Is Your PS4 Loud?

Are you willing to forfeit a good gaming experience because of a noisy PS4? Most likely, no. Yet, a loud PS4 is commonplace, meaning you have to address the issue as soon as it arises. Typically, the accumulation of dust in the console is a significant cause of such noise. This article discusses various reasons for and solutions for a noisy PS4.

What Makes My PS4 So Loud?

There are three main reasons for a loud PS4: faulty cooling fans, a damaged hard drive, and an old or broken console. Here are a few insights into each of them.

Faulty Cooling Fans

A cooling fan is designed to help improve the airflow in the PS4 console. This aspect ensures that there is minimal heat in it, cooling the motherboard in the long run. However, this cooling fan becomes a nuisance once it starts making noise.

Your cooling fan will be noisy for various reasons. For instance, too much dirt, dust, and loose parts on the cooling fan will result in unbearable noise. Now would be the best time to tighten such loose parts, preferably with an excellent screw. Some of these issues are inevitable as the cooling fan ages.

Additionally taxing the cooling fans is playing challenging video games. Many games today have fantastic visuals, therefore the processor may be taxed by these games. As a result, the processor generates so much heat that the fans must spin more quickly. This rapid spinning could make a lot of noise.

Further, be cautious of dust. Dust could take weeks or months to accumulate on the cooling fans, forcing them to slow down. Excess dust could render the cooling fans completely dysfunctional.

The PS4’s Hard Drive

The hard drive comes with platters that spin when seeking data. With high-speed spinning, the hard drive is likely to produce so much noise. In addition, this speed could result in significant heat, straining the processor.

Gaming Console

An old or broken gaming console will often be relatively noisy. This is because aging consoles are more vulnerable to wear and tear, thanks to the many loose parts and broken elements. Such consoles come with accumulated dust, pet hair, dust, and even lint, which significantly cause the malfunction of the gaming console.

As long as the motherboard and the fans become loose, the noise will be inevitable.

How to Fix a Loud Fan?

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Perhaps you are looking forward to extending the longevity of your gaming console, and fixing it is the only solution. It is one of the most common ways to realize enhanced value for your money. However, unless you understand how best to do it, it’ll remain a mirage. The following are some of the most reliable solutions to this issue.

Find the source of the noise

You cannot repair your console if you do not take the time to identify its problem. Noise often emanates from faulty cooling fans, a damaged hard drive, or aging. The type of noise you hear will indicate what problem your console has.
For instance, rattling sounds indicate that the PS4 has various loose parts. Once you notice this sound, consider tightening or replacing the affected parts.

Whining noise is also common in PS4 consoles. It indicates a failing hard disk, and it is common in aging devices. With significant wear and tear, this problem will always recur.

You could also experience frequent overheating. This issue occurs when the cooling fans are faulty. Your console could also shut down from time to time. In such instances, ensure sufficient airflow into the console, mainly the area with the cooling fans.

Ensure the PS4 Gets Sufficient Ventilation

Sufficient ventilation ensures that the console gets enough airflow to address overheating issues. It also provides that the internal components are within the right temperature, allowing them to function optimally. In addition, it helps put less pressure on the cooling fans, minimizing noise.

You’ll start by strategically placing the console to allow for better ventilation. There should be enough space beneath and around the PS4, allowing enough air to get to the cooling fan. As long as there is enough airflow, the internal components will hardly overheat.

You could also consider rubber feet at the bottom of the PS4. Rubber feet ensure that the console is on ground level, allowing enough air to get in beneath. Sometimes, cooling pads will help absorb noise and vibrations.

Consider Compressed Air

Experts suggest that you clean your console with compressed air. It is an excellent choice if dust keeps building up in the device’s vents, crannies, and nooks. In addition, using compressed air implies that you’ll not take any components apart. However, ensure that you unplug it and shut it down before you start the compressed air.

Ensure that you hold the compressed air can upright, as this helps avoid releasing moisture in the can. Preferably, prioritize the USB ports and the indentations on the console. However, keep away from the disc slots and all the ports at the back. In addition, you can rely on compressed air to clean the console’s surface.

Compressed air aims to loosen up the accumulated dust, which helps improve the performance of the cooling fans. Finally, please wait for the console to normalize its internal temperature, which takes a few minutes.

You could also consider a vacuum cleaner. The only catch is that the vacuum cleaner’s nozzle attachment has to be relatively narrow.

Fix Corrupted Files

Corrupt files on the hard drive could cause significant lagging, meaning that your device will overheat much sooner. Assuming that you have too many corrupted files on the system, the CPU gets stressed or overwhelmed.

Your database could be corrupted for various reasons: improper file installation, improper updates, complete system crashes, and mismatched versions.

It would be best to reinstall various files on the console. Complete initialization of your system will often help address some of the least known issues.

Put the Console in a Vertical Position

You’ll want to play with your console placed horizontally. Yet, placing it in a vertical position seems to attract better returns in the long run. Placing your console this way helps minimize pressure on some of its internal components, significantly reducing noise levels.

You could also use a cooling stand to hold the console in place. This strand aims at reducing noise emissions and improving performance, thanks to the extra cooling it offers. Yet, you must use a robust and reliable cooling stand. It assures you of durability, better ventilation, and stability.

Open the PS4 and Deep-Clean It

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Opening your console should be the last resort. You can only open a console when you want to clean its cooling fans or tighten its loose parts. But, first, is your device still on warranty? Opening a console voids its warranty. So, confirm whether yours is still covered before you open it. You could also consider sending it to the manufacturer instead.

Opening your PS4 console is a relatively straightforward process. Ensure that you follow these steps:

  • Using your T8 or T9 screwdriver, slowly remove the screws on the back of the console.
  • Remove the cover on the cooling fans, allowing you to clean the dust on it
  • Once you clean the cooling fan and other internal components, put everything back in place
  • Turn on your console and enjoy your game

Usually, it would be best to rely on another fan to clean the internal cooling fan. You might also vacuum it or use compressed air.

Final Words

Like every gamer, you want the best gaming experience at all times. Unfortunately, loud noises from your PS4 could compromise such an experience. Therefore, ensure that you are ready for any problem that could arise, from faulty cooling fans and hard drives to a broken console. The insights above will help.

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