Top 5 Alternatives to Ear Plugs for Sleeping that Work Efficiently

Many people struggle to have a good sleep in noisy surroundings. Consequently, they need a sleeping aid to cancel out the disturbing sounds. Earplugs for sleeping are the first solution that comes to mind when you have sleeping problems.

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However, most people don’t realize that these devices are not the best option. For some, it is quite uncomfortable to have these devices inserted in their ears. Others have to put up with instantaneous infections, wax accumulation, or irritating ringing noises, among other issues.

For these reasons, there’s a need to find the best alternatives to earplugs for quality and healthy sleep.

Why Earplugs are Not Ideal for Your Health

While earplugs for sleeping offer you the peace of mind you need and help you sleep well, they are not meant for everyone.

Let’s look at some of the reasons why earplugs are not ideal for your health:

  • They might feel enclosed or claustrophobic. The device blocks the ear canal, which might cause pressure. This occurs when the air pressure outside and inside the eardrum varies, causing some pain and dizziness.
  • They might block high-frequency noises. This can be risky if you are a lighter sleeper since you might not hear vital sounds, such as a smoke alarm or intruder.
  • They can make earwax accumulate fast and lead to infection. This is true if the earplugs are not cleaned after every use.
  • They are not effective at masking out noises. That’s because they rely on how good they fit in the ears and how tight they are.

If you have used earplugs for sleeping and dreaded them, then you are in the right place. Fortunately, there are numerous alternative devices for you.

Let’s look at some of them.

Alternatives for Ear Plugs for Sleeping

Some people have been using earplugs to block disturbing noises from outside. This allows them to sleep well, even in a noisy environment.

If you reside near a train track, work in a noisy workplace or have kids who always wake up early, these devices will come in handy.

However, if the thought of plugging these devices into your ears makes you cringe, check out these practical and cutting-edge alternatives.

1. White Noise Machines

These machines are known to be exceptional sleeping aid as they can effectively block outside noise. This will allow you to sleep well even if you reside near a train track.

The white noise device produces waterfall-like noises that block the disturbing sounds from external sources.

Once you start listening to these sounds, your mind will tune out any other distracting noises.

A white noise machine might be useful in situations where startling or unexpected noises are causing you to lose sleep.

The effectiveness of the gadgets comes from the fact that they blur the line between background noise and any potentially unsettling noises you could hear while you sleep.

White noise generators are therefore regarded as the industry’s top noise-canceling technology.

There are different models of white noise gadgets. So, ensure you buy the one that lets you change the pitch of the white noise. Then, you can adjust the sound to fit your space and the kind of noise you intend to block off.

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For instance, you can get Marpac Dohm Classic if you like the sound of a real fan. You can change the pitch of the sound with this device. Furthermore, this gadget is excellent for pairing with other noise-blocking gadgets such as sleep headphones and earmuffs. A duo of two devices will block out annoying sounds effectively, particularly when you intend to lessen louder noises.

If you’ve tried silicone putty or moldable wax earplugs and realized they are ineffective, combine them with a white noise machine.

You’ll love this machine as it allows you to play numerous sounds based on your preference. You can play the sounds of raindrops or ocean waves during rain.

2. Sleep Headphones

If you need a portable device for sleeping, then you should invest in sleep headphones. While they work like earplugs by masking off sound, they do not block the ears.

They are ideal for individuals who reside near loud places like busy streets or airports since they allow you to hear critical sounds even when sleeping. This makes it perfect for dog owners and parents of newborns.

When shopping, consider going for these Sleep Headphones as they perfectly serve their purpose.

If you want to block loud noises, you can use a mix of two options. You can put on moldable wax earplugs together with your sleep headphones to get effective results.

3. Moldable Wax or Silicone Putty Ear Plugs

If you can’t tolerate the triple flange or foam earplugs in your ear canal, then moldable earplugs are the best solution.

While ordinary foam earplugs are inserted deep into the canal, these moldable wax earplugs cover the ear canal opening. You roll the plugs into balls and press them against the ear.

Even though you’ll feel these plugs in your ears, you’ll not feel any pressure. The Ohropax Classic (wax) or Mack’s Pillow Soft are perfect models for the best results.

4. Earmuffs

Getting ear muffs for sleeping sounds like a sweet deal if you do not want to spend a lot of money on noise-canceling headphones. The device works like noise-canceling headphones by masking off unwanted sounds.

Earmuffs are designed from thick plastic or form that covers your ears. Moreover, the devices are accessible in a range of shapes and sizes. Some earmuffs look like big headphones and others like earmuffs for kids. Therefore, make sure you choose a model that fits you well.

They are among the best alternatives to earplugs as they let you block out outside noises and protect your ears. While they are effective, the best ones are bulky, making it hard to sleep with them. Nevertheless, these earmuffs will work well for back sleepers.

You should also be aware of the fact that these gadgets create a clamping force. Therefore, it will be uncomfortable to sleep with them. Choose them carefully and be sure to choose the ones that are best for sleeping as a result.

The devices are best suited for individuals looking for noise-canceling headphones but on a budget.

The Metog Unisex Foldable Ear Warmers are among the best picks in the market.

5. Noise-Canceling Headphones

Noise-canceling headphones are designed to block unwanted sound, preventing it from reaching your ears. They work by producing sound waves that cancel out the surrounding sounds. So, they are perfect for traveling since they can block out disturbing engine noises and other noises on an airplane.

They are available in various sizes and shapes, but be prepared to pay for this advantage.

While the best noise-canceling headphones can be costly, this is the best investment you will ever make if you are a light sleeper. Bose QC35 ANC Headphones are the best substitute for earplugs for back sleepers.

Can you Block Noise Without an Ear Plug?

Many factors can influence the sounds affecting your sleep at night. As we’ve mentioned, you can use various devices that will assist you in blocking out annoying sounds. But, how can you ensure your sleeping space is always quiet?

Here are other ways to ensure the space in your house is ideal for sleeping:

Play Background Music Using Speakers

Play your preferred relaxing tunes from the speakers. These tunes can help you relax and catch some sleep faster. However, it would be best to keep the music volume low since you don’t want to disturb anyone. You can also switch on your white noise machine and play some background music.

If you can’t access speakers, use your laptop or phone to play soothing tunes.

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Install Soundproof Panels

If you are searching for a long-term remedy for noise pollution, installing soundproof panels is a good idea. The panels are designed with a form of cork-like materials that absorbs and blocks sound waves.

You can install them on your ceilings or walls to reduce sound levels. They are the best alternative if you need to block out noises permanently.

Install Soundproof Windows

If you intend to install soundproof windows, you need to do your homework. There are numerous forms of window treatments, and not all can be effective at masking off annoying sounds.

For effective results, get triple-glazed windows that create a foam filling. This will lessen noise pollution from outside. Triple glazed windows will, especially, come in handy if you reside in a town with construction work or traffic.

They are also energy efficient; hence they are perfect for homeowners who want to save some bucks on heating bills.

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Make the Doors Soundproof

Making your exterior door soundproof is an easy way to block out noises. This easy and fun DIY project will enhance your home’s sound insulation.

You can also put a door sweep under your door. This piece of plastic or rubber sits at the bottom of the door and makes a seal whenever it is closed.

How Can You Make Yourself Sleep Without Sleeping Devices?

You can train your brain to sleep in noisy areas without using any sleeping device. It is important to ensure you can sleep in any situation. All you need to do is get into a sleepy state. Ensure your body is calm and relaxed. Try breathing exercises to regulate your heartbeat and put your body in a relaxed posture.

Final Words

If you don’t want to hear annoying noises from your surroundings, there are many solutions to help you sleep well without earplugs. From white machines and noise-canceling headphones to insulation panels and high-quality windows, you can easily block sounds from outside.

If you reside in a noisy environment, earmuffs or noise-canceling headphones are ideal since they can block the sound while letting important sounds through. If you are looking for a long-term solution to noise pollution, install soundproof windows and panels to block the sound.

It’s essential to determine what is affecting your sleep. Once you know the problem, you can get a solution.

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