The Best Quiet Drum Set to Improve your Drumming Experience

You want to try drumming without disturbing your neighbors, but you cannot? Have this in mind! Alternatively called practice drum sets, quiet drum sets are an excellent way to improve your drumming experience quietly.

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You can rely on them for music lessons and unplugged performances in small apartments. Yet, you must choose a reliable one if you want an unrivaled experience. The following are details on the best options you could consider.

Electronic Drums vs Acoustic Drums

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An acoustic drum set is a set of drums that boasts metal cymbals, which you’ll play as one instrument. Most people consider it a traditional drum set. This acoustic drum set requires no amplification and is an excellent choice when learning proper dynamic control. While it is not the quietest option, an acoustic drum set is relatively easy to jam.

In contrast, an electronic drum set is a drum that features plastic, rubber, or mesh drumheads. Its sound is produced by a small box called a sound module, meaning that you’ll hear it through a headset or speaker. This option is ultra-quiet and relatively easy to record. You’ll also be sure of limitless sound abilities and quiet performance.

Top Seven Quietest Drum Sets

You might have a tough time if you have to decide which drum set offers a quiet performance. With the following seven options, the process will be relatively more seamless. You can choose from any of the following.

Drum Workshop Go Anywhere 5-Piece Set

From its affordability to its quiet performance, this drum set is an excellent choice for anyone on a budget. It boasts a lightweight and compact design, allowing you to move around with it. What’s more, you’ll find it relatively easy to set up and even use.

The Drum Workshop drum set boasts a relatively appealing construction. Its housing comes with no excess screws or stands, making it easier to handle. Its pads sit in the same position as an acoustic drum set, assuring you of enhanced comfort when playing. You’ll also appreciate how large these pads are, allowing you to play without straining.

This product features two 8-inch pads for the cymbal and tom alongside two 10-inch pads for the snare and floor tom. There is also one bass drum pad, which provides you with a unique drumming feel.


  • Relatively quiet performance
  • Robust construction
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Compact and lightweight design


  • It comes with no bass drum pedal

Alesis Nitro Kit Electronic Drum Set

The Alesis Nitro Kit is a wonderful choice for anyone looking for natural dynamics. It comes with all the eight pieces you need for the best drumming experience. Its pads are not only dynamic and comfortable but also able to offer a natural response. What’s more, you get an extensive range of playing expressions.

This product boasts enhanced stability and flexibility, thanks to its 4-post aluminum rack. Its solid construction assures you of enhanced longevity too. At the same time, you can adjust its memory and height, guaranteeing you the convenience you envision.

Alesis Nitro boasts an expanded list of ready-to-play sounds, from modern hits to classics. This feature makes it possible for you to create a personalized kit with the 385 custom sounds at your disposal. Slowly, you get to improve your drumming skills and experience.


  • Dynamic and comfortable pads
  • An extensive list of built-in tracks
  • Improved stability and flexibility
  • Adjustable height and memory
  • Impressive warranty


  • It does not provide a so natural sound

Alesis Drums Nitro Mesh Kit

Thanks to its comfortable pads and natural response, the Alesis Drums Nitro Kit is a relatively popular choice among enthusiasts. This item comes with dynamic pads that allow you to improve your drumming skills relatively comfortably. It boasts three dynamic eight-inch tom pads that guarantee you an unrivaled feel.

Its variety of sounds will enchant you, and you may choose from 40 ready-to-use contemporary and vintage kits. Additionally, you may rely on 60 pre-installed play-tracks and up to 385 unique sounds to help you personalize your set.

The robust design of this drum set helps to give dependability, stability, and flexibility. Its memory lock and height may be adjusted, guaranteeing that you enjoy the best overall experience. Your drumming experience is improved by its sequencer, performance recorder, and metronome.


  • It has rubber drum pads that help minimize vibrations
  • Unrivaled stability, convenience, and flexibility
  • Lightweight design
  • Robust construction for enhanced durability
  • Comfortable pads


  • A little too pricy for some people

Pyle Portable Drums

Nothing could be as reliable and quiet as the Pyle Portable electronic drum. This digital set boasts a reliable LED control display, allowing you to easily access all the necessary settings. Its digital foot pedal controllers guarantee you enhanced convenience. These pedals can be connected to your PC using a USB cable.

You’ll also appreciate how easily this item allows you to create personalized music. Typically, you can rely on the 25 built-in presets and the 215 percussion voices to realize this. Besides, you get two voice metronome systems, making the device unique.

Controlling this product is relatively straightforward. You’ll be sure of touch sensitivity on its seven pads, assuring you of an authentic and natural response. These pads can run on an AC adaptor or a battery.


  • Relatively easy to control and use
  • You can connect it to your PC or Mac
  • It comes with digital foot pedal controllers
  • You can record and edit with it
  • It offers enhanced versatility


  • Its pads can be too small for some people

Roland TD 1DMK Dual-Mesh Kit

This product is designed for beginners and experienced drumming enthusiasts. It assures you of relatively quiet operation, thanks to its dual-ply mesh head. This mesh head provides you with enhanced tension adjustability and an incredible drumming experience.

It boasts a reliable built-in metronome. This metronome assures you of adjustable tempo and timing settings, meaning you can be sure of excellent timing.

This drum set allows you to monitor your progress with time. Its kit comes with ten onboard functions, which ensure that you follow your drumming experience and growth. There is also a record function where you can record and evaluate your drumming quality.

This product features 15 preset drum kits, which assure you of an excellent and authentic drumming experience. There is also a USB thumb drive, meaning you can load some of your pieces of music and even play along.


  • Suitable for everyone – beginners and experienced individuals
  • Relatively quiet operation, with an authentic sound
  • Enhanced longevity and a robust structure
  • Up to 256 polyphony notes


  • It comes with no kick pedals

Quiet Drum Sets for Children

Pyle Portable Electric Tabletop Set

If you are looking for a portable option for your child, this will be the ultimate choice. It boasts a relatively lightweight tabletop design that allows your child to carry it anywhere. Its simple design makes it easy to use.

This drum set has a digital display, which is relatively straightforward to view, tap, or read. This display makes it easier for you to control the drum set. Besides, its foot pedal controllers are correctly spaced for comfortable use.


  • Compact and portable design
  • Relatively affordable
  • Easy to control and use
  • You can connect it to your PC or Mac
  • Authentic sound


  • Its snare drum effects fade away

Alesis Ultra-Portable Electronic 4 Tabletop Kit

Your children deserve a drum set that offers a premium feel and quietness. The Alesis Electronic 4 Tabletop is an excellent choice to improve or sharpen their drumming skills. It assures you of ten effect sounds, 70 percussion voices, and 50 songs.

Its built-in game function endears it to most children. The game is learning-centric, meaning that your child gets the entertainment they deserve while getting educated. Besides, there is an LCD screen that helps monitor the game and the child’s progress.

This drum set offers you the authenticity you deserve. Its drum pads are sensitive to velocity, meaning that they feel and sound like traditional drums. There are also onboard speakers and a headphone output that help amplify the sound.

Its compact and lightweight design makes it significantly portable. You can power it with an AC adaptor. Additionally, you can rely on its six c-cell batteries to power it on the move.


  • It has a built-in game function
  • Top-quality sound content
  • Significantly affordable
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Operates quietly


  • It can be challenging to use

Things to Consider When Selecting a Quiet Drum Set


A quiet drum set is a relatively invaluable asset. That means you must choose something that offers you value for your money. In such instances, you’ll need to observe the following elements.

Noise Levels

You’ll need to be careful with the noise levels a drum set features, as it determines your comfort during your drumming practice. While there is no decibel rating, comparing which drum sets do not disturb your neighbors.

Usually, you’ll need to focus on mesh heads and rubber heads used. Choosing items made of rubber will help absorb vibrations, minimizing noise.

Further, cheaper drum sets tend to produce more noise. If you are on a budget and choosing this option is inevitable, it would be best to use tennis risers. These tennis risers help create air cushions between the floor and the drum kit, eliminating too much noise. You could also consider drum sets with noise eaters, a common feature among Roland drum sets.

Sound Quality

For an excellent drumming experience, it would be best to prioritize sound depth and quality. This sound quality depends on the quality of the drum set. Ensure that the drum heads are of premium quality too. You could consider drum heads from Aquarian, Remo, or Evans, thanks to how reliable and robust they are. At the same time, compare the quality and depth of sound produced by the drum set.

Benefits of Owning a Quiet Drum Set

Owning a quiet drum set comes with various advantages, including the following.

Quiet Practice

An electronic drum set allows you to improve your drumming skills and experience without disturbing your neighbor. These drum sets are significantly quiet, ensuring that you have the best experience in the long run. Besides, you could use headphones to ensure that no sound reaches or disturbs your neighbors.


Electronic drum kits are lightweight and small despite their high power. Because of their shape, you can move around with them quite easily. They are also rather simple to store in the trunk. It would be smart to evaluate the weight and design before selecting one. Keep your attention on what you can handle.

Final Thoughts

Electronic drum kits are a wonderful choice for a quiet drumming experience. Yet, you need to know which option assures you of unrivaled sound quality and depth. The options mentioned above provide you with incredible sound quality, depth, and value for money. Your choice will depend on your preferred brand and your budget.

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