Do You Need Performance Mufflers that Improve Speed and Horsepower?

Most people look forward to having a vehicle that delivers a more aggressive sound. Fortunately, installing a performance muffler helps achieve this dream. This muffler ensures that the engine breathes more freely.

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It’s also increasing usable horsepower and fuel efficiency. Yet, you must understand how to choose and which options are suitable. Here are a few insights.

Types of Performance Mufflers

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There are three major types of performance mufflers: chambered, straight-through, and turbo. Each choice offers a distinct design, functionality, and performance.


A chambered performance muffler relies on an internal chamber to emit specific exhaust notes. This muffler boasts various baffles and walls. They help reflect the exhaust gases into different compartments. Besides, you can customize the arrangement of the chambers to attain a specific sound-to-performance ratio.


You could also refer to it as a glass-pack performance muffler. It features a fiberglass packing material wrapped around a perforated central tube. It is designed to produce a relatively loud sound, making it an ideal choice for whoever wants attention. In addition, its adjustable volume and less invasive design will significantly appeal to you and outsiders.


If you are looking for a muffler that offers excellent performance, the turbo muffler is the best. A turbo muffler is typically a combination of chambered and straight-through options. The turbo one offers you unrivaled performance, versatility, and efficiency. This choice is often relatively mellow when under little throttle and quite aggressive when you accelerate.

The Best Performance Mufflers in 2023

You are likely to struggle when choosing a performance muffler, especially if you are new to this. Yet, this should not worry you. So instead, we look at the best seven options you could consider in 2023.

Best Overall

Vibrant 1142 3-Inch Ultra-Quiet Resonator

Thanks to its stainless steel construction, vibrant 1142 is a performance muffler that offers enhanced durability and performance. This straight-through muffler has a multi-layer sound absorption structure. It helps to minimize noise levels without limiting exhaust flow.

Its resonator has a relatively big sound chamber, meaning that you get high-quality sound. This feature helps eliminate the riffling noise produced by six- and eight-cylinder engines.

Its robust construction helps improve durability and sturdiness. This element allows the device to withstand extreme temperatures from the exhaust.


  • Significantly eliminates the annoying noise from your exhaust
  • Its robust construction enhances longevity
  • It can withstand extreme temperatures
  • Addresses riffling noise


  • It can be a little too pricy

The Runner-Up

Walker Exhaust Quiet Flow 21357 Muffler

The Walker 21357 is a performance muffler that readily provides you with value for your money. This broad-market device comes with wholly aluminized stainless steel construction, enhancing longevity. This material is resistant to corrosion, rust, and extreme temperatures. In addition, its internal drainage system is critical in eliminating moisture.

You’ll love its simple design. This design boasts louvered tubes, lowering noise levels and providing better acoustic control. Also, it has internal partitions that facilitate easy contraction and expansion of joined tubes. Finally, its spun-locked heads help boost stability and even lifespan.

This product is a direct fit, meaning that it is relatively easy to install. You’ll need no more than bolts to install it. In addition, there is no specialized fabrication required.


  • Its design allows for unrestricted exhaust flow
  • Its robust construction offers enhanced longevity
  • It is resistant to rust, extreme temperatures, and corrosion
  • Relatively affordable


  • Its quality might not be the best

The Budget Option

Walker 17886 Economy Pro-Fit Universal Muffler

The Walker 17886 is an excellent choice if you are looking for an affordable and universal performance muffler. Despite being less pricy, this muffler is reliable, high-performance, and relatively durable.

You’ll choose between a direct fit and a universal configuration, depending on your preferences. Direct-Fit designs aim to replace OE devices, meaning that they’ll match the size, hanger placement, and shape of the OE muffler. In contrast, you can use universal configurations on any vehicle, and they are economical.

This product comes with aluminized steel. This means that it offers enhanced durability and appearance. It also has reinforced bracketed heads, boosting structural stability and even support. Its spun-locked head helps protect the exhaust against rupture. In addition, there are mechanical interior joints, which eliminate distortion and breakage.


  • Impressive design and appearance
  • Robust construction
  • Eliminates breakage and distortion
  • Protects you against ruptures
  • Resistant to extreme temperatures


  • Its inlets and outlets could be too small for some people

Other Excellent Choices

Borla 40842S S-Type Performance Muffler

Thanks to its multi-core technology, this performance muffler can significantly boost your car’s performance. Its engineering assures you of unrivaled exhaust emission and internal power generation. This, in turn, provides you with excellent fuel efficiency and horsepower utilization.

Its robust construction is thanks to the stainless steel used. This material is resistant to corrosion and extreme temperatures. It’s assuring you of longevity and unrivaled performance. Moreover, its design makes it versatile and universal, fitting various car models. What’s more, it minimizes pressure on the engine, lowering energy consumption.

You’ll have an easy time installing this performance muffler, as it requires no specialized skills. You could also consider minor modifications, depending on the performance level and durability you want to attain.


  • Enhanced durability
  • Resistant to corrosion, extreme temperatures, and rust
  • It is easy to customize and modify
  • Exceptional performance


  • Delivers too many drones

Vibrant 1141 2.5″ Ultra Quiet Resonator

Here is yet another irresistible option from Vibrant. It is a straight-through performance muffler with premium-quality sound dampening materials. It also has a perforated core that allows you to get a more customized sound. Thanks to the quality of the materials, the device will last longer and offer excellent performance.

This muffler is made of t304 stainless steel. It’s capable of withstanding extreme temperatures from the exhaust. Besides, this material is polished to make the device more appealing.

You’ll also love its big sound chamber, which helps eliminate unwanted noise. Its design also enhances undisrupted exhaust flow.


  • Compact and relatively lightweight design
  • It can withstand extreme temperatures
  • Relatively durable
  • Eliminates annoying noises from the exhaust


  • Not suitable for certain heavy vehicles

MBRP M1004A Universal Quiet Tone Muffler

If you are looking for a performance muffler with a 4-inch inlet or outlet, this MBRP is all you need. This product comes with robust construction, highlighting aluminized steel. With this, you’ll be sure of enhanced longevity, resistance to corrosion and rust, and better performance.

This product boasts dual-core technology, which offers optimal exhaust flow. It also results in much better sound suppression.

Installing this device is relatively straightforward. It is versatile and universal, meaning you can install it on any vehicle. However, it would be better to install it in a cab.


  • Fairly priced
  • Universal and versatile
  • Compelling sound and noise dampening
  • Long and impressive design


  • It might not work effectively on some heavy vehicles

MBRP M2220A 31″ Aluminized Quiet Tone Muffler

MBRP is a reputable brand, assuring you of top-notch quality products. Buying the MBRP M2220A is a sure way of getting great value for your money. Besides its affordability, this product boasts an aluminized steel construction. Its robust structure offers you durability and optimal performance.

This product aims to lower underlying pressure, ensuring that your engine performs optimally. It comes with a comparatively large surface area, ensuring that there is unrestricted exhaust flow.


  • A relatively compact and lightweight design
  • Somewhat easy to install and maintain
  • Impressive sound dampening abilities
  • Enhanced longevity


  • It could be a little less affordable for some people

Things to Consider When Selecting A Top-Quality Quiet Performance Muffler

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You’ll observe several elements when choosing a suitable performance muffler. Since you’ll need a relatively quiet option, it is recommended to consider the following factors.

Noise Dampening Abilities

Everyone looks forward to getting enhanced value for their money. Buying a quiet performance muffler that boasts significant noise reduction abilities has benefits. It allows you to eliminate unwanted noise, improving your comfort in the car. Yet, you can only reach optimal performance if the performance muffler is of the right size and has multiple chambers.

You’ll also consider a performance muffler with much fewer restrictions. Such a product ensures that there is minimal compromise on the engine’s horsepower and performance. Unfortunately, this muffler could be a little noisier than usual. For that reason, ensure that there is a perfect balance between performance and noise.

Exhaust System Type

An exhaust system could be either single or dual, depending on the vehicle or even preferences. Usually, you’ll need specific performance mufflers for the different exhaust system types. Take the time to identify which option suits your situation best.

Exhaust Diameter

Exhaust systems have different diameters, and so do performance mufflers. There should be enough space to fit your chosen performance muffler. That means you should never fix a large muffler on a low ride. The diameter of the exhaust pipe has to comfortably accommodate the diameter of the performance muffler. This element ensures that you enjoy optimal performance and effectiveness in the long run.


Right from the onset, you must be sure of the size of your exhaust system. This move ensures that you select a performance muffler that comfortably fits your exhaust system. Unless you do this, exceptional performance will remain a mirage. At the same time, the performance muffler should come with a considerable volume. This way, there will be a seamless flow of exhaust gases, minimizing noise levels.

The Material Used

The performance and durability of your chosen muffler will depend on the materials used. Investing in a device that boasts premium-quality materials will provide you with enhanced effectiveness and even durability.

It would be ideal to use a lightweight material so the exhaust system isn’t under too much strain. Consider one that provides notable resistance to fire, rust, corrosion, and harsh temperatures as well. Stainless steel is one of the greatest options for such characteristics. You may also think about using aluminized steel.


It is normal for someone to be relatively cautious with how much they spend on whatever they want to buy. So, it will help if you compare the prices of different performance mufflers before you select one.

Prices often vary with the quality, brand, size, and features of the chosen muffler. For instance, premium-quality dampers are likely to cost a fortune, while smaller ones might be somehow affordable. Whichever you choose, make sure that it does not strain your budget significantly.

Final Thoughts

Performance mufflers are important additions to your car. Besides dampening the noise from your exhaust, these mufflers boost engine and horsepower performance. The catch lies in how you choose yours. Thankfully, this process will now be easier once you read the insights above.

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