Quiet Your Engine With These Additives

Perhaps you have soundproofed your car with the hope of minimizing noise. Yet, your noisy engine lifters cannot let you rest. The noise produced from lifters could be from dirty engine oil, poor maintenance, and oil filter issues. Such noise can be significantly frustrating.

In such instances, it would be best to aim at practical solutions. This article explores some of the best additives to consider whenever you want to quiet your engine.

Best Overall

Archoil AR9100 Oil Additive

The Archoil AR9100 is a popular choice among many people, thanks to its versatility and universality. You can use this friction modifier in any car engine, including diesel and gasoline options. In addition, it is an excellent choice for Power Stroke, Cummins, and Duramax.

Archoil AR9100 is a Nanoborate-based oil, meaning it can help prevent cold starts. It does this by forming a solid and lubricating film coating on various surfaces. In addition, this feature helps eliminate friction, protecting your engine from wear, transmission issues, and engine problems.

This additive boasts improved performance even under extreme conditions. Its strength remains steadfast when exposed to significant pressure and temperature changes. This product helps extend the longevity of your oil too.


  • Incredible driving experience
  • It protects your engine from cold starts
  • Enhances the oxidative stability of your engine oil
  • Ensures that the engine remains clean for a long time
  • Excellent oil drain intervals


  • You cannot use it in transmissions

The Runner-Up

Marvel MM13R Mystery Oil

Marvel MM13R is an excellent additive that aims to reduce noise by lowering friction. It is a light viscosity oil, often equated to the SAE 3W. It comes with a 790 PPM phosphorus additive, which helps improve the performance of your engine. What’s more, you’ll rely on it to improve your gas mileage in the long run.

You’ll use this mystery oil to help avoid clatter and even valve sticking. With this feature, it becomes easier to start your engine regardless of how extreme the weather conditions are. In addition, this oil helps reduce sludge and the formation of acid in the machine. This oil comes in handy when cleaning the carburetors, fuel injectors, and the engine itself.


  • Protects the engine from too much sludge
  • It boosts fuel consumption efficiency, power, and compression
  • It is sold alongside an instruction guide
  • Provides smoother idling


  • It could be a little too pricy

The Rest of Our Greatest Picks

Liqui Moly 20004 Hydraulic Lifter Additive

If you are looking for an additive that helps clean passages, the Liqui Moly 20004 will be an outstanding choice. In addition, it significantly improves the lubricating properties of your engine oil, assuring you of quiet performance. Most people rely on this additive to muffle the noise from hydraulics.

Yet, this additive is suitable for specific engines only. In most cases, it would be a better idea to use it on catalytic converters or turbocharged engines. You could mix it with other engine oils for boosted performance in the long run.


  • Somewhat affordable
  • Compatible with turbocharged engines and catalytic converters
  • Improves the lubrication properties of your engine oil
  • Enhances engine performance


  • It is not universal
  • Its effects might not be long-lasting

BestLine Premium Synthetic Engine Treatment

BestLine Premium synthetic engine treatment is an excellent choice for anyone looking for longevity. This product comes with a revolutionary formula that enhances engine protection and performance.

Thanks to its synthetic nature, this product assures you of longer drain intervals. In addition, it boosts the performance of your engine, reduces friction, and protects against engine wear.

This product is universal, meaning you can use it on any vehicle. Besides, it works with different engines, including diesel and gas. You’ll also appreciate how compatible it is with various commercial oils.


  • Universal compatibility
  • Excellent engine performance, fuel economy, and longevity
  • Impressive drain intervals
  • Reduces friction and system corrosion
  • Performs incredibly even under extreme weather conditions


  • It might not work for some vehicle brands, including Toyota, Lexus, and Scion

zMax 51-212 Engine Formula

The zMax 51-212 engine formula is a popular choice, thanks to reducing carbon build-up. Minimal deposit build-up helps improve the engine performance significantly. It also protects the vital parts of your engine and enhances lubricity.

This product works with other commercial engine oils. This mixture aims at enhancing engine combustion, boosting power and performance. In addition, this formula is eco-friendly, and it improves your fuel mileage. Its micro-lubricant nature implies that it can help lubricate the engine before removing sludge.


  • Enhanced engine performance and efficiency
  • Boosts engine longevity
  • It is ideal for eliminating tapping issues
  • It comes with a low flash point
  • Relatively affordable


  • Poor film strength

Rislone 4102 Concentrated Engine Treatment

Rislone 4102 boasts some of the best oil properties, making it an excellent engine conditioner and cleaner. It works by slowly dissolving and removing harmful deposits, including varnish, sludge, and gum, from the engine. In addition, it ensures that there is no plugging of the internal components.

This product is compatible with various commercial oils. You can add it to any engine oil, which helps improve lubricity. Besides, this engine additive cannot void your vehicle’s warranty.



  • It might not stop the knocking

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Red Line 81403 Engine Break-In Oil

This additive boasts various ZDDP anti-wear elements, including zinc and phosphorus. These elements help protect the engine, camshaft, and valvetrain from damage. For that reason, you can use it on flat-tappet machines that have larger camshaft grinds.
This additive is compatible with various engine oils. You can add it to your commercial engine oil whenever you want to eliminate the residue in the catalytic converters. It also ensures that the engine runs much smoother.


  • Relatively less costly
  • High-performance engine
  • Clears sludge and other deposits in the engine
  • Compatible with other commercial engine oils


  • It might not improve fuel efficiency

TriboTex Nano-Oil Additive Car Engine Treatment

The TriboTex nano-oil additive is one of the best choices for high-performance engines. This product comes with synthetic nanoparticles, which assure you of excellent performance even under extreme temperatures.

The TriboTex engine additive is universal, meaning you can use it on any vehicle and engine. It is also compatible with various commercial engine oils. Using this additive alongside the commercial engine oils will help improve lubricity and engine performance.
This product is an excellent choice for boosting energy efficiency.

You can rely on it when it comes to improving your driving experience and minimizing engine noise levels. What’s more, it forms a diamond-like coating that helps reverse friction and wear in bearings.


  • Compatible with various commercial engine oils
  • Enhanced fuel efficiency
  • Smoother and quieter engine performance
  • It helps eliminate friction and wear in bearings


  • It could be a little too pricey

Things to Consider When Choosing an Additive to Quiet Engine Noise

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Choosing an excellent engine additive requires you to be intentional about performance. You must understand what elements to consider in the process, as this assures you of value for your money. Here are a few things to check.


Thick engine additives are often an excellent choice for most engines. Yet, you need to consider the size of your engine tubes and openings before you buy one. It would be best to consider more viscous additives if your engine has wider openings. In contrast, thinner engine additives work best with thin engine tubes.

Additive Ingredients

The effectiveness of your chosen engine additive depends on its ingredients. These ingredients help boost the existing base oil properties, suppress undesirable base oil properties, and add new properties to the commercial oil. Ensure that your oil additive features antioxidants, corrosion inhibitors, anti-wear, and alkalinity improvers.

It would also be best to prioritize additives with enough zinc and phosphorus elements. Zinc ensures that the engine performs smoothly and more quietly. Conversely, phosphorus minimizes friction, wear, and tear.

MPG Increase

Engine treatments aim to reduce friction, improve engine performance, and reduce wear. These features ensure that the engine performs optimally, increasing fuel efficiency. You’ll rely on them to eliminate moisture in the fuel, deposits, and carbon monoxide emissions. This reduction ensures that the engine stays powerful.

Final Thoughts

Engine additives work best when added to the engine before combustion. Yet, you must choose a high-performance option, as this assures you of value for your money. These additives help improve engine performance and get rid of sludge. With the insights above, it will be much easier to select one that meets your needs best.

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