The Best Washer Anti-Vibration Pads and Mats

A vibrating washing machine is a nuisance that you want dealt with immediately. The noises are quite unsettling, and the vibrations may lead to the equipment wearing fast. To beat this problem, you can rely on washer anti-vibration pads and mats. They are materials that you place under the washer which cushion them and absorb … Read more

8 Best Quiet Bathroom Exhaust Fans in 2023

Long, steamy showers can be therapeutic after a long strenuous day. But this is not the case for your bathroom, especially if it isn’t well ventilated. Excessive moisture can encourage mold growth threatening indoor air quality. In the long run, it can pose serious health and comfort issues. [amazon box=”B00XBZFWWM,B076Q7V5WX,B003O0MNGC” grid=”3″] Humidity buildup can also … Read more

Acoustic Caulk – Regular vs. Sealant

When soundproofing an area, you need to take account of everything from what you will apply, how you will apply it, and the method to use. Equally as significant are the gaps. Leaving gaps can ruin the whole soundproofing job you have done as they could still let some sound pass. To save the situation … Read more

How to Poop Quietly in Public Bathrooms

We don’t talk about pooping very often, if we’re being honest. People believe it is nearly forbidden to discuss it. Nonetheless, pooping is a natural occurrence for everyone. Thus, we should normalize such subjects. You cannot escape pooping when the need comes. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in an office, mall, or hospital. But how … Read more

How to Маке Your Neighbors Move Out Without any Legal Complications

“It never rains on your neighbors without you getting your feet wet” – Chinese Proverb. You’ve spent endless hours searching for your dream apartment and excitedly signed the lease. But in a classic case of bad luck, you end up with a neighbor from hell. Or maybe you’ve lived in your dream home peacefully over … Read more

Effective Solutions to Car Speakers that Rattle with Bass

Whether alone or on a road trip with friends, listening to music while driving is refreshing. However, if your car’s audio quality is poor due to rattling noises from your speaker, it may be annoying. [amazon box=”B016LFVKHY,B00020CB2S,B00A2680T0″ grid=”3″] There are several reasons why your car speakers may be making such noises. Continue reading to learn … Read more

The Best Quiet Desk Fan for Working

Heat can be an issue when working, and a desk fan comes in handy at such times, keeping the atmosphere bearable. It is a personal item for your desk, saving you from conflicts with your workmates on fan settings. [amazon box=”B081TMZG2H,B0867DC9MP,B01N39W04I” grid=”3″] A problem most people encounter with the desk fan is its sound. At … Read more

Quiet Dust Collector: An Easy Guide to Picking Only the Best

If you are into woodworks, you probably have had your fair share of dust inhalation. It is an uncomfortable experience that is a risk to your health. [amazon box=”B001R23T44,B004T86NAK,B00004T181″ grid=”3″] The solution to getting rid of dust in your work area is the installation of a dust collector. This piece of equipment filters the air … Read more

How to Stop Speaker Buzzing

Speakers give your music, videos, and other audio files the extra kick that takes them to the next level. There are few things more relaxing than playing your favorite music on your speaker. However, with time, you might start hearing that dreadful buzzing sound. It begins quietly at first, but it gets more consistent and … Read more

How Does Home Noise-Canceling System Work?

Noise can interfere with your peace. It may take a long time to get accustomed to noises, especially in the city center. For some, getting used to the nuisance is not an option; hence the move is to go for noise-canceling systems. Soundproofing systems do an excellent job. However, with the population burst, noises will … Read more