The Best Quiet Keyboard for your Office 2023

When typing, you need to be in a peaceful environment for high productivity. Noise is one of the many factors that can distract you. While you may have quiet surroundings, there are annoying sounds that you can’t deal with. These are the keyboard sounds coming from your fingers punching the keys.

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It seems there is nothing much to do but contend with the noises. False! There is a solution in the form of a quiet keyboard. Unlike the traditional peripheral device, this one has a bearable noise threshold.

Users are all praised for this keyboard type as it makes up for a quiet working session. If you did not know about the existence of these typing gems, you are in the right place. We will orient you to quiet keyboards to show you why you need to get one.

How to Identify a Quiet Keyboard

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The simplest way of identifying a quiet keyboard is by reading its package. However, it may be misleading, and you end up with a traditional keyboard. When shopping for one, try testing it out to see how it operates.

A thing to note is that there are two main types of keyboards, membrane and mechanical. The former is soft and silent. However, it is less tactile; as such, it is not ideal for heavy-duty typing and gaming.

Mechanical keyboards have switches. These are mechanisms under the buttons that allow for fast and precise typing. This keyboard type is pretty noisy due to the impact of the plastic keycaps on the frame. The silent ones have padding under the buttons that act as sound dampeners. Other models have a switch mechanism that does away with sounds.

These are some of the features to look at when looking for a silent keyboard to be sure you have the right item.

How Quiet is Keyboards Claimed to be Silent?

Logically, keyboards cannot be silent due to the tapping effect from your fingers. However, the sound emitted is more controlled than that of the typical keyboard. The padding and switch mechanisms do away with most of the sound. As such, the noise you hear is very remote and bearable.

A look at some videos on YouTube, and you can see the comparison of various keyboard noise levels. Content creators use special microphones to record the sounds. From the videos, you notice that the silent type has a lower sound emission threshold.

What Makes a Good Quiet Keyboard?

In your search for a befitting keyboard, there are several factors that you have to consider. To help you out, we provide you with some of the essential attributes to look at.

Wired vs. Wireless

The first feature to look at is if the keyboard has a cable or if it is wireless. A wired peripheral is ideal for faster response and it is not prone to blockages. Additionally, you do not need to charge it or provide batteries for it to work.

The downside of a cabled device is that it limits your movement, as it only allows you to move as far as the cable’s length. Wireless keyboards have been the rage for some time, especially among gamers. They connect to your computer via Bluetooth, allowing a greater range, which in turn boosts their maneuverability. To add on, they are easy to set up and store when done with them.

The disadvantage of the wireless type is that it is prone to signal blockage. This can lead to lag, making it less efficient for fast typing. Furthermore, you need to charge it and replace batteries consistently. A low battery makes them lose their connection, especially in long ranges.

So which one should you pick? If you want to type faster, go for the silent wired keyboard. For gaming and long-range use, the wireless type will serve you well.


A bigger keyboard is very effective, guaranteeing you comfort, and allowing for fast keying. You can see all the keys; hence, no straining when looking for some characters. Moreover, it is suitable for users with big hands.

A disadvantage of the larger computer component is that it takes up a lot of space and may be hard to store.

Smaller keyboards are economical on space, perfect if you have a small working area. They are portable and easy to store. However, adjusting to them is pretty challenging and may cause wrist strain. Due to the diminutive frame, there are multi-functional keys hence finding some characters can be hard.

The Keyboard Profile

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This attribute looks at the keycap arrangement. They can either be high or low. High-profile keycaps are common in older models and are noisy. They require a lot of force when in use, which can cause wrist and finger fatigue.

Low-profile ones feature on most new keyboards. They are very convenient, with low sounds, and are easy to press.

There are other profiles focusing on keycap shape and configuration. Here, you have a staircase, Chiclet, a curved backplane, and flat profiles. Pick one that will provide comfort to your fingers as you type.

Keyboard and Mouse Combos

Imagine getting two peripheral devices in one package! This is a great deal, where you spend less on acquiring the computer utilities. Some manufacturers give you a keyboard and a mouse in one package. You may find that the mouse is also silent, like the keyboard.

Another impressive thing about the combo is that the devices may use a single USB cable. It gives you an extra USB port to connect to other devices.

Backlighting Effect

If you work in dark environments, you know the struggle that comes with using a keyboard. Most of the time, you rely on your PC’s lighting. A worthy solution is a keyboard with backlighting effects.

Such a device is convenient to use and helps you keep up with speed. Under the keycap panel is an LED board that provides illumination. There are keyboards that have lights of different colors. Gamers prefer them as it enhances their gaming session and gives the keyboard touch of style.

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Advanced Keys

For tasks like gaming and drawing, a quiet keyboard with advanced keys will work for you. They are additional buttons that you can program to execute specific functions. Advanced keys make your work easier, especially when dealing with a large workload.

As a gamer, you can customize the keys to keep up with your opponents or gameplay. It is more effective than pressing multiple keys at once.


Do not forget to check on the keyboard’s specifications for operating system support. Some work with Mac OS devices, while others work with Windows. Versatile quiet keyboards work with all operating platforms. Ensure that your pick is compatible with your computer.

Apart from the highlighted attributes, also factor in price. The PC component that you go for should be within your budget’s limits. Pick one that offers excellent value. Durability is also essential, looking at how long the keyboard will serve you. Its material should be of high quality, with an edge of resistance to impact.

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The Best Quiet Keyboards Available in 2023

For your convenience, we present you with a review of the finest quiet keyboards in the market. We look at their features and high and low points.

Best Overall

Kensington Slim Type Wired Keyboard

The number one selection in this review comes with a vast array of features. It is a wired type; thus, excellent for typing. Let us look at its attributes.

A Sleek Design

A captivating thing about the Kensington wire keyboard is its sleek design. Its lightweight frame is only 0.75 inches thick. This is roughly the thickness of a pencil. The thin profile enhances its stylishness, which will make your deck look outstanding. A gray-colored frame with dark keys and white prints also makes it unique.

A Full-Size Keyboard

This Kensington model is a full-size utility with the standard 104 keys. It is convenient to use as you can access any character. The keyboard is comfortable to use, with low chances of getting wrist strain.


An area you cannot overlook when getting a keyboard is functionality. This product has scissor-style keys, which contribute to its quiet operation. Additionally, they are precise and very responsive.

There are one-touch multimedia keys for convenient control. The dedicated keys are shortcuts to functions like volume control, sleep, and web access. Tilt stands let you adjust the keyboard up to 30 degrees for plush typing.

This PC component is easy to use, only requiring you to plug its cable into a USB port, and you are good to go.

Operating System Compatibility

This keyboard’s versatility comes into sight when focusing on operating system compatibility. It works with both Windows and Mac OS PCs. For Windows, you can use it for versions 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. The Kensington slim type supports Mac OS X 10.6 and higher.

Key Features

Connectivity type: wired.
Product dimensions: 17.6*7.5*1.5-inches.
Product weight: 2.15 pounds.
Compatible operating platforms: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 and Mac OS X 10.6 and later.


  • A stylish design.
  • Space economy.
  • Supports Mac OS and Windows PCs.
  • Convenient control courtesy of dedicated multimedia keys.
  • Comfortable to use.
  • Effortless connection.
  • Silent operation.


  • This keyboard has issues working with older OS versions. For instance, you cannot use it with Windows Vista or XP.

The Runner-Up

LANGTU Membrane Quiet Gaming Keyboard

If you are a gamer, then the runner-up pick is for you. Highlighted below are some of its features.

A Membrane Keyboard

This LANGTU product is the membrane type,  among the finest in low sound production. The keys are soft to the touch and easy to punch when typing. The keystrokes are very precise and won’t lag when in use. It is a good pick if you are into gaming and low-density typing.


When looking for a silent keyboard, always look at its durability. The LANGTU membrane keyboard does not disappoint when looking at this element. It is of heavy-duty construction, with an aluminum panel. To boot, it is water-resistant; hence, liquid spill won’t damage it.

If properly maintained, this utility will have your back for a considerable amount of time.


Playing games in the dark are challenging with a standard keyboard. However, this item from LANGTU is not your standard keyboard. It has a rainbow color backlight, providing you with seven LED colors. Besides providing light, the LEDs improve the keyboard’s aesthetic factor. With this unit, you have bragging rights in your gaming pad. The brightness is adjustable, and you can tweak it to preferable levels.


For work productivity, your keyboard needs to be comfortable. The accommodating feeling lets you accomplish more work. This utility’s keycaps have a staircase profile; thus, reaching the keys is effortless.
The keyboard’s size is another contributor to its plushness. If you have large hands, using them won’t be straining.


The LANGTU gaming keyboard is very adaptable. You can appreciate this facet when you look at its PC compatibility. It works with both old and new versions of Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. Moreover, this keyboard is suitable for various applications. You can have it for gaming, typing, writing, and drawing.


This peripheral device has 25 anti-ghosting and 12 multimedia keys. The anti-ghosting keys do away with ghosting. Ghosting is where the keyboard does not register multiple character combinations. For gamers, this is crucial as it helps with their gameplay.

Key Features

Keyboard type: cabled, membrane.
Backlight effect.
Item size: 17.7*5*1.2-inches.
Item weight: 1.54-pounds.
Compatible operating systems: Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.


  • Soft keys which assure you of comfort.
  • The keyboard is durable, with water resistance.
  • Its backlight effect enables use in the dark.
  • A stylish look.
  • Supports Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems.
  • This utility has 25 anti-ghosting and 12 multimedia keys for your convenience.


  • Some keys may stop working. It requires you to unplug and reconnect it to work.

The Rest of the Quietest Keyboards

HyperX Alloy Core- Membrane Gaming Keyboard

If you are looking for a practicable gaming keyboard, this pick is an excellent choice. The following are its qualities.

Silent and Responsive

The HyperX alloy core gaming keyboard is of the membrane type. They are soft to the touch and very silent. An add-on from this item is its highly responsive keys, which do away with lag. Anti-ghosting technology lets you press multiple keys simultaneously.

High-Grade Construction

A solid frame and water-resistance are the HyperX product’s selling appeal. It features reinforced plastic as its primary material. This material wears slowly and is resistant to impact and falls.

A thing to know about this utility is that it has a cable. Its flexible braided cable is very robust, thus, less prone to tear.

Aesthetic Appeal

Every gamer wants their pad to stick out. With this gaming utility, you can improve your pad’s aesthetics. It has a simple design, with a multicolor backlight effect for use in the dark.

Additionally, there is a light bar with six effects. The effects include spectrum wave, solid, breathing, and color cycle. You pick your favorite to illuminate your working space.


As earlier hinted, this device is silent and comfortable to use. These attributes uphold its convenience. You will notice more of this element in its media dedicated keys. What’s more? Quick access buttons are available for adjusting brightness and switching to gaming mode. In addition, the keyboard lock mode secures it when not in use.

Computer System Compatibility

This computer part is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. You may also use it on consoles like the PlayStation and Xbox series.

Key Features

Keyboard type: cabled, membrane.
Product size: 17.4*6.9*1.4-inches.
Weight: 2.5-pounds.
Supported operating systems: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and PS and Xbox consoles.


  • Comfortable to use and very silent.
  • A high-quality construction coupled with water resistance.
  • A sleek look.
  • Quick access buttons and anti-ghosting keys.
  • Supports various operating platforms.
  • Backlight effect for use in the dark.


  • It is not compatible with Mac OS PCs.

KLIM Rechargeable Wireless Silent Gaming Keyboard

Wireless keyboards are very friendly, especially for long-range applications. The selection in question is one of the most exemplary wireless types you can get. Evidence of its exquisiteness is noticeable from its many features, as seen below.


The KLIM silent gaming keyboard is a plug-and-play utility. You connect the USB receiver, and it is ready for action. It has membrane keys, an affirmation of silent operation. The keys are also soft to touch, making the keyboard comfortable. A fast response rate is perfect for programming and drawing.

Still, on comfort, it has an ergonomic design. This allows you to use it with minimal chances of wrist fatigue.

Stylish Design

A slim build and backlit keys contribute to this keyboard’s aesthetic appeal. Having it in your working area can show off your sense of sophistication. If you work in poorly lit conditions, the backlight effect has your back, providing ample lighting.

You can adjust the backlight to three settings, which are static, breathing, and off.


This KLIM wireless device has ABS as its primary material. ABS is very robust, giving the keyboard resistance to mechanical or physical impact. Moreover, this material is pretty light, with the utility weighing only 1-pound.

The low-profile keys have a lifeline of 10-million strokes. In short, this keyboard will serve you for ages with zero signs of degradation. The KLIM wireless keyboard is waterproof; hence, it won’t stall due to accidental spills. An extended battery life saves you from battery replacement costs.

Compatible Operating Platforms

You can use this keyboard on Mac, PS4, and Xbox One platforms. The multiple operating system support gives it an edge of flexibility.

Key Features

Keyboard type: wireless, membrane.
Item weight: 1.06-pounds.
Product dimensions: 17.3*5.7*1.14-inches.
Main material: heavy-duty ABS.
Supported systems: Mac OS, PS4, and Xbox One.


  • Plush and silent operation.
  • It is durable.
  • Compatible with Mac, Xbox One, and PS4 operating systems.
  • Fast response rate.
  • Economical on battery use.
  • A sleek design sporting chromatic lighting effects.


  • The space bar is pretty noisy, though bearable.

Razer BlackWidow Elite Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Mechanical keyboards are excellent when looking at tactility. This Razer product stands out from other models courtesy of its receptiveness. The following are its other wondrous elements.

Simple Setup

Setting up the Razer BlackWidow is straightforward. You connect its cable to the USB port, and it is ready for use. There are zero hassles when using this keyboard.

Fast Response Rate

A thing that will endear you to this utility from Razer is its fast response rate. It relies on the Razer Yellow switch technology for quick reception. You do not need to exert much force on the buttons to execute a function. Such speed is perfect for bulk typing and gaming.


For those who are into gaming, nothing is appetizing as customization. Here, you have the freedom to tweak your implements to match your taste and style of play. The BlackWidow elite keyboard allows for customization as per your desires. Razer Synapse technology lets you enact changes like rebinding keys and assigning macros.

Ergonomic Design

Long hours of typing or playing games can be tough on your wrists. If you are a long-hours person, the BlackWidow Elite has a solution for wrist strain. First of all, it has an ergonomic design, fit for you if you have large hands. The design aids in doing away with wrist fatigue.

A magnetic wrist rest, sporting plush leatherette, also aids your comfort. It comes in handy, if you have carpal tunnel syndrome due to excessive typing, by offering some relief.


This peripheral component has a military-grade metal plate. It is very sturdy and can withstand hard impact without breaking. Its button lifeline is 80-million clicks, meaning you will use it for a long time.

Key Features

Keyboard type: wired, mechanical.
Weight: 3.73-pounds.
Item dimensions: 6.5*17.7*1.7-inches.
The Razer Synapse technology.


  • A quick response rate.
  • Setting it up is stress-free.
  • A heavy-duty construction.
  • An ergonomic design.
  • You can customize this keyboard.
  • It has backlighting effects.


  • You need to download some software for the keyboard’s efficiency. This may be draining to some people.

BFRIENDit Quiet Wired USB Keyboard

The BFRIENDit, a brand name synonymous with excellent keyboards, cannot miss a spot in this review. Under its catalog is the quiet USB keyboard, which has tons of exceptional qualities.


You cannot overlook the stylishness of the BFRIENDit quiet keyboard. It has a simple and slim design, with a white frame and orange punctuations. This is a catchy look that will receive praise from your friends and associates.

Low-Profile Keys

As earlier mentioned in this piece, most new keyboards have low-profile buttons. Such a configuration grants you a smooth time as you type. A light touch on the keys is all you need to perform a specific function. Furthermore, it is silent; thus, no noise as you work.


BFRIENDit’s peripheral component is adaptable and noticeable in many facets. To start with, it supports various Windows versions, both old and new. You can use it for Windows XP, Vista, 2000, 7, 8, and 10. You don’t need drivers to set it up. It is a plug-and-play device.

The other area you notice of its versatility is its applications. This PC add-on is suitable for heavy-duty typing, gaming, programming, and drawing.


You may adjust this implement to the desired angle using its movable tripod stands. They are firm, ensuring the keyboard is stable. In addition, there are five anti-slip buttons under the keyboard. They do away with shakiness, which can interfere with your workflow.


It is not every day that you get a computer component with accessories. BFRIENDit quiet keyboard comes with a cover. This add-on is crucial for protection against dust and moisture, improving its life.

Key Features

Connectivity type: wired.
Keyboard dimensions: 17*4*0.6-inches.
Weight: 1.1 pounds.
Compatible operating platforms: Windows XP, Vista, 2000, 7, 8, and 10.


  • Plug and play operation.
  • A stylish appearance.
  • Soft and silent keys.
  • It is compatible with various Windows versions.
  • Its package comes with a cover.
  • Light in weight.


  • When used for Mac devices, some functions may fail.

Arteck 2.4G Ultra Slim Wireless Keyboard

This entry’s selling point is longevity. Let us see more of what the Arteck wireless keyboard has to offer.


As previously stated, this keyboard major on longevity. It is a stainless steel build, a material renowned for its robustness. Stainless steel promises you a lengthy lifeline with resistance against mechanical force.
Moreover, you encounter durability when looking at its battery life. A single charge is enough to last you for up to six months. The lithium batteries are industrial-grade, meaning you do not need frequent replacement.


The Arteck 2.4G slim build has an ergonomic design. The design translates to plushness and less fatigue on your hands. Its low-profile buttons add to the comfort and silent operation.
It is a plug-and-play utility, requiring you to connect the nano USB receiver and get to work. Moreover, it has a decent operation range of 33-feet.

Compact Frame

At dimensions of 16.9*4.9*0.6 inches, this typing implement has a relatively small frame. It is economical on space, suitable for a small working space. When you are not using it, you can store it in your desk drawer.

Amazing Looks

Simplicity that screams sophistication! Those are the befitting words to describe the Arteck slim keyboard. Having this wireless utility will show off your sense of style and class.  A significant booster of the Arteck product’s sleekness is its slim construction.

Operating System Compatibility

This wireless keyboard is compatible with Windows 10 operating systems. It may work with other operating platforms, but it may lag in some functions. Besides your PC, it supports smart TVs.

Key Features

Keyboard connectivity type: wireless.
Dimensions: 16.9*4.9*0.6-inches.
Item weight: 0.93-pounds.
Main material: stainless steel.
Supported operating system: Windows 10.


  • A high-quality construction.
  • A sleek design.
  • The keyboard has an extended operating range of up to 33 feet.
  • Effortless connection and use.
  • Economical on battery consumption.
  • Works with PCs and smart TVs.


  • You need to apply more pressure on the keys when typing.

Logitech K780 Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard

As we wrap up this review, we introduce you to a versatile selection. To understand why the Logitech K780 is in this piece, let us look at its exceptional facets.

Multiple Device Compatibility

The significant feature of this keyboard is its compatibility with various devices. You can use it for your PC, tablet, or smartphone. It is a wireless implement, relying on Bluetooth connectivity. It works with Windows 8 and later and Mac OS X 10.10 and later.

For smartphones, it supports iOS 5 and later and Android 5 and later. It is compatible with Chrome OS too.

This keyboard has an integrated tablet and smartphone stand to hold your devices.


The Logitech K780 wireless keyboard has ergonomic styling. The keys feel natural to your fingers, presenting minimal chances of fatigue. The large buttons are easy to read; thus, you get accustomed to the keyboard fast.

Battery Life

Wireless keyboards require batteries to run. The K780 wireless type is very economical on battery consumption. It has a 2-year battery life, equated to two million keystrokes per year. You don’t have to constantly charge it, as a single charge can hold you for months.

Space Economy

This implement’s size is 14.9*6.2*0.9-inches. The size is relatively diminutive, meaning it will be spared on your working area. The good thing is that it is not that small, making it uncomfortable for users with large hands.

Key Features

Keyboard type: wireless, Bluetooth.
Item dimensions: 14.9*6.2*0.9-inches.
Product weight: 1.92 pounds.
Operating platform compatibility: Mac OS, Windows, Android, iOS, and Chrome OS.


  • It works with multiple devices like PCs, tablets, and smartphones.
  • A plush outlook.
  • It supports many operating platforms.
  • Economical on battery use.
  • Supports various operating systems.
  • Economical on space.


  • A slight problem with keys sticking, affecting its functionality.

Benefits of Owning a Quiet Keyboard

There are several perks of having a silent keyboard. The most significant of them is quiet operation. They have a lower sound production threshold making them bearable to use.

Additionally, you’ll see that the majority of them have a plush texture. Their comfort is increased, making it easier for them to manage heavy workloads. You come across options in the review that have distinctive appearances.

Backlight effects and a thin construction are contributing elements. These keyboards are ideal for players who wish to attain a pleasing visual appeal. The usage of the backlight effects is also possible in dimly lit areas.

In summary, owning a silent keyboard adds up to a fulfilling working or gaming session.

Final Thoughts

Typing sounds are a nuisance to many and can be an unwanted distraction when working. A solution to such a problem comes in the form of a quiet keyboard. This article provides plenty of information on such types of keyboards.

To boot, the review captures some of the finest picks to narrow down your search. Go noiseless with a silent keyboard and watch your productivity improve.

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