Do You Need a Quiet Electric Fuel Pump?

Every car owner looks forward to having a seamless driving experience, from minimal noise to unrivaled comfort. However, a noisy fuel tank could easily compromise your desires.

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While fuel pumps are not designed to produce significant noise, some can expose you to uncomfortable noise levels. Some of the noisiest fuel pumps are damaged, old, or naturally loud.

Investing in a quiet electric fuel pump is an excellent idea. It allows you to enjoy a relatively more silent driving experience and comfort. However, you must choose the right one. In this light, it would help if you explored the following options.

The Best Quiet Electric Fuel Pumps

Choosing the right electric fuel pump can be a draining process. It requires you to be keen and observe various features. Since the process could be a little complicated, here are the best six alternatives in the market.

Best Overall

In-Line Electric Fuel Pump Carter P4070

The Carter P4070 is an excellent in-line electric fuel pump that helps deliver quiet performance. Its internal pump makes sure that the pressure remains regulated at approximately seven pounds. It also has a free-flow design that ensures fuel moves around the engine seamlessly. This feature helps eliminate shaft seal leaks and even burnouts.

This product comes with a relatively impressive design, allowing you to fit it on any vehicle. This universal design implies that you can use it in modern and older vehicles. It also comes with a rotary vane-style design, meaning that it works best with carbureted and diesel engines.

Its quiet operation has helped improve its popularity. This device ensures that your engine performs optimally and quietly, assuring you of a smooth driving experience. You’ll also appreciate the inclusion of an installation kit in this package. This kit aims to smoothen the installation process, saving you time and effort.


  • It assures you of significantly quiet operation
  • It comes with a universal design
  • It helps improve engine performance
  • It enhances fuel efficiency
  • Relatively affordable


  • It might not hold pressure effectively

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The Runner-up

Holley 12-427 Electric Fuel Pump

If you are looking for an electric fuel pump compatible with all fuels, the Holley 12427 is an excellent alternative. Its versatility allows you to use it on carbureted engines too. This device can deliver a PSI power of between four and seven PSI. Thanks to these pressure levels, you are sure of outstanding engine performance in the long run.

This electric fuel pump works best with powerful engines, including those that deliver up to 300 horsepower. It is also self-priming and self-regulating, ensuring that you get optimal performance.

Its robust construction helps improve its longevity. It also comes with premium-quality materials, which enhance reliability.
Installing this fuel pump is relatively seamless, saving you from wasting too much time and effort. You’ll also be sure of quiet operation, enhancing your driving experience. What’s more, it is an affordable choice.


  • It comes with impressive filters
  • Suitable for a relatively tight budget
  • Straightforward installation
  • Powerful 12V pump
  • Quiet operation


  • It might not get to seven PSI as indicated

The Rest of the Quietest Electric Fuel Pumps

Airtex E8016S Universal Electric Fuel Pump

The Airtex E8016s is an electric fuel pump you’ll always want to have in your vehicle, from its exceptional quality to its enhanced durability. It comes with a mated commutator and brush materials, assuring you of enhanced durability and consistency in performance.

This product features an upgraded check valve, guaranteeing optimal flow and minimal noise levels. Its isotropic finishing boosts quieter operations.

Its robust construction highlights inlet and outlet polymers that boost performance. These polymers help minimize potential cracking too. Its outer shell is military-grade and can withstand corrosion and extreme temperatures.


  • It operates quite quietly
  • It comes with a lifetime limited warranty
  • Increased efficiency and optimal performance
  • Robust construction


  • It is vehicle-specific

Autobest F4027 Universal Electric Fuel Pump

The Autobest F4027 is a powerful 12V electric fuel pump that works best with gasoline only. It features a 0.3125-inch beat outlet hose and a 0.3125-inch strainer inlet. Its free-flow design ensures that your engine performs optimally.

It boasts considerable ethanol tolerance, meaning that you can rely on it in modern fuel systems. This enhanced tolerance helps boost engine performance and fuel efficiency.

You’ll also love its premium-quality materials, which help boost longevity. Besides, it boasts robust construction, which is vital for unmatched reliability.

This product is also easy to install. In addition, it comes with an installation kit, giving you a much easier time in the long run. You also have access to various installation methods in this kit.

The manufacturer offers a one-year unlimited mileage warranty. This warranty covers various aspects, making it one of the most generous options.


  • It comes with a generous warranty
  • It delivers enhanced power
  • Enhances free flow of fuel
  • It operates quietly


  • It is not universal

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Aeromotive 11101 Fuel Pump

This electric fuel pump is designed for both EFI applications and carbureted engines. It supports naturally-aspirated engines, including 1300 HP EFI and 1500 HP carbureted. Further, it helps boost performance in forced induction engines, including 1200 HP carbureted and 1000 HP EFI.

Its quiet performance makes it a darling option for most drivers. However, you cannot rely on it when using a diesel engine.
Its sturdy construction and premium-quality materials assure you of better performance and longevity. It also comes with a submersible design, meaning you can customize it for in-tank placement.


  • It has a submersible design for in-tank placement
  • It is suitable for various engine options
  • It can support relatively high horsepower
  • Robust construction


  • It is not compatible with diesel fuel
  • It comes with no pressure regulator
  • It is somewhat costly

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Holley Blue Electric Pump Without Pump

The Holley Blue electric pump operates quietly, assuring you of a more comfortable experience in the cabin.
It comes with a lower housing casting, highlighting robustness and premium-quality materials. This design helps enhance free fuel flow, boosting engine performance. Its motor draws approximately 3 amperes of current. Such energy efficiency minimizes strain on the vehicle.

This device delivers astounding pressure levels, which is suitable for optimal performance. What’s more, you can use it on any vehicle or boat, thanks to its universality.


  • It is universal
  • It has a compact design
  • Relatively quiet operation
  • Minimizes pulsation in fuel delivery
  • Robust


  • Considerably quiet

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Things to Consider When Choosing a Quiet Electric Fuel Pump

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Choosing the right quiet electric fuel pump could be challenging. However, the process will be more seamless if you were to consider the following elements.


Electric fuel pumps come with no decibel rating. Yet, you must understand how much noise they produce. This way, you can select a device that does not expose you to significant distractions when driving.


Electric fuel pumps are designed for either heavy-duty machines or small cars. You cannot use a pump designed for a heavy-duty machine on a relatively small car. For this reason, you must understand why you need the pump and what you need it for.


Does your chosen electric fuel pump work best with your engine or fuel? Ensure that you select a device that is compatible with your machine or horsepower. If you cannot decide on what’s best for you, you can consider a universal fit.

Fuel Type

You’ll choose between fuel-specific electric fuel pumps and those that work with all types of fuel. The choice will depend on what fuel your vehicle uses. Whichever it is, ensure that it works best for your automobile.

Installation Procedure

Of course, a simple to install electronic fuel pump would be preferred. However, this varies amongst different devices. Compared to other electric fuel pumps, some need more work to install. Make sure to pick a gasoline pump that will be simple for you to use. Prioritize one that includes an installation kit at the same time.


Durability varies from one fuel pump to another. Choosing a reputable brand assures you of premium-quality materials and sturdy construction, meaning you get a long-lasting device. You must also be careful of the materials used in making the product, with some assuring you of better performance.


An excellent electric fuel pump delivers optimal performance, and consistently so. Most people would opt for reputable brands, thanks to their reputation in the market. However, the best way to identify a reliable fuel pump is by checking its reviews. These reviews highlight what to expect in their performance, including the good and bad.


Since the cost of fuel pumps varies, focus on a device that is within your budget. Remember, the price varies with the brand, quality, and reliability. Ensure that whatever you choose offers you value for your money.

Final Thoughts

Who wouldn’t want a quiet ride? Investing in a silent electric fuel pump is the first step toward a seamless driving experience. The products mentioned above are some of the most reliable and quietest in the market. While the list is not exhaustive, whichever you choose will assure you of value for your money.

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