Want to Stop Your Door From Slamming Shut?

A slamming door is annoying — no doubt. Whether strong winds catch the door or an angry person decides to swing it too hard, the sound produced is irritating. However, you could avoid all this by embracing various anti-slamming methods, including the following. These methods work for doors swept by the wind and those slammed by angry people.

Why you Should Stop Door Slamming

No one wants the ear-shattering noise caused by a slamming door. Embracing anti-slamming methods will always protect you. You’ll stop the door slamming for three reasons: silence, protection, and convenience.

Anti-slamming methods protect your children and pets from injuries, including getting caught in slamming doors. When it comes to convenience, protecting yourself from slamming doors ensures that you do not get locked outside.

This move also ensures that there is minimal noise. Absolute silence when closing your door will help avoid auditory health complications.

Install an Automatic Door Closer


Alternatively called an automatic door opener, an automatic door closer is a device that opens or closes the door by itself. It comes with a push-button or a motion detector that initiates the process. It also has a proximity and motion detector that determines whether it is safe to close the door.

This automatic door closer uses spring compression and stored energy to open the door. You may be sure of unparalleled safety because the energy is released at a set rate. Additionally, this managed energy reduces slamming.

Select a door closer that offers better value for your money. For instance, choosing steel and aluminum constructions ensures that they will last longer. Excellent pressure and quickness will also aid in preventing slamming.

One of the most invaluable options in the market is the Door Closer FS-1306, ideal for low to medium-traffic areas. This door is adjustable and easy to install, ensuring that you have an easy time controlling it. Its hydraulic system offers you enhanced safety and smoothness, closing without much difficulty.

You could also consider the Wright Products V920WH, whose stainless steel construction offers excellent resistance to corrosion and scratches.

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Check the Condition of the Door Hinges

Door hinges are attached to the door frame, providing a pivot point for opening and closing your door. Unfortunately, they wear out over time, causing significant imbalance to the door. This aspect could readily cause the door to slam by itself. Improper installation could also cause the door to slam whenever you shut it.

How about you decide to level the door hinges? This move helps keep the door balanced, reducing slamming. It requires you to open the door up to 90 degrees, allowing you to balance it using a leveling tool.

Finally, ensure that you tighten all the screws on the hinges. You could also change them, especially when worn out. Tightening screws secures the door, keeping it balanced and less likely to slam.

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A Simple Rubber Band


A rubber band is a simple everyday item that you might not want to consider. Yet, it offers excellent ant-slamming abilities, cushioning you against annoying noises. Attaching the rubber band on the doorknob will help protect you against the slamming noise. However, it should not compromise or interfere with its latch.

This option is suitable for anyone on a tight budget. Yet, it lasts for a considerable period, assuring you of value for your money.

The Weatherstripping Kit

Most people associate weatherstripping with soundproofing, forgetting that it could also help stop door slamming. Its installation process is straightforward, meaning you do not waste time or effort. This option works best for relatively massive doors.

It would help if you prioritized a squishy and relatively soft weatherstrip. This helps muffle noise from the slamming door and the nearby rooms. Ideally, aim at choosing the best weatherstripping kit for excellent results.

As long as you want unrivaled results, ensure that you invest in a suitable weatherstripping kit. The Keliiyo Door Weatherstripping kit is an outstanding choice, providing you with unmatched resilience, adhesive backing, and durability.

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Use Felt Pads


Felt pads are designed to help protect hardwood floors, minimizing unsightly scratches and marks on the surface. However, using them on the door could also help muffle the noise produced during slamming. These felt pads work best for both thin and massive doors. Remember, felt pads are flexible, allowing you to cut them into various shapes and sizes.

You’ll have an easy time applying felt pads to your door. They come with an adhesive back, which you will attach to the door. This installation creates an additional layer and buffer that absorbs the sound produced by the slamming door.

Above all, choose a suitable material. This way, you get the durability and robustness you envision. Perhaps, you should prioritize the Smart Surface 8850, which is heavy-duty and easy to apply.

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Use Anti-Slam Door Products


If you are looking for an affordable way to stop your door from slamming, sticking a doorstop will always help. You’ll slide this item under the door, preventing it from swinging too hard or fast. This device ensures that the door remains steadfast and open whenever you install it.

There is a wide variety of anti-slam door stops to consider. Thanks to this variety, it becomes easier to select one that blends into your interior décor. You’ll also find a sizeable option, providing you with better services in the long run.

Since you want the best return on your investment, you must choose something that offers durability and reliability. The Wittle Finger Pinch Guard will be an ideal selection for your slamming door. It is flexible and suitable for houses with children and pets.

You could also consider other door slammer preventers in the market. These devices are attached to both sides of the door, preventing the slam. You can also use them to cover the latch bolt, meaning that it will not hit the nearby walls.

At the same time, a door silencer will offer excellent sound absorption abilities. This item comes with a cone shape and a flat back. Its robust rubber construction enhances noise muffling, ensuring that you are comfortable. Remember, you can use it on both metal and wood doors.

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Use Door Seals

Using door seals is an excellent way to minimize the noise produced by a slamming door. You’ll get these seals in different types, including double-draft, triple-draft, and door shoes. You could also put door sweeps in this category.

Double and triple-draft are easy to install, requiring you to slide them under the door. Their design enhances insulation to both sides of the door. Besides, they will barely damage the surface. In contrast, door sweeps are relatively permanent, and they are screwed to the interior of the door.

If you are looking for the best door seal, you’ll not go wrong with the Frost King DS2. This item boasts an exterior fabric and nylon fiberfill, which help protect the surfaces. What’s more, you’ll appreciate how affordable it is.

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Install a Bumper

A door bumper is a device used to hold the door either open or closed. This device ensures that the door does not swing way too much, minimizing the noise produced by slamming doors. It comes in the form of a wedge that you slide beneath the door, holding it in place.

You could also consider a self-adhesive bumper, which you’ll attach to the wall next to the doorknob or handle. It would be beneficial to choose a flexible bumper made from rubber, thanks to its extensive sound absorption abilities. Foam is also an excellent material to consider.

Choosing a suitable bumper could be an arduous process. To avoid all that, you might consider the GorillaGrit Door Stop Wall Protector, which is made from polyurethane and has a strong adhesive on the back.

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Cover the Door Jamb

Attaching a door closer cushion to your door jamb will help muffle the noise produced by the door. It aims at protecting the door from hitting the wall, ensuring that no sound is produced. Usually, it would be best to focus on cozy cushions. This is because they provide you with better sound absorption abilities.

Finger Pinch Guards

Finger pinch guards boast relatively soft foam, which ensures that the door does not slam. Its soft nature also protects children from injuries. It also comes with a C-shape, which easily slides onto the door, creating the required buffer.

The effectiveness of these guards varies with what you choose. Aim at getting premium-quality items, for example, the Jool Door Pinch Guards. This device minimizes injuries to pets and children while stopping the door from slamming.

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Final Thoughts

There is nothing beautiful about a slamming door, from the noise caused to the resultant discomfort. However, that should not spell eternal discomfort for you.

Instead, embrace the methods mentioned above and avoid any future door-slamming. You could combine more than one approach, depending on the level of effectiveness you desire.

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