The Best Quiet Desk Fan for Working

Heat can be an issue when working, and a desk fan comes in handy at such times, keeping the atmosphere bearable. It is a personal item for your desk, saving you from conflicts with your workmates on fan settings.

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A problem most people encounter with the desk fan is its sound. At times, they can be too much to the point that it affects your productivity. A quiet desk fan will do you justice, ensuring a calm working environment.

Silent desk fans are common in the market and getting one is simple. We review the top selections to narrow down your search for the best.

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The Best Quiet Desk Fans Review

SmartDevil Ultra-Quiet Silent USB Fan

An energy-saving silent fan like the SmartDevil ultra-quiet USB fan is very convenient, as it holds a charge for a long time.

Hang on as we peruse more attributes of this office extra.

Exquisite Design

The SmartDevil gadget is simply stunning, with a small and lightweight frame. Its navy blue shade matches various modern desks or bedside designs. Get it to have your desk feel complete.

Ultra-Quiet Operation

This desk fan utilizes high-quality engineering for an ultra-quiet operation. It moves silently but moves enough air to beat heat and humidity in a large room. As it does not produce any sounds, you may have it in your kid’s room to keep them cool.

Three Speed Settings

You set the fan’s speed by pressing the power button. You can set it to high, medium, or low as per your needs.

Even in a high-speed setting, you won’t hear any buzz, which shows that its construction is robust.

Long USB Cable

The SmartDevil ultra-quiet fan has a 1.5-meter cable for charging. The length is adequate for easy movement as it charges. You can charge it using a power bank, adapter, or your personal computer.


A thing to love about this desk accessory is that you can tilt it 360 degrees. It moves flexibly over its base, allowing you to tilt it in any direction to get the perfect airflow.

Product Highlights

  • Small and lightweight frame.
  • Energy-saving.
  • A long USB cable that works with different power sources.
  • Ultra-quiet operation.
  • Three-speed settings.
  • A stunning design.

Dr. Prepare Oscillating Tower Fan For Desk And Stroller

You may decide to go with the tower design and consider the Dr. Prepare oscillating tower fan. It is a reliable pick, as you will see from its elements.

Dual Fan Design

You get consistent airflow due to this tower fan’s dual-fan design. The two fans see that you have a boosted cool air supply in your space.

It is suitable for a large room as you may use it as a floor fan.

You have three speed options on the Dr. Prepare fan; high, medium, and low for precise heat control in your room.

Widespread Oscillation

A press on the swing button makes the tower fan oscillate to 110 degrees. The oscillation effect sees that the entire space receives fresh air. The swinging motion and the fan spinning are completely noiseless.

Auto-Off Timers

The Dr. Prepare oscillating tower fan has three auto timers; 2H, 4H, and 8H. You set the desired timer when you are not active for consistent fresh air circulation, especially at night.

Quiet Operation

You won’t hear even a slight tremble when this fun is running. This fan produces white noise of less than 60 dB. You can have it in any room where you need enough air circulation and silence.

It is a worthy companion for your baby’s room as it won’t cause any disturbances.

Energy Efficient

This desk extra is very energy-efficient, equipped with a 16W motor with a high-performance streak. The fan will blow air to impressive heights, at the same time conserving your power.

It has a cord which saves you from the costs of purchasing batteries.

Product Highlights

  • A tower fan with two fans.
  • A widespread oscillating angle of 110 degrees.
  • Three auto-off timers and three-speed options
  • A robust frame.
  • The fan is energy-efficient.

AmazonBasics 3-Speed Small Room Fan

The next entry is perfect if you want air circulation in a larger room. A look at its features will show you its capabilities.

Powerful Airflow

The AmazonBasics small room fan has a powerful flow that efficiently aerates a small room. It is a floor fan, but you can use it as a desk fan due to its small stature. If placed on the floor, it cools the entire space.

A Durable Build

This fan is a top-quality construction, with heavy-duty plastic being its primary material. You are sure to use it for a long time without any signs of degradation. The robustness of the fan offers resistance against impact and falls.


The fan head tilts up to 90 degrees to direct airflow to the intended spot. The additional flexibility you’ll appreciate is its 3-speed settings; you pick the right airflow speed and enjoy the breeze.

Moreover, you can use it in several rooms. It is an excellent accessory for your desk, with its small stature and silent operation being its redeeming elements. It also fits nicely into your bedroom or kitchen area as a tabletop utility.

Corded Appliance

The AmazonBasics fan is a corded appliance. While it may be a hindrance to people who move a lot, it is a great pick that does not need the constant purchase of batteries. The good news is that the cable is long enough to allow free movement in the working area.

Product Highlights

  • 3-speed settings.
  • A 90-degree tilt.
  • The fan has a cord so that you won’t have any hassles looking for a battery.
  • Multiple applications; it works like a floor fan or desk fan.
  • Energy efficient and it is ideal for a big room.

Vornado Vintage Air Circulator

Talk about a stunning look, and you can picture the Vornado vintage air circulator on your desk or bedside table. It has a vintage look, giving your desk and space a nostalgic feeling. There is more to this fan, as we will see.


The Vornado vintage air circulator is very convenient to use. It is a plug-and-play utility with a two-speed manual button for control. It has a smooth finish; as such, cleaning it won’t be much of a hassle.

A Sleek Look

The first thing you notice about this fan is its striking design. While aesthetics doesn’t rank high on many people’s consideration checklists, it is not to overlook if your working area looks plain. It is a mixture of vintage and futurism, which are hard to combine.

Multi-Directional Airflow

This Vornado product is easy to adjust. You can set the fan head in any direction you want, as it is flexible on the base.

Top-Notch Performance

The Vornado air circulator won’t let you down in functionality. It is silent and does a superb job of freshening and cooling your space.

Sturdy Construction

Metal and heavy-duty plastic are the primary materials of this room aerator. The metal component offers all-around protection against impact and falls.

Product Highlights

  • Sleek and durable.
  • A two-speed manual operation.
  • Easy to adjust.
  • Silent operation with a high degree of reliability.
  • Multi-directional airflow.

TriPole Silent Small Desk Fan

Versatility is a crucial feature to consider when getting a silent desk fan. The TriPole silent desk fan gives a clear picture of this attribute.

Let us look at how this element presents itself and its benefits.

Highly Adaptable

As hinted, the TriPole small desk fan is versatile. The fan has three-speed settings for your cooling needs. You adjust the speed rate by pressing a button.

Also, this fan has several applications. You can have it in the bedroom, office, or living room, due to its noiseless operation. A long 1.5-meter cable lets you move freely with the fan as it charges.

Talking about charging, the fan has a USB charger that is compatible with various charging ports. You may use your laptop, power bank, PC, or socket.

Practical Design

The TriPole fan has a small frame for space economy and is ideal for an office desk or bedside table. You can tweak it to 360 degrees to get the desired airflow direction.

The diminutive frame and its lightness also make it a suitable travel accessory on the road.

A Looker

The TriPole product is an excellent add-on to your desk if you are into minimalistic and futuristic styles. It looks stunning and can elevate a bland-looking working area.


Despite being undersized and looking mild, the TriPole silent desk fan is quite powerful. It has five blades that generate enough wind to cool down the surroundings. The three power levels control the wind power to your preference.

Product Highlights

  • A compact frame and practical design.
  • Robustness.
  • A 1.5-meter USB cable that allows for maneuverability.
  • A stunning look.
  • A highly versatile fan with several applications.
  • 360-degrees movement.

SmartDevil Quiet USB Personal Desktop Fan

A fan’s design is a significant contributor to its silent operation. The SmartDevil quiet USB desk fan has blades designed to minimize sound production while in operation.

There is more to this desk fan, as we will see.

Multiple Area Use

You can use this fan in various settings due to its noiseless nature. It will do you justice in the office for fresh air circulation and doing away with a stuffy atmosphere.

If your bedroom feels hot, you can have this fan on your bedside.

Additionally, you can have it in the living room. Even though it has a small frame, it packs enough power to aerate a larger space.

Convenient to Use

You won’t experience any hassles when using this desk accessory. You control it with a knob to adjust wind speed. Maintenance is also an effortless affair, requiring you to only open the front cover to clean the blades.

Expect zero problems when dealing with this fan.


The SmartDevil quiet USB fan’s main appeal is its silent operation, which, as previously mentioned, makes it suitable for various settings.

Using it and maintenance is straightforward.

The fan has a durable construction meaning it will serve you for a long time without signs of wear and tear.

A Compatible USB Cable

The 1.5-meter USB cable works with various charging sources, like computers, vehicle chargers, wall sockets, and more. The fan’s package does not contain an adapter, but you can fix it to the many available charging sources at your disposal.

Amazing Looks

The SmartDevil quiet USB fan boasts a striking look featuring a white pearl frame. It upgrades the look of the place you put it on, giving a subtle hint of simplicity.

Product Highlights

  • Energy and space economy.
  • Quiet operation.
  • A striking appearance.
  • Multiple areas use. You can have it on your desk, bedside or car.
  • A highly compatible USB cable that you can fix into many ports.

Dyson Air Multiplier Table Fan

This entry has a unique look, different from the standard desk fans. Looking at its elements will convince you why this is an excellent selection for your desk.

Patented Air Multiplier Technology

The Dyson fan uses the Air Multiplier Technology that creates a consistent air stream in the surroundings. It does not use blades like regular fans, thus enhancing its safety.

Robust Operation

This fan is mighty, which you will appreciate when using it in an ample space. While it is small and great as a table accessory, the fan provides enough air stream to air an entire office.

It is silent when running as it does not have moving parts. You can have it in the office, bedroom, or living room to create a calm atmosphere.

A Sleep Timer

The Dyson air multiplier fan is ahead of its time when you look at some of its features, like the sleep timer. You program the timer to turn the fan off after intervals ranging from 15 minutes to 9 hours. You, therefore, do not have to deal with the stress of waking up at night to turn it off.

Remote Control

The fan has a remote control with ten precise airflow settings. It has a unique design, and curved appearance, and is magnetized for easy storage.

Stylish Appeal

A futuristic design is one of the things that set the Dyson table fan apart from its competitors. It is an excellent addition to your living room table, bedside table, or office desk to improve the room d├ęcor.

Product Highlights

  • Remote-controlled with ten airflow settings.
  • A stylish look.
  • A sleep timer.
  • The fan has a sturdy construction and is powerful.
  • The fan uses the patented Air Multiplier technology for a consistent air stream.

HOMEMARVEL Small USB Quiet Desk Fan

The first product is from HOMEMARVEL Store – a brand many people love due to its reliability. The fan is robust and silent; thus, you will enjoy its service.

Below are the features of this quiet fan.

A Powerful Punch

A thing that you will love about the HOMEMARVEL USB desk fan is its strength. Despite having a diminutive frame, it packs a powerful punch for a strong airflow. On a hot or humid day, this fan will have your back in making your working space breathable.

Quiet Operation

The main selling appeal of the fan is its silent operation. The blades move quietly with no disturbing sounds like buzzing. The brushes produce less than 50dB of sound on high settings, showing you how good it is.

It is a perfect add-on for your working area. Also, you may use it as a bedside fan as it does not produce sounds that will interfere with your sleep.


The HOMEMARVEL small USB desk fan is very adaptable, an element you notice from various angles. First of all, it has three settings; low, medium, and high. Depending on how hot it is, you set the fan to the right level.

Additionally, the fan can tilt to 180 degrees on its base, allowing you to direct the airflow where you want.

You charge this silent desk fan using a USB cable, and you may connect it to the mains, computer, laptop, or power bank to charge it. The 1.5-meter-long cable allows for unrestricted movement when using it as it charges.


You will have an easy time using this quiet fan. Assembly is simple, the same as maintaining it. The front cover is removable, helping you access the dirty spots. Plus, this fan is very stable, supported by rubber on the bases.

The rubbers also prevent the desk from scratching.

Product Highlights

  • Noiseless operation.
  • An energy-saving solution.
  • 180-degree movement.
  • A 1.5-meter-long USB cable.
  • Three-speed settings.
  • Ease of use and maintenance.

DGLK Portable Fan For Desk And Strollers

The final entrant in this review sports a very impressive look. The DGLK portable fan for desks and strollers has a futuristic appeal such that you may think it is a robot. If you want a colorful working area, this is the right pick.

Highlighted below are the capabilities of this fan.


The fan is lightweight and has protrusions that look like tentacles. Carrying it is stress-free, and you use the projections to attach it to different places. You can roll the tentacles for anchorage around a stroller or chair or fold them to form a base for the desk. It works like a desk, table, handheld, or car fan.


The DGLK fan has no blade. It is safe to use and clean as you have zero chances of getting cut.

It is suitable for your kid’s rooms or offices as it does not emit any noise.

Quiet Desk Fan

An impressive thing about the DGLK fan is its resiliency. Plastic and silicone are its primary materials and they offer resistance against any form of impact.

Battery Economy

The fan runs on a 5200mAH polymer battery, which serves you for up to 15 hours on a single charge. Nevertheless, the running time may be higher or lower depending on the wind speed settings.

The fan has three settings; natural, cold, and strong wind. Select the correct speed as per the atmosphere.

Product Highlights

  • A stunning look.
  • The fan is portable due to its lightness.
  • Multiple areas use.
  • The fan is economical on battery consumption.
  • A durable construction.

SLENPET 6-Inch USB Desk Fan

A decent desk fan should pack enough power to cool the working space fast. SLENPET 6-incH USB desk fan is pretty powerful, a fact that you may overlook due to its small size. It is suitable for areas that get hot quickly.

Besides being a robust accessory, it has more selling points, as we will see.

Silent Operation

You won’t notice if the SLENPET desk fan is running as it is a quiet utility. You will know that it works when you feel the air rush past you, giving you a refreshing environment.

Its noiseless operation makes it a perfect tool for your office or bedroom. When on a high setting, you perceive less than 50dB of sound.

A Unique Design

The quiet fan will do justice to your desk’s appearance. It has a simple and rustic appearance that is an excellent complement to a vintage desk. It is a great gift idea for a loved one.


You can use the SLENPET 6-inch desk fan in various settings. It is a good fit for your bedroom, study room, or office due to its quiet operation.

You may adjust the fan’s speed to four settings, which are low, medium, high, and superwind. It is easy to find the right air rush you want in your space.

The 1.5-meter-long USB cable lets you move around as the fan charges. However, the fan lacks a battery, so you have to keep it connected at all times.

The fan’s structure is also flexible, as you can tilt the head from 0 to 90 degrees to direct the airflow.

Ease of Use and Maintenance

No one wants a product that is hard to use and maintain. The SLENPET product is easy to use, even without a user manual. You open the front cover to clean the blades, then replace it.

Product Highlights

  • Powerful and silent operation.
  • A 1.5-meter-long USB cable for easy movement.
  • Four-speed settings.
  • You can charge the fan using your PC, or power bank, or connect it to a socket.
  • Hassle-free use and maintenance.

Things to Look For When Getting A Best Quiet Desk Fans

After looking at the review, it is prudent that we guide you in shopping for the best quiet desk fan. You should look for certain features to land on the correct item. Below are some of these things.

Design of the Fans

Fans come in many designs, and the one you settle for should meet your needs. Typically, a desk fan is small to take up the least space in your working area. Some may be larger or smaller, depending on the build.

The following are the most common designs you will encounter.

Standing Fans

This type of fan has a pedestal-like base. Under this category, you find the small and large standing fans, with the latter having an oscillating feature while the former lacks one. Some allow you to expand their height to achieve maximum airflow.

Tower Fans

Tall and space-savvy are the befitting terms to describe tower fans. Their design is pretty unique and one of the main reasons they are popular. Some may have multiple fans for efficiency in cooling down the environment.

Box Fans

As their name hints, box fans look like a box and many features in this review. They are small-framed and can even fit into your pocket. You will find that most of them lack a battery. You have to connect them to the charger at all times.

Build Quality

This attribute is a significant determinant of the noises the fan will produce. Depending on its construction, you will notice several sounds coming from your fan.

Highlighted below are some of the noises and possible underlying factors.

Motor Sounds

These sounds can be annoying and come out like a loud buzzing. You notice them mostly on brushed motors. Pick brushless motor-operated fans to avoid such noises.

Whooshing Sounds

When you hear whooshing sounds, it is probably due to the air-moving action of the blades. If they become louder, you may want to open the fan’s cover and check the connection.

Rattling sounds may indicate that the blades are touching the cover or the presence of a foreign object. Sort out the problem before it becomes a nuisance.

Impact Noise

Knocking sounds, at times accompanied by vibrations, indicate a problem with the motor or poor construction quality. The vibration may be too much, to the point of the fan falling.

Back to build quality, if the material appears cheap, there is a high chance you will hear noises when the fan runs.

You must bend the blades aside if they are striking the grille. Before you find a good solution, a pad can hold vibration down temporarily.

Metal or sturdy plastic both function well. Before buying, consider the quality of the materials.

Speed Settings

A typical fan has three speed settings; high, medium, and low. Others may have an extra fast setting if you want more airflow. The more settings a fan has, the better, as it allows you to get the required airflow to keep the atmosphere calm.

Some fans come with remote control for you to operate it from a distance. It is not a necessary feature seeing that the fan will be resting near you, on the table, most of the time.

Degree of Mobility

How easily does the fan move? This is a worthy question that looks at the convenience of the fan. An ideal fan should be able to move up to 360 degrees for you to direct the airflow to the target.

Battery Operated Vs. Corded Fans

The fan needs the power to run. Most come with a USB cable that you connect to your laptop, power bank, or socket. Others have a rechargeable batteries. Which is the best option, it relies on the application.

The ones with a battery are dependable, especially if you wish to use them while driving or in an area with erratic electricity. The corded ones spare you from having to constantly change the batteries. Additionally, unless there is a power issue, they can run for extended periods of time without worry of going off.

Bladed Vs. Bladeless Fan

From the review, you see that some fans are the bladeless type. They work by pulling air from the base and ejecting it from the head. The lack of blades makes them silent and safe to use. They may be pricier than the bladed types, but the price difference gives you a value to love.


The price is the final factor to consider when getting a quiet desk fan. Go for one that meets your budget and gives excellent value. If you decide on a second-hand fan, ensure that it is in good condition to prevent any hassles in the future.

How to Make a Desk Fan Quieter?

Replacing a noisy fan with a quiet one is the ideal move. However, at times, you want to avoid the hassles of shopping, so you may resort to making the desk fan quiet. This is possible, but it depends on what causes the issue.

Start by inspecting the fan to see what the problem may be. Open the grille and check the blades and the motor. The noise may be coming from the blades touching the grille; bend them inward carefully to avoid breaking them.

The other solution to a noisy desk fan is using padding material to absorb vibrations. You can rest the fan atop a mouse pad or even a book.

Final Words

A desk fan is a must-have utility that circulates air, leaving fresh surroundings suitable for working. We review the best fans for an easy time when shopping for one. Check the price, material quality, and available settings to land on the right item.

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