Thinking About a Noise-Free Bed Frame?

Most often, the things that affect our comfort in life are our biggest concerns. You’ll barely want a noisy bed, whether you want to have a restful night or make love to your spouse.

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Therefore, it would be best to choose the quietest bed frames in the market, protecting yourself from discomfort. This article looks at the top eight noise-free bed frames and how to select one.

Top Noise-Free Bed Frames in 2023

Choosing a quiet bed frame is a daunting process, thanks to the various aspects you’ll need to observe. However, you can save yourself from the burdensome process by considering the following list of quiet bed frames.

Best Overall

Zinus Van 16-Inch Platform Bed

Zinus is a reputable bed manufacturing entity, assuring you of unrivaled comfort, durability, and reliability. This firm did not go wrong on the Zinus Van 16-inch, providing you with robust steel construction and a compact design. Its minimalist design makes it an excellent choice for tight spaces. It also features rounded edges, cushioning you from injuries.

This bed boasts strong support, whose steel slats prevent significant sagging. In addition, you’ll be sure that your mattress lasts long. Besides, you’ll need no box spring on this platform bed.

This element allows you to save a significant amount and stress.
The Zinus Van comes with excellent clearance under the frame, meaning that you have more than enough storage space. There are up to 14 inches of storage space to utilize.

This product comes in multiple sizes: full, queen, twin, and king. With this, you can choose one that comfortably fits your space. Each option offers foam padding, which helps eliminate noise in the long run.


  • It comes with robust construction for enhanced longevity
  • Boasts a compact design
  • It requires no spring box
  • It provides you with enough clearance and storage space beneath
  • Provides enough support to the mattress, boosting its lifespan


  • It could be a little too costly for some people

The Runner-Up

Olee Sleep 18-Inch Heavy Duty Noise Free Bed Frame

From its sturdy construction to its simple design, this bed frame impresses many people. Moreover, it comes with an anti-slip design, where the frame encloses the mattress completely. This feature ensures that your mattress remains steadfast during your sleep, protecting you from falling over. Besides, it is compatible with various mattresses, meaning you do not have to discard your favorite one.

You’ll fall in love with the ample storage space offered. It boasts excellent ground clearance, allowing you up to about 16 inches of storage space. In addition, this bed frame comes in multiple sizes, allowing you to choose per your preferences.

This product features premium quality steel material, which provides you with enhanced stability and longevity.
Its seamless assembly process will help save significant time and effort.

All the tools you’ll need are included during the purchase. In addition, its design is compatible with headboards. So feel free to choose whichever headboard you want to match your interior décor.


  • Relatively easy to assemble
  • It comes with an impressive 5-year warranty
  • It is compatible with different mattresses and headboards
  • Assures you of a sturdy design and enhanced durability
  • Noise-free


  • It requires a spring box

Top Budget Option

Amazon Basics Foldable 14-Inch Platform Frame Bed

The Amazon Basics Foldable platform bed frame is an excellent choice if you want quality on a budget. This product costs less than $90, yet it offers you unrivaled support, lifespan, and reliability.

Its design offers relatively quiet support. This noise-free support allows you to roll over the bed without worrying about unwanted noises. Remember, it is made of durable steel, assuring you of enhanced sturdiness, long-lasting performance, and support. Steel can readily blend with your interior décor too.

This bed frame boasts relatively sturdy legs. Its horizontal beams and vertical wires ensure that the mattress remains stable and raised. The legs are long enough to provide you with significant storage space.

If you are afraid of tiring assembly processes, this product is all you need. Its assembly process is seamless and straightforward, requiring no specialized tools. What’s more, you do not need any spring boxes.


  • You get enough storage space
  • It offers enough support for the mattress
  • It requires no specialized tools during assembly
  • It is a quiet bed frame
  • Can support up to 250 pounds of weight


  • It can be too stiff for some people

The Rest of our Top Picks

Classic Brands Hercules Metal 14-Inch Platform Bed Frame

Sometimes, all you need is a quiet bed frame with heavy-duty construction. Fortunately, that is what you get from the Classic Brands Hercules bed frame. This option features sturdy steel construction, providing you with unrivaled support and durability. In addition, this feature allows you to use any mattress.

Its foldable design assures you of enhanced versatility. This design ensures the bed frame lasts for a relatively long time. Also, it provides a rigid, flat surface, which can accommodate any mattress, including latex and memory foam.

This bed frame comes with capped legs. This feature helps maintain the integrity of your floor, as it will barely scratch it.
Assembling this product takes the least time.

The process is straightforward, and it requires no tools. With this, you will save as much time and effort as you desire. Besides that, you’ll be sure of a sleek appearance, matching your contemporary interior décor.

Its excellent clearance assures you of enough storage space. With up to 13 inches of storage space, you’ll get enough space to stow away anything.


  • Compact design
  • Easy to assemble and maintain
  • Relatively durable
  • Multiple sizes to choose from
  • Superior support


  • Not suitable for weightier people

Zinus Arnav Metal Platform Bed Frame

The Zinus Arnav metal platform bed frame boasts a relatively sturdy design. It highlights a perfect blend of plywood and durable steel, assuring you of unrivaled longevity and reliability. In addition, its minimalist style makes it an excellent choice for various interior décor styles.

This product has a ground clearance of approximately 6.8 inches, making it an ideal choice for those who want to sleep lower on the ground. This clearance is suitable for versatile comfort. In addition, its low gravity center allows it to carry a weight of up to 700 pounds.

Zinus Arnav boasts strong and supportive wooden slats, which ensure that your mattress remains steadfast. The slats are spaced between 2.99 and 3.39 inches apart, ensuring that your mattress lasts for long.

You can attach any headboard or even footboard to this bed frame. Its pre-drilled holes give you an easier time during the installation process. Further, you’ll find it much easier to assemble the bed frame. You’ll get all the tools and assembly instructions you need during the purchase.


  • Relatively durable
  • It comes with a unique and contemporary design
  • It can carry a significant weight
  • Relatively easy to assemble
  • Impressive warranty


  • It does not provide enough storage

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Zinus Smartbase Zero Assembly Mattress

The Zinus SmartBase has become a relatively popular choice recently, thanks to its impressive design and quietness. Besides, this bed frame requires no box spring, meaning that you can place your memory foam mattress directly on the frame. Its padded structure ensures that there is minimal noise emission.

You’ll love its storage capacity. This product has a 13-inch clearance, which is enough to accommodate large luggage. Additionally, it comes in multiple sizes, from twin and narrow twin to twin XL.

This product requires no specialized tools to assemble. The assembly process takes very few minutes, protecting you from time and effort wastage.

Its slats sit approximately 9.4 to 10.6 inches apart. This spacing is ideal for enhancing mattress support in the long run. It also ensures that there is no squeak when you’re sleeping.


  • It is free from squeaks
  • It does not need a box spring
  • It comes with a thoughtful design
  • Relatively straightforward to assemble


  • It could be a little too expensive for some people

Ziyoo 14-Inch Platform Metal Bed Frame

Getting an affordable, top-quality bed frame can be challenging. Yet, Ziyoo offers you more than this.

The Ziyoo 14-inch platform metal bed frame comes with durable steel construction, providing you with impeccable strength, stability, and support. In addition, its structure is reinforced, allowing you to move it around with much ease. While it might seem a little too bulky, this product is much more robust and long-lasting.

You’ll not need to worry about having a spring box. Its design allows you to fit any mattress, including memory foam and traditional options. What’s more, it is compatible with different footboards and headboards, enabling you to give the bedroom a fresh touch.

This product comes with a storage space of approximately 12 inches, which is big enough to accommodate some of your essential stuff.


  • It provides you with enough storage
  • Robust construction
  • It is compatible with headboards and footboards
  • It requires no spring box
  • Relatively quiet


  • It could be too bulky for some people

Simple Houseware 14-Inch Queen Size Mattress Foundation

This product offers excellent storage space, thanks to its superb clearance. It provides you with up to 13 inches of storage beneath it. In addition, its minimalist design allows it not to use a spring box. You can replace its frame and box spring with much ease.

It boasts sturdy construction, guaranteeing you unrivaled comfort and support. In addition, this durable steel ensures that you get long-lasting performance. Above all, it is relatively quiet, meaning that you will sleep peacefully.

Simple Houseware is designed to accommodate up to 500 pounds. This element makes it an excellent choice for weightier individuals.


  • It can accommodate a significant weight
  • Excellent storage capacity
  • It is relatively quiet
  • Relatively long-lasting


  • You cannot attach a headboard to it

Things to Consider When Selecting a Quiet Bed Frame


Getting quiet bed frames is no mean feat. It requires dedication, precision, and a wealth of information during the process. Here are some of the things you must observe during the selection.

Noise Levels

A bed that emits the least noise will often be an excellent choice. The noise level will depend on how sturdy the construction is. Usually, a strong bed frame does not shake or move when you are sleeping or making love. Preferably, choose a product that features very few joints that need fastening.

You’ll also need to check whether the product is padded. Paddings help absorb and eliminate noise. They also ensure that the bed does not move.


You’ll barely overlook how critical a budget can be. Quiet bed frames are not the most expensive ones, yet you must compare their prices. These prices vary with quality, brand, stability, noise levels, and materials used.

Good comparison ensures that you select something that is within your budget range. However, while doing so, you must prioritize quality.


Different sizes of quiet bed frames are available. Your decision will frequently be influenced by your tastes, budget, and desired guest count. For example, if you have a partner, you will require a larger bed than if you live alone.

You must be certain of the weight capability of the bed frame at the same time. It would be advisable to get a bed frame with a bigger capacity if you are comparatively heavier. This component guarantees a substantially longer lifespan for your frame and long-term good performance for you.


The durability of your chosen bed frame will depend on its brand, quality, and materials used. For example, durable steel is likely to last longer than wood. Likewise, robust construction ensures that your bed frame remains high-performance yet long-lasting.

Do Metal Bed Frames Produce Squeaking Noises?


Typically, bed frames squeak when there is any movement in their joints. Unless you tighten these joints, getting rid of the noise will remain a mirage. In short, metal bed frames, too, produce squeaking noises as the metal rubs against metal.

What If Your Wooden Bed Frame Starts to Squeak?

Your wooden bed frame will start squeaking as soon as the joints become loose. Once your bed frame starts to squeak, it would be best to tighten any screws and joints. You could also add washers between the bolts and the bracket to ensure that you get a snug fit. In some cases, you can add lubricant to the metal washers, bolts, and screws.

Final Thoughts

As you look forward to a peaceful night, it would be best to invest in a quiet bed frame. The selection process is hectic, but the fruits are sweet. With the information above, you’ll not go wrong.

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