How to Open a Can Quietly: 6 Simple Methods

Opening a can embarrassingly draw attention to yourself, especially in quiet environments such as a library. But, what can you do, when you seriously need to take a drink? Well, there are several ways to open your can quietly.

They include:

1. Open it Slowly

It would help if you were as slow as you could. While at it, ensure that you do not shake the can as it can cause pressure build-up. Consequently, when the can is opened, the escaping gas produces a loud hissing sound.

If you have been moving, let the can rest for a while before attempting to open it, after which, pull the tab up gently and slowly.

Wiggle the tab a bit until a small part of the seal is broken. This will enable gas to escape – indicated by a hissing sound. Once that stops, pull the can ring up slowly and open the can.

2. Put the Can in a Freezer

According to physics, heat makes air expand. If in a confined space, this increases its pressure; thus, the air quickly escapes with a hissing sound when you open the can. The more the pressure, the louder the sound.

To avoid that, cool down the can in a freezer. Around 10-15 minutes in the freezer will do the trick. If you cannot access a fridge, immerse the can in some cool or cold water for a few minutes.

Once it cools down, take it out and open it slowly.

3. Puncture the Top of the Can

Look for something sharp like a pocket knife to poke the top of the can. This will let out the air at the top of its contents such that by the time you open it, all of it will have escaped.

Before poking it, place the can on a flat surface and use one hand to hold it in place. The hole made should be small but enough to allow the air to escape. You can then get started on slowly opening the can.

4. Push the Can Opening

There are two ways to open a can, the first is by pulling the tab, and the second is by pressing the can opening. The latter is less likely to produce a loud noise. You only need to place the can on a flat surface and firmly hold it in place. Use your thumb to apply pressure on the can’s opening. Keep at it until the seal breaks a little. Allow the trapped air to escape, after which you can continue pushing the opening until the can is completely open.

5. Use a Towel

Wrap the can with a dish towel if you have one with you. Make sure the majority of the fabric is at the can’s top. The tab should then be carefully pulled. Gently wiggle it until the seal begins to crack. Allow the air to escape before gently lifting the tab until the can is opened.

What if you are outdoors and cannot access a dishtowel? In this case, any clean thick cloth like a sweater will work. However, note that spills are likely to occur.

6. Use a Manual Can Opener

Most of the above-recommended methods will require you to use energy and force, but not this one. A manual can opener uses no energy and ensures that the can will be opened cleanly. You only need to open it slowly.

Take Away

The sound that comes from opening a can may be uncomfortably loud in environments where you would like to enjoy your drink discreetly. The noise comes from the can’s metal seal breaking and the hissing sound from escaping gas.

The above methods can be used to reduce both types of noise. Combining several ways will work even better if you do not have a manual opener. For example, you can first cool the can, poke the top, wrap it in a dishtowel and then slowly open it.