The Best Quiet Exercise Bikes of 2023

If you want to start working out, to achieve the desired body tone, you need to invest in the right equipment. Among the wide pool of workout equipment, an exercise bike will do you justice.

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It helps with the calf muscles, lower body exercises, and general resiliency feats. Typically, a bike will be noisy due to the moving parts. If the noises are a nuisance, you may consider quiet exercise bikes.

As their name implies, they are noiseless and ideal for a personal space such as your home. We will take you through essential info about these exercise equipment and review the finest selections in the market.

A Guide to Finding the Right Quiet Bike for Your Apartment

What Causes the Noise?

Prior to looking at the crème of quiet exercise bikes, it is prudent to look at what brings about the noises. The number one culprit is the bike’s construction. This is a problem you will notice on older versions.

The sounds may come from the movable parts being proximal to each other. When in motion, the parts will come in contact and emit noise. In this scenario, you will notice a squeak that becomes louder as you increase your speed on the bike.

The other construction issue may be a misaligned chain on the flywheel. You will notice a rattling sound when on the bike. Oiling and adjusting the chain can help with this issue.

The noises may also come from a poor house structure. Floor instability, characterized by a slanting or irregular profile, will make the bike squeak. You should attend to this issue promptly as it may lead to the fast degradation of the exercising utility.

In addition, poor floor insulation leads to noises when you work out.

Which Bike Stays Quiet?

The key to getting a bike that will stay noiseless is checking the resistance. Many exercise bikes feature air and friction resistance, which are pretty noisy. Magnetic resistance bikes are quiet but may be pricier.

The magnetic system has no contact points that can produce unwanted sounds. Instead, it relies on magnetic laws for resistance.

Recumbent vs Upright Stationary Bikes

You have a choice of two stationary bikes to pick from; upright and recumbent. The upright type looks like a bike, with the flywheel in the frontal or mid-region, which is either concealed or exposed.

A concealed flywheel upholds safety, especially if you have kids around. The exposed type is easy to maintain, primarily its chain or flywheel.

Recumbent bikes have back support, allowing you to sit back comfortably as you work out. They are perfect picks for those with back issues or the elderly. They also have a high degree of stability, making them quieter than the upright ones.

6 Best Quiet Exercise Bikes for Apartments

We now shift our focus to buying a quiet exercise bike for your apartment. When shopping for one, you have to weigh several factors, such as comfort, price, and durability. In this section, we review top selections that may impress you.

Marcy ME-709 Recumbent Exercise Bike

If you have any mobility issues and exercise is part of your prescription, you may want to get the Marcy ME-709. An appealing feature of this bike is its step-through design.

Accessing it is hassle-free, especially if you are in some form of pain. In addition, the design allows for maximum mobility, which boosts the comfort factor.

Speaking about comfort, the seat is cozy with full back support to hold your back when peddling. Extending from the seat are arm supports for anchorage, with a smooth grip.

The ME-709’s quiet operation comes from its magnetic resistance. The magnetic mechanism has no contact points, hence a low rate of wear and tear. It has eight resistance levels, and you can pick a preferred one as per your regime.

The bike’s counterbalanced pedals provide ample support to the feet and the provided straps allow for foot anchorage to the pedals. You may adjust the size of the straps to a comfortable fit.

The Marcy ME-709 recumbent bike’s LCD screen is easy to read and functions like an odometer. You get figures such as time, distance, speed, and burnt calories from the display. It has a maximum weight support limit of 300 pounds.

Highlighted Features

Item weight: 61 pounds.
Dimensions: 58*20*38 inches.
Magnetic resistance.
Bike type: recumbent.
Material: heavy-duty plastic.


  • A comfortable bike with adequate body support structures.
  • A durable construction.
  • The quiet operation is brought about by its magnetic resistance.
  • An easy-to-read computer LCD screen.
  • Effortless assembly.
  • Eight resistance levels.


  • It is hard to read the LCD screen in the dark as it is poorly lit.

Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike

A recumbent exercising bike guarantees you comfort as you work out. The Schwinn 270 recumbent bike is a good example, which you may consider if you have back problems. A plastic mesh seat feels cozy, allowing you to pedal for extended hours without straining.

This exercise implement has a stable frame, a characteristic of products from the Schwinn Fitness Store. Carbon steel is the primary material that boasts a high degree of resilience.

Another standout element of this working-out equipment is its Bluetooth connectivity. You can connect to app-based tools and monitor your progress.

For instance, you can link with Explore the World and push your adventures to over fifty destinations worldwide. The console has a backlit LCD screen for enhanced visibility and 29 workout programs. You can pick the desired program and enjoy the progress.

Additionally, the Schwinn 270 bike has 25 resistance levels. It makes a good workout companion for beginner, intermediate, and pro-level exercises.

The bike is quiet, owing to its stability. The flywheel’s design also contributes to the quiet operation. Assembly and installation is an effortless affair, with a user manual coming to your aid.

Moreover, the bike has a bottle holder to hold your drink and a high weight support limit of 136 kilograms.

Highlighted Features

Product weight: 86.6 pounds.
Material: carbon steel.
Bike type: recumbent.
Package dimensions: 64*27.7*49.9-inches.
Resistance type: friction.


  • Ease of assembly and installation.
  • A high weight support limit.
  • Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Noiseless operation.
  • Twenty-five levels of resistance and 29 workout programs.
  • A comfortable seat with back support, ideal for people with back issues.


  • You may notice an occasional grunt when pedaling fast.

YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary

When getting an exercise bike, you should factor in durability. The YOSUDA indoor cycling bike sports a robust construction, with heavy-duty steel as its primary material. The bike is very stable, a contributing factor to its noiseless operation.

This exercising implement will serve you for a long time with no signs of slowing down. This saves you repair or replacement costs.

The YOSUDA product has a belt-driven system, which is more efficient than the chain-run ones, as it is more durable and silent. Also, it gives a smooth ride, enhancing comfort.

You can personalize this bike to meet your preferred cycling experience. You may adjust the seat’s height between 25 and 35 inches. The handlebars can move two ways, and it has cozy padding to protect your hands from calluses and blisters.

This indoor cycling bicycle has a weight support limit of 270 pounds. It is, therefore, perfect if you are overweight and want to shed extra pounds. When pedaling the bike, you enhance lung, heart, and muscle function.

Safety is an assurance with this workout equipment. Adjustable cage pedals protect you when cycling fast, shielding you from excess fatigue. You can press the resistance bar for immediate braking of the flywheel.

The bike has a water bottle holder to place your energy drink as you work out for your convenience. Moreover, the bike has wheels for easy translocation.

Assembly and installation are straightforward, with a user guide coming to your aid. Optionally, you can rely on the online instructional video.

Highlighted Features

Package dimensions: 40.2*21.7*46.1-inches.
Item weight: 72.8 pounds.
Primary material: heavy-duty steel.
Maximum weight limit: 270 pounds.
Drive system: belt.


  • A robust construction translates to durability and stability.
  • A decent weight support limit.
  • Hassle-free assembly and installation.
  • The bike upholds safety.
  • You can personalize the bike by adjusting the seat and handlebars.


  • The cushion on the seat is pretty light and compromises comfort.

XTERRA Fitness FB150 Folding Exercise Bike

The XTERRA Fitness Store has some of the finest exercising utilities. You may consider the XTERRA Fitness FB150 folding bike if you want a quiet workout bike. This item has an X-frame design allowing for folding when not in use. When folded, it has a compact shape that is economical for storage.

This piece of exercise equipment has an anatomically-designed seat for your comfort needs. Plus, the padded handlebars will have your back for long exercising sessions, with zero damage on your palms.

The FB150’s small frame should not distract you from its robustness. It is an alloyed steel build; hence, it is hardy and won’t degrade fast.

The exercise bike is light at 37 pounds; as such, you easily move it from one place to another. Still, on the weight aspect, it can hold up to225-pounds. That is a decent support limit, especially if you want to keep fit and improve muscle mass.

This foldable bike has an LCD window for displaying variables like speed, time, pulse, calories, and distance. The interface is simple yet very effective and interactive. Its package includes two AA batteries to power the LCD.

The bike has eight resistance levels, allowing you to pick the right level as per your exercise needs. The handlebars have hand-pulse sensors to show you your heart rate.

Highlighted Features

Package dimensions: 31.9*18.1*43.3-inches.
Weight: 32 pounds.
Weights support value: 225 pounds.
Product material: alloyed steel.
Eight resistance levels.


  • Economical on space.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • A simple and effective LCD display.
  • The bike has eight resistance levels.
  • Pulse sensors on the handlebars to keep tabs on your heart rate.
  • Includes two AA batteries.


  • If you are tall, it may be strenuous to pedal as you may have to bend your knees.

Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike With Pulse

Magnetic bikes assure you of quiet operation as their movable parts do not touch each other. The Exerpeutic folding bike is a good example, perfect if you do not want to cause disturbances in your home as you work out.

As it is a folding bike, you fold it when not in use to save on space. Its X-frame is robust, an assurance of longevity without signs of breaking down.

It weighs only 39 pounds; as such, carrying it from one place to another is hassle-free. While this exercise gear has a diminutive frame, it has a great weight support limit of 300 pounds. You can hop onto it if you feel you have a weight problem and want to get rid of the extra pounds.

A large LCD display indicates distance, pulse, calories burned, and time. You can refer to the shown figures to check on your progress. On the handlebars are hand pulse sensors that transmit your heart rate.

You can adjust the seat and handlebars to fit users from 5’3″ to 6’1″ in height, showing off its flexibility.

The exercise bike relies on a belt system, which is easy to pedal and enhances its noiseless nature.

Highlighted Features

Item dimensions: 31*19*46-inches.
Product weight: 39 pounds.
Upper weight support limit: 300 pounds.
Resistance system: mechanic and belt-driven.
Eight resistance levels.


  • The folding bike consumes less space when stored.
  • The bike has eight resistance levels.
  • A wide LCD display.
  • Sturdy construction and high weight support limit.
  • Ease of assembly.
  • An adjustable seat and handlebars.


  • The bike is not suitable for extremely tall people.

ADVENOR Magnetic Resistance Bike for Apartment

When shopping for a quiet bike for your home, it is essential that you check its weight support value. The higher, the better. This magnetic resistance bike can support up to 350 pounds. It is a great value that holds various weight classes.

The other impressive thing about this utility is its noiseless operation, brought by its magnetic resistance system and belt drive. You won’t hear any squeaking sounds, as is the norm with other exercising bikes.

The ADVENOR magnetic resistance bike is durable, with aluminum being its primary material. Aluminum is strong and light; thus, moving this sporting gear is effortless.

Also, it has an amazing look that upholds the minimalistic or futuristic décor of your workout zone. This bike is perfect if you love a calm mix of colors.

A 35-pound flywheel is responsible for stability. Additionally, the bike has 100 resistance levels, allowing for the perfect tuning according to your workout needs. An LCD monitor shows you calories burnt, distance covered, and heart rate. You may also fix an iPad on the bike to keep yourself entertained as you work out.

The stationary bicycle can be personalized by adjusting the seat and handlebars to support various heights. It can support heights from 5’1″ to 6’5″.

Highlighted Features

Item weight: 45.2 pounds.
Resistance system: magnetic.
Upper weight support limit: 350 pounds.
Primary material: aluminum.
100 resistance levels.


  • A high weight support value.
  • A sturdy and lightweight frame.
  • The bike has 100 resistance levels.
  • A striking look.
  • Adjustable seat and handlebars.


  • The cup holder easily falls off.

How to Make Your Exercise Bike Even Quieter

If you want a silent exercise session, the first trick to pull is getting a quiet bike. You should not stop at the bike, as you can pull several moves that ensure your neighbors are not on the receiving end of noises.

Let us look at how to make your bike quieter for a fulfilling workout session.

Find the Right Spot for Your Bike

One of the excuses for a noisy bike is improper installation. In this case, you may fix it in the wrong spot. If it is a wooden floor, it may be shaky or slanting. When you pedal, even if the bike is the quiet type, you will notice some squeaking or creaking. If it is a storied apartment, the neighbors below have to bear the brunt of the noises.

So what is the solution to such a scenario?

Inspection before installation will do you justice. You may tap on the floor to get an idea of the weak and noisy spots. Also, avoid areas that appear slanting. Experts advise the installation of the bike near the exterior walls, as such areas are sturdy.

A Floor Mat to the Rescue

A floor mat does an excellent job of absorbing noises and vibrations from the bike. You should know that it is not only the bike parts responsible for the noises. The moving action and contact with the floor also cause unwanted sounds.

You may opt for vinyl or rubber mats. Many people prefer the latter as its thick profile takes in much of the vibration. When placing the mat, it must be wider, covering a meter or two from the bike’s installation spot. It ensures that no sound escapes to the surroundings.

The other way to go about it is to use foam under the floor panel. Foam is an excellent sound absorber and will prevent noises from spreading to other areas.

Stay Up to Date with Bicycle Maintenance

You should maintain your exercising bicycle to prevent cranking noises due to worn-out parts. If you notice a screeching sound when you pedal, the problem may be a lack of lubricant. Also, the pedals may be hard to move, interfering with your workout regimen.

Oil the areas that need lubrication. Most bikes come with an instruction manual that guides you on oil application. Moreover, this maintenance practice protects the metal parts from corrosion, mainly through rusting.

The other pointer to noises from your workout equipment is loose connections. You have to inspect the bolts and nuts to see areas that need further reinforcement. The pedals are the most affected as they move a lot.

Inspect the belt regularly because it causes the relay system to be noisy if it wears out.

Pick the Right Time to Exercise

At times, you may pull every trick, but the noise persists. Such a scenario calls for proper timing not to be a nuisance to other people. You can stand the noise by putting on ear muffs or headphones. However, those around you will still feel it.

The best time could be when most people are at work throughout the day. In essence, whether or not the sounds bother anyone around depends on their timetable.

You have the choice of moving your training location to a place apart from other people. It can be kept in the garage, a room away from the main home or the neighbors. It ensures a productive workout without infringing on anyone’s rights.

The Pros and Cons of Having an Exercise Bike in Your Apartment

Having a stationary bicycle in your apartment is convenient, saving you from the trip to a gym. You can personalize your workout session and spend as much time on the bike without the pressure of sharing it with other people. The lack of sharing also upholds cleanliness, which is lacking in some gyms.

If you are resilient enough when using the bike, you will see quick results. Compared to other forms of working out, like running and jogging, pedaling is less strenuous. Moreover, it is a great choice if you are an indoor person.

A disadvantage of having this training utility is that it can be a nuisance if noisy. Over time it may become boring to use, especially if you do not have other exercise gear. In case of extensive damage, some repairs may be pricey.

Quiet Indoor Bikes Make Exercise Easy

A quiet exercise session is something many people crave for. It allows you to be at peace as you burn some calories and tone your muscles. You can have the upper hand by getting a quiet stationary bicycle.

Above, are some of the best selections to consider. If you are a beginner in using an exercise bike, go for the recumbent type, as it is comfortable. Also, take note of the resistance system, where the magnetic type fares well in a noiseless operation.

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