How to Make Heels Quieter: 7 Solutions for Noisy Clicking Heels

Did you know that wearing heels could boost your confidence and sense of power? Besides, wearing these heels helps enhance your feminine appeal, highlighting class and elegance. Yet, clicking noise from heels can embarrass you. Such noise could disrupt a peaceful environment too. However, the following insights will help avoid embarrassment in the long run.

What Makes Heels Noisy?

Various factors could make your heels noisy. However, the three elements that stand out are oversized heels, heel soles, and your walking style. The following insights will help you understand better.

  • Heel Soles

Heel soles are made from various materials, meaning that some produce more noise than others. For instance, rubber soles have the least noise. This is because they boast exceptional ability to absorb sound.

  • Walking Style

Each walking style delivers a specific impact on surfaces. For instance, heavy steps produce more noise, thanks to their high impact on the surface. Lowering your steps would often help minimize such impact and noise. You could also consider adjusting your posture.

  • Worn-out and oversized heels

As heels age, their metallic top gets exposed. This metal hits the surface quite hard, meaning that you end up with so much noise. An oversized heel will also make more noise.

7 Great Ways to Make your Heels Quieter

You’ll always want the best experience, especially when wearing heels. With the following seven options, achieving the level of heel quietness you want will be easy.

Get Gel Cushions

Gel cushions are made from viscoelastic gel, which provides excellent elastic properties. This skin offers high resilience and impermeability too. They absorb vibrations caused by heels, meaning that they help deaden noise.

Gel cushions are excellent products for alleviating or preventing chronic back pain. They help absorb and evenly distribute weight. You’ll also find some with cooling technology, ensuring that you do not sweat when wearing your heels.

These gel cushions assure you of various benefits, including the following.

  • They minimize the instances of sliding
  • They improve your posture
  • You can use them on more than one pair of shoes
  • They muffle the noise

Ensure that you invest in the right gel cushion. You could consider the Ballote Ball Relief Metatarsal Heel gel cushions. This item is soft, comfortable, durable, and reusable, making it ideal for anyone on a budget. You can also use it on any shoe type.

Replace the Caps of your Heels

Pointy heel tips could cause so much noise. It would be best to replace such tips with blunter ones, avoiding the noise. Blunt tips have a lower impact on the surface, meaning there will be minimal vibration. Fixing the heel cap will be the best way to counter the effects of pointy tips.

These caps will help muffle up to 80% of the noise produced.

Heel caps are trendy, thanks to the merits they draw. These caps assure you of the following benefits.

  • This product reduces noise significantly. It covers the entire tip, meaning that there will be minimal click-clack noise.
  • You can rely on it to boost the durability of your chosen heel. This is because it forms an extra layer that helps minimize wear and tear.
  • You will find heel caps in various colors. This aspect makes it easier to find an item that matches the color of your shoes.
  • Heel caps improve your walking posture. Usually, they enhance stability and surface grip, ensuring that you walk upright.

The best heel cap to consider would be Touch X eMingo 24 Pairs Replacement. It is made of TPU and strong iron, guaranteeing durability. Its enhanced surface grip provides you with comfort and safety.

Get Foot Foam

Foot foam is yet another exceptional solution to the noise made by your heels. It helps reduce the impact of your heel on the surface. Its rubber construction provides you with excellent shock absorption abilities. Typically, it works like a gel cushion.

Its installation process is simple and effortless. It requires that you peel off its adhesive, allowing you to paste it on the heel.

Rubber structure on this item improves its hold on the floor. You can prevent mishaps like sliding or falling down in this way.
Make sure the foot foam you choose offers neutral arch support. It ought to be sufficiently padded to provide you with the support you require. A foot foam that fits properly will also guarantee you levels of comfort that are unmatched.

Try With Duct Tape

You can attach duct tape to your heels to help reduce the noise produced. It is a cheap method that requires no additional skills to fix. Unfortunately, duct tape minimizes noise but does not help improve the surface grip.

You’ll need to follow these steps when attaching the tape to your heel.

  • Remove any debris, dust, and dirt on the heel. Cleaning the surface ensures that the duct tape becomes more effective.
  • Let the heel dry, as this ensures that the duct tape attaches with ease
  • Attach the duct tape to the surface. Ensure that it is thick enough to provide you with excellent results. However, ensure that it is not excess.

Non-Slip Shoe Pads

Non-slip shoe pads are mini-soles attached to the bottom of your heels. They are often made of rubber, a material with excellent sound absorption abilities. This material also minimizes slipping and grip issues.

Choosing the best non-slip shoe pads assures you of value for your money. You’ll not go wrong if you choose Dr. Shoesert Non-Slip shoe pads. This product comes with an adhesive back that allows you to attach it to the shoe easily. It is also made of silica gel, offering you better grip and durability. Besides, it is odorless.

Glue Felt Fabric

Have you ever thought about how valuable glue felt fabric would be on your heels? Durable felt will often help muffle the noise produced by the heels. All you have to do is cut the right size and attach it to the sole. Notably, you can apply this felt fabric every time one layer wears out. You could also apply multiple layers for enhanced effectiveness.

Walk with Confidence

Your walking style and posture will often affect how much noise your heels will produce. Adding a little poise and confidence in your steps will help minimize the noise. Whether or not you are using heels for the first time, it would be best to walk in them as experienced.

Various tips will help improve your walking experience with heels. They will include the following.

  • Ensure that you practice walking with heels on different types of surfaces. It will help you master the best techniques to minimize noise. At the same time, involve your entire body when walking with heels. This aspect ensures that you make milder steps, avoiding noise. You must hold your head high and keep the abdomen pulled in.
  • Walking on dry and hard surfaces is often discouraged. That is because heels make so much noise on such surfaces. Perhaps, you should prioritize stepping on areas covered by carpets.
  • It would be best if you also avoided oversize heels. The empty spaces in these heels increase the noise produced.
  • Maintain an upright posture when walking. This posture minimizes the impact on the surface.
  • Always control your steps, as it cushions you from falling. This control will also result in lighter steps, minimizing noise.

Get a New Pair of Quiet Heels

Investing in quiet heels will help avoid various hassles. There are many quiet options you could consider in the market. Some of the most common considerations will include the following.

IDIFU Strappy Bridesmaid

You’ll love the slightly padded insole in this shoe. It is high-quality, protecting your feet and boosting your comfort. Its cute strap makes it relatively appealing. Besides, it is relatively affordable.

Dream Pairs Dolce Fashion High Heels

This shoe comes with a rubber sole, assuring you of minimal noise. Its rubber construction helps absorb vibrations whenever you take a step. Its padded faux leather insole provides you with enhanced support. Further, this pair of stilettos is relatively affordable yet durable.

Dunion Bernice Strappy Stiletto

If you are looking for a trendy design, this option will be the ideal bet. Its asymmetric design helps improve its appeal. It also has a padded memory foam footbed that improves your stability and balance. Its rubber sole will help muffle the noise produced by the tip.

Things to Consider When Choosing Quiet Heels

You need the best heels—heels that do not expose you to too much noise. When choosing a pair, you’ll need to consider the following elements.

  • Sole

The sole makes direct contact with the surface, meaning that it determines how much noise gets produced. The material on this sole could either muffle or amplify the sound. For instance, while rubber minimizes the noise, metal increases it. That means rubber soles will be an excellent choice.

  • Size

An oversized pair of heels is not ideal for you. This is because it comes with empty spaces that could amplify the noise produced. It would help if you prioritized fitting shoes.

  • Comfort

Unless you are comfortable, walking will be an uphill task. Your comfort will depend on the height of the given heels. Preferably, let your heels measure about two inches. This height will not make you struggle.

  • Budget

People have varying purchasing powers. Ensure that you have a budget for quiet heels. This will help you choose something that fits your budget.

Final Thoughts

Heels should highlight your glam and make your chosen dress code more attractive. Yet, noisy ones will be a nightmare. Understanding what noise elimination method to use in this instance will help avoid embarrassment. With the methods mentioned above, it’ll be an easy journey.

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