The Best Washer Anti-Vibration Pads and Mats

A vibrating washing machine is a nuisance that you want dealt with immediately. The noises are quite unsettling, and the vibrations may lead to the equipment wearing fast. To beat this problem, you can rely on washer anti-vibration pads and mats. They are materials that you place under the washer which cushion them and absorb … Read more

Acoustic Caulk – Regular vs. Sealant

When soundproofing an area, you need to take account of everything from what you will apply, how you will apply it, and the method to use. Equally as significant are the gaps. Leaving gaps can ruin the whole soundproofing job you have done as they could still let some sound pass. To save the situation … Read more

Best Soundproof Room Dividers That Really Works

Sometimes we all need a little peace and quiet. If you live in a crowded house or have many roommates and don’t have space for yourself, this can be hard to get. Luckily,  there are ingenious inventions such as soundproof room dividers. These are handy objects that you can use to create a little quiet … Read more

Window Soundproofing Film: Everything You Need to Know

Windows play a major role in letting light and fresh air into the house. Depending on the material used in making them, they can be vulnerable to breakages and other types of damage. This is mainly applicable to glass windows, which is a common design in most houses. The unsound structure of these kinds of … Read more

How to Get Rid of Cricket Noise at Night

Crickets are small creatures that produce noise at night. While some people describe the sound as melodic, most individuals find it irritating. Imagine a situation where you’re trying to catch a nap but all you can hear are cricket chirps and noises. It’s interesting how crickets prefer to inhabit areas that are close to humans. … Read more

Get the Quietest Lawn Mower?

Do you feel that? The desire to wake up early in the morning and trim your lawn. Yet, you are afraid—afraid that you’ll wake your neighbors up or disturb them. If only you had a quiet lawnmower, this would not be the case. Mowing forms an integral part of your yard care. It offers you … Read more

Squeaky Chair? Here is What You Should Know

Are you comfortable with a squeaky chair? Undoubtedly not. Squeaky chairs can be annoying, significantly affecting your comfort, peace, and even productivity. This sound becomes more evident as time goes by, and it is common in damaged or aging chairs. Several aspects can cause the squeaking of your chair. Loose bolts, weak joints, and natural … Read more

Do You Need a Quiet Electric Fuel Pump?

Every car owner looks forward to having a seamless driving experience, from minimal noise to unrivaled comfort. However, a noisy fuel tank could easily compromise your desires. While fuel pumps are not designed to produce significant noise, some can expose you to uncomfortable noise levels. Some of the noisiest fuel pumps are damaged, old, or … Read more

Quietest Air Rifle: Top 5 Most Quiet Air Rifles

Everyone looks forward to having a seamless hunting experience. Yet, you cannot hunt vermin, rodents, or squirrels with a noisy air rifle. Unless you get a quiet gun, it will be hard to hit your target prey. The following are some of the quietest air rifles you could consider. Best Overall Raptor Whisper Air Rifle … Read more