Quiet Flush Toilets: The Ultimate Guide

It would be best if you had the utmost comfort in your home, whether you are in the bedroom or the loo. Yet, you cannot achieve this if you have a noisy flush toilet. Such a toilet will keep you worried every time you visit the bathroom. Should getting a relatively quieter flush toilet to be your next biggest worry? Certainly, yes.

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A standard flush toilet boasts a decibel rating of between 80 and 96, which is too loud. If you experience this noise from time to time, you could become susceptible to various health issues. The best way to avoid such cases would be to get yourself a quiet flush toilet. The following are critical aspects to keep in mind when selecting one.

Six Best Quiet Flush Toilets

Most people find it difficult to compare and select the quietest flush toilets, thanks to the significant hassle involved. You can avoid all that by purchasing any of the options mentioned below.

Woodbridge T-0019 Cotton White Toilet

The Woodbridge brand is a reputable one, offering top-notch products and value for money. It is no different when it comes to the T-0019 cotton white toilet. This toilet boasts premium-quality porcelain construction, guaranteeing you unrivaled longevity. This material is less susceptible to stains and scratches, meaning that it will maintain its appeal for a long time.

Its modern design complements various interior styles, including modern and classic ones. This one-piece design highlights a perfect height for most adults, allowing them to sit and stand up more comfortably. Further, its compact size allows it to fit in almost any standard bathroom.

This flush toilet is simple to clean and maintain, thanks to a fully concealed trapway. Besides, there are no corners or bends that could accumulate dust. At the same time, installing it is a straightforward process. It is mountable on the wall, yet you’ll not see any ugly plastic caps or holes.

You’ll love how quiet this white toilet is. Its lid closes softly, assuring you of no noise. It also comes with a fully glazed flushing system that helps contain noise. This flushing system minimizes leaks and clogs too.


  • An excellent and powerful flushing system
  • Relatively quiet
  • Compact and comfortable design
  • Modern styling
  • High-performance and long-lasting


  • Considerably pricy for most potential buyers

Convenient Height 20-Inch Extra Tall Toilet

Sometimes, all you need is a tall toilet seat—and this option assures you of that! This toilet is about 20 inches tall, allowing people to sit and stand up much more effortlessly. This height prevents falls and improves bathroom safety.

This toilet is designed to last long. It comes with ceramic construction, which is highly resistant to scratches. Its flush actuator assures you of longevity, thanks to its well-engineered components. Its structural reinforced frame adds to its stability.

It features a slow-closing toilet seat, meaning that it provides you with enhanced quietness. This seat is also uniquely engineered, aiming to provide maximum comfort.

This product uses a dual flush system, meaning that you can control the amount of water used. Its 3.5-inch flush lever handle helps improve its ergonomics. It also allows you to choose between an economy and a full flush. While the full flush uses up to 1.28 gallons per flush, the economy option utilizes approximately 0.8 gallons per flush.


  • Relatively economical on water usage
  • It comes with a baseboard heater fit
  • Powerful gravity-based flush
  • Slow-closing seat
  • Impressive design and height


  • Its flush handle is not the strongest

Toto CST744SL #01 Drake 2-Piece Ada Toilet

If you are looking for the best two-piece toilet, the Toto CST44SL will not let you down. It boasts high-quality materials and sturdy construction, meaning that you get enhanced reliability. Its vitreous china coating ensures that it becomes more resistant to stains and scratches. What’s more, its design readily blends into various interior styles.

This toilet is significantly quiet, from flushing to its lid. Its lid comes with SoftClose technology, meaning that it closes without too much noise. You could also upgrade this lid to an electronic Washlet bidet seat, which gives you more comfort and minimal noise levels.

Its Gmax flushing technology helps improve its value. This system assures you of up to 125% wider flush valve, ideal for enhanced water conservation. Remember, its GPF rating is approximately 1.6.

It also features a siphon jet that draws water into the bowl much more quickly and increases the flow. Additionally, this technology means that you get a fully glazed trap way, giving you a more powerful flush.

You’ll also love its chrome trip lever, which helps deliver excellent water pressure. The water pressure is often about 8 PSI. Above all; it is ADA-compliant.


  • Incredible flushing technology
  • Excellent water conservation abilities
  • It comes with a universal height
  • Relatively quiet
  • Suitable for small spaces too


  • It might be too small for some households

Swiss Madison Well Made Forever SM-1T254

If you are looking for the best floor-mounted option, the Swiss Madison will be worth your money. It is a one-piece toilet whose impressive design will help make your bathroom more appealing. This seamless design gives you an easier time when cleaning it. Remember, it has a fully skirted trapway to facilitate easy cleaning.

The premium-quality ceramic material on this seat helps protect it from stains and scratches. It also increases its lifespan. Its structure is reinforced, meaning that you can rely on it regardless of its weight.

This toilet has a soft-closing seat too. This feature helps minimize noise levels.


  • Relatively easy to clean
  • The quiet yet powerful flushing system
  • Sleek design
  • Straightforward to install
  • Can work with any interior style


  • A little too costly for some households

Toto MS604114 CEFG#01 Ultra Max II

Weighing about 99 pounds, the Toto MS604114 Ultra Max II is one of the quietest flush toilets. It is a high-efficiency toilet that utilizes approximately 1.28 gallons of water per flush. Its powerful flushing system ensures that the waste is washed away without too much water wastage.

You’ll fall in love with how sturdy its construction is. Such a structure guarantees you long-lasting performance and reliability. Further, this item comes with vitreous china material, which assures you of minimal scratches and stains.

Toto boasts the CEFIONTECT glaze material, meaning that particles will barely adhere to the surfaces of the toilet.
Its universal height makes it ideal for various users. This height ensures that you sit or stand up with ease.


  • Relatively easy to install and use
  • Long-lasting performance
  • It assures you of significant comfort
  • It operates quietly
  • Less susceptible to stains and scratches


  • It tends to clog relatively easily

Woodbridge T-0020 Dual Flush

From its modern design to its sleek styling, the Woodbridge T-0020 is a sight to behold. This incredible design allows it to blend with various interior styles. You’ll also be sure of a relatively appealing bathroom.

Thanks to its skirted trapway, this toilet is considerably easier to clean. Besides, it has no corners or grooves that could complicate the process.

Woodbridge T-0020 features unique construction, highlighting high-performance stainless steel. This material provides you with durability and enhanced sturdiness. It is also resistant to various household chemicals, meaning that you can clean it with anything. Its high-gloss and long-lasting finish ensure that it remains relatively attractive for a long time.

This toilet boasts a powerful flushing system. Since it is fully glazed, there will be minimal instances of clogs or leaks.
Installing this toilet will take a short time, as it is straightforward. In addition, it comes with a professional installation manual, guides you step-by-step.

Above all, this seat comes with advanced technology. Its toilet seat is smart, featuring various temperature-controlled wash functions. It also has an air dryer function.


  • Quiet yet powerful flushing
  • Soft-closing seat lid
  • Somewhat easy to clean and maintain
  • Luxurious and modern design
  • High-gloss finish


  • It could be too short for some people

Things to Consider When Selecting a Quiet Flush Toilet

You cannot get the best product in the market if you do not know what to look for. Typically, you’ll need to observe various elements when looking for a quiet flush toilet. Some of these factors will include the following.

One-Piece vs Two-Piece

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Flush toilets come with three main components: bowl, tank, and pedestal. Yet, you’ll need to decide between a one-piece and a two-piece structure. That is despite minimal functional differences.

A one-piece design features an infusion of all three components, meaning no separate tank and toilet. This design is the most popular, thanks to its ease of installation and enhanced durability. Besides, it is less susceptible to bacteria, takes minimal space, and is more affordable to maintain. Unfortunately, this option comes with a higher price tag.

In contrast, a two-piece toilet boasts a separate toilet and tank, meaning that they get joined during the installation process. While it is not as durable and easy to maintain, this flush toilet is considerably more affordable. This toilet is also lightweight, meaning that you can move it around much more easily.

GPF Rating

The GPF rating of a toilet indicates how many gallons of water this toilet uses per flush. The standard rating of a modern flush toilet is approximately 1.6 GPF. However, aiming for a lower rating will help conserve water in the long run. Most quiet toilets operate at this rate.

Some of the best options are rated between 1.28 and 1.3 gallons per flush. As long as your chosen toilet has a powerful expulsion force, it will barely use so much water. However, this low GPF could translate to more noise during flushing.

The Shape of the Bowl

Flush toilets come in various shapes and designs. Choosing the right bowl shape will help improve your experience in the bathroom. Typically, you’ll choose between round and elongated bowls, depending on your preferences and available bathroom space.

The most widely used type of bowl is elongated. The majority of individuals relate them to increased comfort and room. They often have smaller openings, so cleaning them should be simple. Additionally, the extended design makes it easy for you to look inside the toilet. Yet this layout is insufficient for bathrooms with limited space.

In contrast, round bowls are a great option for spaces that are constrained. These spherical bowls are the least expensive but are not as comfy. Additionally, they could be durable, giving you value for your money.

Flushing System

There are three central flushing systems you could choose from gravity-based, dual flush, and pressure-assisted flush.
Gravity-based flush toilets rely on gravity to ensure water enters the bowl. While they are the most silent, these toilets do not assure you of excellent expulsion power.

On the other hand, dual flush toilets come with two flushing options: a smaller button for liquid waste and a bigger button for solid ones. This option allows you to control the amount of water used and even the noise produced.

You could also consider pressure-assisted flush toilets. However, they are the least recommended, thanks to how much noise they produce.

What Could Make Your Toilet Loud?


Various issues are associated with a loud flush toilet. Understanding some of these issues will often help address everything on time. The following are a few reasons why your flush toilet could be too loud.

  • Dirty valve

Dirty valves often have dirt or debris stuck in them, resulting in a screaming foghorn-like noise.

  • Broken float switch

This problem is characterized by overflowing water from the cistern. You may need to screw the float switch or replace it.

  • Ventilation system issues

This issue comes with gurgling sounds. This noise indicates that air cannot flow up or out of the drains. That means you will have to clear the venting system.

Final Words

You do not need a noisy bathroom experience. Investing in the proper flush toilets allows you to avoid noise and discomfort. Aim at getting the quietest flush toilet. The list above highlights some of the most reliable and silent toilets in the market.

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