7 Best Quiet Tires To Give You A Silent Drive – 2023 Edition

Who doesn’t love a nice, comfortable, and quieter ride? There are many things that go into making any ride such a fulfilling experience. While a car’s engine, suspension, and road conditions are major factors in creating or minimizing that noise, there is one element that many drivers overlook in this regard, i.e., car tires.

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A good set of tires also help in making your ride quieter. Usually, tires create noise through their friction with the road and the air volume being compressed in between their tread grooves. There is no way to subside the tire noise altogether. Nonetheless, some tires have a better noise profile than others.

Here, we are going to review some of the best tires for comfort and noise available in the market right now. This list would include tires for all different types of vehicles.

Before we delve into the reviews, it is important to mention here that our list primarily consists of all-season radial tires.

We have picked all-season tires due to their versatility, budget-friendliness, and the convenience that you don’t have to change them after a couple of months. Radial configuration, on the other hand, exhibits less rolling resistance. It doesn’t just reduce fuel consumption but also assures stable road contact and a softer ride.

Let’s look at the short and snappy reviews of these seven tires. After reading these reviews, you will be in a better position to buy tires for comfort and noise.

Vercelli Strada 2 All-Season Tire

If you are searching for an all-season tire that comes at a budget price and offers an all-year function while guaranteeing a comfortable ride, then Vercelli Strada 2 is an option worth considering. The treads of this tire are patterned in such a way that they don’t produce loud frictional noise. Also, it adds up to the reduced rolling resistance that consequently contributes to the fuel efficiency of the vehicle.

We also like this tire due to its equally good performance on wet and dry surfaces. The tire is made with a high-silica rubber compound and contains an M+S rating, which means it can easily maneuver through slushy and snow-laden surfaces.

On the other hand, the directional tread patterns and solid center rib ensure the tire keeps its grip evenly intact on dry surfaces. The low rolling resistance of the tires also increases their tread life. So, you don’t have to worry about deteriorating handling, grip, and traction of the tire for a long time. Some customers have reported the same first-day performance of Vercelli Strada 2 even after being used for 10K miles.

This high-performance yet budget-friendly tire can be used with both new and older vehicles. It is available in the complete size range (16”-22”) for passenger cars.

SUPERMAX TM-1 All-Season Radial Tire

A tire that offers lesser noise must also be good with its grip and handling. Supermax has taken care of this versatility in its TM-1 tire. It ensures minimal driving noise and also offers precise handling and superior mileage due to its solid center line and reinforced rib pattern.

This tire is designed for crossovers, passenger cars, and passenger SUVs. The rounded profile of this Supermax tire and the central rib with many diagonally-crossed lines reduce the tire noise caused by air compression.

Since it is an all-season tire, it also offers great use in winter. Its reinforced shoulder blocks keep its performance on point in snow. The high-speed performance of Supermax Tm-1 is also quite good. It prevents lateral slip even if any driver corners at a high speed.

The wide circumferential grooves also make this tire good against uneven surfaces and ensure long operating life. This quality tire with low noise generation and precise handling comes with a 45,000-mile manufacturer’s limited treadwear warranty.

Prometer LL821 All-Season Tire

Prometer LL821 is another all-season tire that won’t strain your budget and ensure a quiet ride while delivering good road performance. The tire is available in various sizes and has a moderate profile that makes it compatible with all sorts of passenger cars. From coups to crossovers and sedans to subcompacts, Promoter LL821 can fit all vehicle makes without looking out of place.

The tire features a flat and wide tread design. It makes for improved stability and also ensures even wear of the tire. The specially formulated rubber compound of the tire keeps the treadwear minimum in all sorts of road conditions.

This all-season tire is perfect for driving during rainy spells. Its circumferential grooves prevent water from making a layer between the tire and the road that cause hydroplaning. The trade blocks are designed in a way to dampen the tire noise at low-to-medium speeds.

Promoter LL821 offers a great bang for the buck. The majority of its users are in agreement that it delivers great value at a lower price point. Its treadwear warranty of 50,000 miles is on par with high-end tires. This also shows that Promoter LL821 will be a cost-effective tire choice.

Michelin Primacy MXV4 Radial Tire

The Michelin Primacy MXV4 is another radial tire that boasts extra biting edges (Michelin’s Active 2D Spies) for improved handling on wet and snowy surfaces. Like Goodyear Assurance, this unique sipes design doesn’t affect its all-season rating.

This tire also deserves a place on this list because of the multiple propriety technologies it features. For starters, MXV4 features MaxTouch Construction. As the name suggests, this maximizes the touch/contact of the tire to the road. As a result, you get an even distribution of acceleration, braking, and cornering that distills overall better road performance.

The MaxTouch construction also ensures that the treading on the tires also wears evenly and extends the operating life of the tire. Michelin MXV4 also scores well on the comfort and quiet front. To make its tire one of the least noise-producing pieces on the block, Michelin has used another propriety technique called Comfort Control Technology.

This technology uses computer-generated and optimized tread designs that are aimed at reducing vibrations and road noise. The other striking and unique bit about MXV4 is its two steel belts that are spirally wrapped along with polyamide fiber for improved strength and stability at higher speeds.

MXV4 All-Season Radial Tire comes in 15” to 20” sizes with the manufacturer’s 60,000 miles treadwear warranty.

Goodyear Assurance All-Season Radial

Finding a tire that offers good performance in wet conditions as well as a quiet ride and also without breaking the bank is a long shot. However, you are in luck that Goodyear is offering a tire with this description at a reasonable price.

The Assurance All-Season Radial Tire features sipes with extra biting edges. However, these extra bitings don’t affect the all-seasonal configuration of the tire. This innovative sipes construction means more water and ice will be removed from the contact patch while enhancing the tire grip as it rolls on the road.

The wide tread grooves are also used to improve water channeling that enhances traction on wet surfaces. These wide grooves could have made this Goodyear tire noisy. However, the manufacturer has counterbalanced it by optimizing the tread patterns for their pitch. As a result, the wide grooves don’t end up producing a lot of decibels.

The large shoulder blocks of Assurance All-Season are also worth mentioning. They improve stability with both dry and wet handling. Goodyear is offering quite a good warranty on tread life. When the majority of tires come with warranties below 50,000 miles, Goodyear Assurance All-Season Radial Tire comes with a 65,000 treadwear warranty.

Achilles ATR Sport 2 All-Season Radial Tire

Achilles ATR Sports 2 is an improved version of its predecessor. It doesn’t just provide uncompromised control on all sorts of asphalt surfaces but also doesn’t take any toll on the comfort of the ride. It features 2nd Generation Radial technology that ensures lesser rolling resistance and a softer touch with the road.

The other impressive bit about this Achilles tire is it is one of the few products that, in particular, feature a dB silent technology. This tag reassures you that you will have a comfortable and quieter ride with ATR Sports 2. Achilles has made its tire quieter by keeping less room among the grooves for air compression.

Even though ATR Sports 2 is an all-season tire, it offers exceptional road grip on wet surfaces. The tire owes its improved wet traction to those four wide circumferential grooves that streamline water channeling and prevent hydroplaning.

Achilles ATR Sports 2 also scores well with its handling performance. It has a solid center rib that produces straight-line stability. Interlocking tread blocks also add up to this stable maneuvering and also help in improving cornering performance. ATR Sports 2 is available in 15-22” sizes.

Cooper Cobra Radial GT All-Season Tire

If you are looking to improve the comfort quotient of your muscle car or truck, you can consider this Cooper Cobra GT Radial Tire. The manufacturer has given this tire the classic brawnier shape you will find in vehicles from the 60s and 70s.

However, this classic old look doesn’t affect the performance of the Cooper Cobra Radial GT that one expects from a contemporary all-season tire. It has all those features that make it one of the best tires for comfort and noise. The manufacturer has increased the tire-to-tread road contact with the re-distribution of the void ratio. As a result, the tires deliver better road handling.

The other striking bit about this muscle tire is it is designed to undergo even treadwear. A tire that experiences even wearing lasts longer than a tire that undergoes irregular wear and tears. The redefined tread shapes, along with a solid center rib, ensure even tread contact and wear. Meanwhile, newly designed shoulder slotting prevents irregular damage.

The way Cooper has made these GT tires quiet is also worth mentioning. It has arranged the tread blocks of the tire in dissimilar pitch sizes. This distributes the sound frequency produced by the blocks over a wide band and, as a result, reduces the overall tire noise.

How to Identify a Tire for Low Noise Production?

If you are looking for tires with low noise characteristics outside of this list, take these features into account.

Tread blocks: Make sure that the tread blocks are laid down in varied sizes. This variation in sizes will create a multiple-pitch pattern that will cause lesser noise.

Voids: The grooves between tread blocks are called voids. Tires with wide and deep voids are made for delivering exceptional road and off-road grip. However, it comes at the cost of them being noisy. Quieter highway tires usually feature smaller and relatively shallower voids.

Circumferential channels: Circumferential channels, along with ribs, are part of regular all-season tires. Besides preventing hydroplaning, they also help in reducing the noise caused by tire-to-road contact.

Shoulders: They are the edges of tire treads. If you have noticed, all the tires we have reviewed here have sloped and semi-closed shoulders because they also help in dampening the tire noise. All-terrain tires have almost square and open shoulders, and hence they create more noise.

Also, a tire with a narrower footprint will produce lesser noise. Sometimes, the variant of rubber used in the making of a tire also determines its noise-producing characteristic.

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We hope that the above reviews and pointers to identify a tire for its quietness help you in finding the best set of tires for comfort and noise within your set budget.


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