How You Break a Window Quietly?

It is not your fault!

Many people mistakenly lock their pets and children in their cars, meaning that you’ll not be the first to experience this. Yet, the biggest concern will be whether you can break your window in such instances, and quietly so.

Getting a few tips could go a long way to ensure that the process is seamless and productive. Here are the hacks you need to break the window quietly.

Tools Needed to Break a Window Quietly


It would help if you were fully prepared when breaking your window. Having the necessary tools will help cut on time and effort wastage. It will also ensure that the whole process is relatively straightforward. Quietly breaking your window requires three tools: spark plug, automatic center punch, and household tools.

A spark plug helps create the explosion you need to break a window, while an automatic center punch creates a dimple in the glass or metal. You’ll also need various household tools, including an emergency hammer, to help smoothen the process.

5 Ways to Break a Window Quietly

Suppose you are stuck somewhere, and you need to break your window urgently. Yet, you do not know how to do it quietly. What would you do? The following five hacks will work, thanks to their effectiveness, reliability, and practicality.

Use the Spark Plug


Most people consider a spark plug as the tiniest bolt of lightning. This is because it supplies a spark that helps ignite fuel mixtures, resulting in a relatively considerable explosion. However, in this case, the spark plug ensures that the window breaks without making a noise.

Spark plugs come with a ceramic piece, which breaks the window without attracting significant attention. It also ensures that the tempered glass cracks without shattering, ensuring that the car occupants remain safe. Further, you will avoid considerable attention from onlookers and passers-by.

Knowing the ideal way to use the spark plug on your window might be helpful. Targeting the windowpane’s edges will typically assist speed up the procedure. The corners are made to break easily, which is why. Additionally, the glass will break due to the stress between the inner and exterior components.

You must also invest in an excellent device. The Bosch 9603 Double Iridium spark plug is an exceptional choice, offering you longevity, enhanced performance, and superior ignitability. Its affordability will also appeal to you.

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Automatic Steel Center Punch

Sometimes, adding a dimple on the glass window will help shatter it easily. This automatic steel center punch helps facilitate the entire process. This device comes with a spring that stores kinetic energy, releasing the power on an impulse when pressed on the target window. This impulse acts as a subtle drill, resulting in a dimple. This way, the glass breaks without making so much noise. You’ll rely on it during emergencies.

How about an Emergency Hammer?


Emergency hammers are suitable for breaking car windows, including glazed and single options. It boasts a metallic tip and plastic hands, which assure you of incredible ergonomics. You can use it to break the window from either inside or outside, depending on the situation.

Further, it is a great tool to have during emergencies. This hammer has a considerable impact on the window, meaning that it will fall with a thud—no noise or too much shattering.

Get a Normal Hammer

A regular hammer is yet another handy tool to consider whenever you want to break your window quietly. Ensure that you use this hammer on the edge of the glass, as it is the weakest part. Remember, the middle part of the windshield or glass window is reinforced, making it hard to break. However, in some instances, shattering could be inevitable.

Use Household Items

Various everyday household items could help break your window relatively quietly. You cannot miss the right thing to use when cracking the window, from duct tape and pillows to blankets and clothes. First, however, you must understand various intricacies during the procedure.

Usually, you’ll start by covering the entire window with duct tape. This step aims at minimizing shattering. Further, it helps hold the broken pieces of the windshield.

Next, put a relatively thick blanket under the windshield or window. This blanket helps muffle the noise produced when breaking the window. It also holds the broken pieces, preventing injuries and further noise—the thicker the blanket, the better the results. You could also consider using multiple blankets at the same time.

What If You Need to Break a House Window Quietly?

There is no significant difference between breaking a car window and a house window. The method used will vary with your preferences and tool availability. However, using everyday household items will often be the best move. Here are the steps you need to follow.

  • Ensure that you have all the requisite items, from towels and emergency hammers to pillows and blankets.
  • Take the time to apply duct tape to your window. This tape aims to reduce noise and shattering.
  • Lay down blankets or towels on the window and hit it with your hammer.
  • Clean up the mess

You could also use a spark plug, which instantly breaks the glass panes. The idea is for you to hit the corners of the window pane, thanks to how weak they are. However, avoid throwing rocks at the window. This is because they could expose the occupants to injuries and even result in significant noise.

Precautions When Breaking Your Window

Glas can cause injuries, meaning you should be careful when breaking your window. During this process, you will have to observe the following.

  • Put on Protective Gear

Protective gear aims at cushioning you against injuries caused by broken glass. Perhaps, you should invest in the proper eyewear and even gloves. However, some situations could happen spontaneously, meaning that you will not have the time to put on some of this gear. In such times, you could improvise and wear long-sleeved jackets or heavy shirts.

  • Protect your Children and Pets

Children and pets might not know how to protect themselves from falling glass. For this reason, ensure that they are not nearby whenever you want to break the window.

  • Which Glas Are You Breaking?

Various types of glass are used on house and car windows. Knowing which type you want to break helps make the process much smoother. For instance, you’ll not struggle way too much with a window made from safety glass.

Final Thoughts

Accidents happen, and losing car keys is a common thing. However, knowing how to address such will help avoid unwanted attention. Thankfully, the insights provided in this article offer an easy way out.

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