Quiet Blenders to Consider in 2023

Imagine how much you crave morning juice or fruit sauce. Yet, you cannot use your blender for fear of waking up other family members. This is a common problem in various households, but yours can be different.

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Typically, a standard blender produces approximately 88 dB when operating. This noise level is too high to have everyday conversations.

Investing in a relatively quieter option allows you to blend your juice without causing disturbances. An excellent choice will have a decibel rating of below 80. Here are a few insights to have in mind.

Top Selections in 2023

You’ll most likely have difficulty choosing the right blender, thanks to the wide range of products at your disposal. However, here are some of the best and quietest blenders that we thoughtfully selected. With this, you’ll not struggle to find the right one.

Best Overall

BlendTec Professional 800 Blender with Wildside+ Jar

From its premium-quality construction to its simple design, this device will readily appeal to you. Its robust construction allows you to prepare smoothies, cocktail drinks, soups, and shakes. In addition, its 1800W motor makes it a powerhouse, blending your juice and fruits within a relatively short time.

This product comes with a reliable sound enclosure, which helps dampen noise levels. It also ensures that you have a normal conversation with other individuals.

You’ll love its blunt blade, assuring you of enhanced efficiency. It also ensures that you clean the blender without sustaining any injuries in the long run. This blade boasts cold-forged and hardened steel, making it stronger and more durable.

Its five-sided design ensures that all the ingredients move toward the blade. With this, it becomes easier to blend much tougher ingredients. This design requires no tampering, guaranteeing you unrivaled convenience in the long run.


  • It has an innovative design
  • It comes with a latching lid
  • Its sound enclosure helps dampen noise
  • It is relatively easy to clean and maintain
  • Has blunt blades to minimize injuries


  • It is a little too pricy

The Runner-Up

Hamilton Beach Professional Quiet Shield Blender

If you are looking for enhanced power yet with reduced noise levels, this is an excellent option. Its horsepower peaks at 2 HP, while its wattage stands at 1500. With such enhanced power, it becomes a lot easier to crush tough ingredients.

Notably, it delivers infinite speeds of between 3000 and 18000 RPM. Its blades move at approximately 105 mph, guaranteeing you speed and efficiency.

This product boasts four program settings: puree, clean, ice crush, and smoothie. You can change the settings at the touch of a button. Besides, it has a variable speed dial that offers excellent blending control. In addition, there is a pulse function that allows you to mix and chop your ingredients with much ease.

Its robust construction is shatterproof, providing you with the longevity you desire. It also comes with a tamper that makes it easy to crush frozen and even thick mixtures.

The Hamilton Beach features a removable Quiet Shield, which helps dampen the noise produced.


  • Operates relatively quietly
  • It has a shatterproof and BPA-safe jar
  • It is dishwasher safe
  • Easy to control and operate
  • Powerful performance


  • It can be hard to clean and maintain

Premium Option

Vitamix Blending Station Advance 48 Ounce Blender

Sometimes, a premium device assures you of enhanced durability, quality, and reliability. If you are looking for such, the Vitamix Blending Station is the ultimate choice. This product boasts premium-quality polycarbonate material, guaranteeing you sturdiness.

You’ll have an easy time blending your drinks, thanks to its 93 blade speeds. With these multiple speeds, it becomes much easier to blend ingredients of varying thickness. In addition, it comes with a 3 HP motor, which is enough to handle various hardened elements.

You’ll love its ease of control. This item boasts an auto shut-off feature, meaning that it goes off as soon as you get your desired consistency. Its control knobs are also easily accessible, allowing you to choose whichever texture, setting, or consistency you prefer.
Its 48-ounce capacity is a welcome idea for various large households and even restaurants. It also comes with a decent weight, weighing about 20 pounds.


  • It comes with variable speeds
  • Suitable for various drinks, smoothies, and milkshakes
  • Impressive capacity
  • It has a powerful motor


  • It can be too bulky for some people
  • Relatively less affordable for many households

Other Quiet Options

Wantjoin Professional Soundproof Blender

Here is yet another quiet commercial blender you should consider. Its design features a sound enclosure that significantly dampens noise. It has a soundproof cover that blocks all the noise emitted during the blending process. What’s more, there is a silicone pad that helps eliminate noise.

Its large capacity makes it an ideal choice for large household and even restaurants. Ideally, it has a two-liter square cup in it. The wall of this cup is designed in a way that helps improve turbulence, resulting in delicate juice. Besides, its thickness makes it resistant to cold and heat.

This blender has a DIY speed control panel, ensuring that you change from min to max effortlessly. Since you can control the speeds, it becomes easy to realize the thickness or texture you need. Its stainless steel mirror panel gives your kitchen a touch of elegance.


  • It comes with a powerful and reliable motor
  • You’ll have an easy time cleaning it
  • Easy to control
  • Impressive sound dampening abilities
  • It has an automatic juicer


  • It could be too enormous for some people

CRANDDI Quiet Shield Countertop Blender

The CRANDDI countertop blender is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a large-capacity item. This blender boasts a capacity of around 80 ounces, which is enough for a busy restaurant and a significantly large household. You can rely on it to prepare ice crushes, baby food, smoothies, and creams.

Operating this item is relatively relaxing. It comes with the Quiet Blend technology, which helps dampen noise and vibrations. It also ensures that there is minimal splatter or leaking. Its six-point stainless steel is blunt, meaning that you can use it without expecting injuries. It’ll also get to crush relatively hard ingredients.

It features a built-in pulse, which ensures your product gets the consistency it deserves. Besides, there are 15-speed controls, allowing you to choose what suits your situation best.

Its friendly design will readily appeal to you. This product is compact, featuring a non-slip handle and base for extra safety. In addition, it has a BPA-free jar.


  • It comes with a stable and non-slip base
  • It has a friendly design
  • It has a relatively low decibel rating
  • It offers impressive speeds and a powerful motor
  • Easy to control and use
  • Affordable


  • It might not last for long

CHULUX Low Noise Smoothie Bullet Blender

If you are on a significantly tight budget, the Chulux bullet blender will be an excellent option. It assures you of minimal noise yet considerable benefits. This product comes with two stainless steel blades that help blend and grind your ingredients. These blades are designed to handle fruits, coffee beans, seeds, spices, and sauces.

You’ll love how powerful its motor is, as it delivers up to 1000 watts. This feature ensures that you spend minimal time blending or grinding your food. It also provides you with the consistency, texture, and smoothness you need.

Its robust construction assures you of longevity. This item comes with BPA-free and stainless steel-safe material. This aspect ensures that you do not compromise the quality of your food.

Operating this item is a seamless process, thanks to its smart one-touch control panel. This control panel requires you to press the knob whenever you want to start the blending process. In contrast, you need to release the button once you finish the process.


  • Minimal noise produced
  • It comes with an impressive warranty
  • Relatively powerful and reliable motor
  • It comes with BPA-free material
  • Significantly affordable


  • It is not suitable for significantly large households or busy restaurants

Things to Consider When Selecting a Quiet Blender

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Besides knowing the best devices in the market, it would be best to understand how to select the right one. This will help customize your selection process. Ideally, you’ll need to consider the following features when choosing your blender.

Noise Levels

Undoubtedly, your goal is to find a relatively quiet blender. Unfortunately, very few blenders indicate their decibel ratings. For that reason, it would help if you relied on the noise-dampening features of the blender.

For instance, soundproof covers and pads will help minimize the noise. Some brands might come with a noise-reducing cover, which is placed on top of the blender. You could also go through the device’s reviews to get a few insights into this aspect.

Ensure that you check the base. Here, confirm whether there are sound dampening pads. Devices with rubber feet will often help absorb vibrations in the long run.

The noise level might also vary with surface hollowness, top lid material, and blade design. With a top lid material that absorbs sound, you’ll be sure of minimal noise. One of the best choices would be rubber, thanks to its ability to absorb vibrations too.

Motor Power

Powerful motors have always produced significant noise. However, this aspect is slowly changing, thanks to technological advancements. Some engines are very powerful yet deliver minimal noise levels. Whatever you choose, prioritize a strong motor.
If you are on a tight budget, you could consider devices with a 300- to 600-watt rating. On the other hand, you could pick between 1500/w and 1800W if you want better consistency and texture.

Buying a blender with 300W power usage is only ideal for blending soft ingredients. You can rely on it to make smoothies and food paste.

You can consider 500 to 700W devices if you intend to make smoothies and soups. This motor power is ideal for small families, assuring you of better consistency and texture.

Any device with a power usage of over 700W is an excellent choice for commercial and residential services. While it might be a little too costly, this wattage is good enough o break minuscule grains and fine ground.


Ensure that you choose sturdy and durable blades. Opting for stainless steel construction provides you with significant durability and value for your money. The blade must be hardened enough to cut through tough ingredients, including seeds, coffee beans, and fruits.

Compatibility with Dishwashing Cleaning

Put a dishwasher-safe gadget first. Keep in mind that you must thoroughly clean your blender, getting rid of any accumulation that might lead to rust. Dishwasher-safe components and accessories frequently simplify and streamline the cleaning procedure. However, self-cleaning appliances are considerably kinder and provide you unparalleled convenience.


Warranties vary with the model and the brand. Yet, this is an investment, and an extended warranty will assure you of much better results in the long run. Having this warranty could protect your entire device or some of its parts. Regardless of how much you spend, ensure that your chosen warranty offers value for your money. The more comprehensive and long-lasting it is, the better it is for you.

Extra Features

Extra features aim to make your blending experience much better. Some of the most popular accessories you could consider are tampers, which help blend dense foods thoroughly. You could also opt for blenders that come with two containers, including a single-serve and a larger one.

How to Reduce Noise in Blenders

While there are several quiet options in the market, you might not be satisfied with their noise levels. For this reason, you can consider various DIY noise reduction methods. Here is how you can reduce such noise even further.

Silicone Mats

Silicone mats are designed to withstand significant vibrations and heat levels, protecting your surface from burns. These mats have a non-slip design, meaning that your blender will not slip away.

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Use a towel

Placing a towel beneath a blender helps absorb vibrations, minimizing noise levels. As long as you use a dense towel, you’ll barely worry about noise levels. You could also consider using the towel on the top lid or as a cover. This move helps dampen the noise from the motor.

Use a different position

Sometimes, the way you position your device matters. Placing your blender on an uneven surface makes it vulnerable to significant vibrations, causing too much noise. Ensure that you put it on a flat surface, preferably on top of a silicone mat.

Adjust how you blend

Noise levels often vary with how fast the motor runs. Blending your food at relatively high speeds will result in increased noise. Choosing lower rates will often assure you of better consistency, texture, and minimal noise. Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait much longer.

Final Thoughts

Your blending experience depends on how noisy your blender is. Investing in a relatively quiet machine helps eliminate such noise and disturbance. With the insights above, choosing a device that offers value for money will be much easier. You could also consider any of our thoughtfully selected blenders, thanks to their dependability, value for money, durability, and quietness.

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