within your space. Unfortunately, there is barely a one-dimensional approach to quieting your shop vac. Some of the best tips to consider would include the following.

  • Keep its air filters clean at all times
  • Install a sound muffler on its exhaust outlet
  • Invest in premium-quality noise-canceling headphones
  • Keep the shop vac in a soundproof pen

Final Thoughts

Purchasing a dependable shop vac is quite beneficial while cleaning the job site. This tool is reliable for both domestic and commercial cleaning. Your decision will frequently be influenced by your goals and financial situation.

You may be guaranteed increased relaxation, tranquility, and even productivity as long as you select one with an amazing decibel rating. Thankfully, all you need to purchase the greatest machine is what you read above.

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